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Do You…

Feel drained and demotivated battling to find balance between your personal and work life, you seem to have lost focus in what is important to you, your values and goals have taken a dip and you are in despair, you are longing for a holiday but don’t feel you have time for even that.

On your Journey to Healing…

We will work towards setting weekly tasks, using a successful Goal Achieving System™ and a subconscious value elicitation process, we will bring back focus to your goals and re-structure your values in order of hierarchy, bring back the focus and energy to your life and get you the holiday you deserve.

Leaving you Feeling…

The best you have ever felt, with a great sense of achievement, re energised and satisfied, you will find the purpose towards being career and family or self-orientated. Imagine the joy and freedom of waking up feeling great every day!

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Live your best life, free of all negative emotional belief, inner conflict and self-doubt. Stop telling yourself, that you are not good enough, you are unworthy or worthless… YOU are unique, special and important !

Rise-up, accept and love who you are.

Take back your Power!

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Katya Alves
Apr 28, 2021

Hi Joseph, please dont feel pressured, it would be a very casual chat and you share with me what you want, we take it one step at a time, life is so fulfilling when you have the right balance!

Joseph Von Jalan
Apr 28, 2021

I see! I need to think for a while but yeah, I think it would be interesting! thanks

Katya Alves
Apr 27, 2021

Hi Joseph, absolutely, you always need to find a balance, otherwise you will burn out, I would need to understand more about what a day in the life of Joseph would look like… would you be interested in a zoom session to discuss?

Joseph Von Jalan
Apr 27, 2021

I noticed that I don’t know what to do with my life, I mean all that I can do now is studying and I don’t have time for my girlfriend, parents etc. Do you think work/life balance session will help me? Thanks.

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