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Angel Healing
Sep 27 2022
How your guardian angel communicates with you?

When your fears and anxieties take over tell you not to do something, don’t open your heart back again, you are not good enough to do that job, when you fears take over and say you are never going to have a life like that, when your anxiety creeps in and …

Wisdom Realms
1 min.
Spirit Guides
Sep 21 2022
What happen when you miss opportunities in your life?

All of those decisions that you are meant to make within your life, let’s say you say no to a certain opportunity, that opportunity will keep coming back around again and again until you are ready to take that leap and to make that choice. Well, think abo…

Wisdom Realms
2 min.
Spiritual Healing
Sep 16 2022
Why Your Inner Circle Is Important and How to Keep It Positive

You are the five people you spend the most time with.
You are the books you read and the movies you watch.
You are what you eat and how often you move your body.
You are your thoughts and your emotions.
All of these things shape who you are, how you show …

Mihaela Gordan
1 min.
Spirit Guides
Aug 9 2022
The importance of the decisions in your life

Your spirit guide leads you to things, presents opportunities, but your spirit guide doesn’t make decisions for you that is what is so important. Nothing in life is predetermined. Your spirit guide knows who you are supposed to meet, what you are meant to…

Wisdom Realms
2 min.
Spiritual Healing
Jul 27 2022
Keep the Hope Fires Burning

We need hope now more than ever. Hope can’t directly stop a war or feed hungry mouths or resuscitate the dead, but to stop hoping is to announce that all that needs hoped for is not worth the effort it takes to sort out the good in a tyrannical world. To …

Dr. Michele S. Zirkle
Spirit Guides
Jul 26 2022
How your spirit guide and your guardian angel work together in your Ife?

So, what I want you guys to know is that in tandem your spirit guide and your guardian angel work together through life. Your spirit guide is guiding you to through the show that is happening through life and your guardian angel is like a cheerleader in h…

Wisdom Realms
Angel Healing
Jul 19 2022
What is the role of your guardian angel in your life?

Your guardian angels have come into your life in many different ways. Sometimes people think of guardian angel as being that saves you from the train that is about to hit, that pulls you from the car crash before you die, that divinely intervenes and save…

Wisdom Realms
1 min.
Spirit Guides
Jul 12 2022
What is the role of your spirit guide in your life?

Your spirit guide is supposed to lead you to your soulmate, help you through your challenges and your situations, present certain people, certain opportunities, certain risks. All these things you are supposed to go through in life your spirit guide does …

Wisdom Realms
2 min.
Spirit Guides
Jun 27 2022
How your spirit guide and your guardian angel choose you?

I want to talk about what they are doing in your life, why they are important and more importantly how you can sense and feel them. They are with you every day. The one thing that the spirit word has told me is that your spirit guide and your angel choose…

Wisdom Realms
2 min.
Apr 29 2022
An ancestor in the making

As we stand at the precipice of a great change in the course of our history, (what many of us hope is a course-correction) vital and exciting conversations are happening — what kind of world do we want to recreate? What do we care about? And for who?

Bantu Chk
3 min.
Life Coaching
Apr 7 2022
For Better Health, Do What You Love!

Health and Human Design

Research shows when you feel good mentally and emotionally, this impacts your physical health too! Most of us don’t need science to tell us this because we can feel it.
I am a Registered Dietitian and use a functional nutrition ap…

Kelly Harrington, MS, RDN
Distance Healing
Apr 4 2022
Manifesting 101

Energy follows attention. Through thoughts, words, and actions we create our own reality, therefore we need to be careful with our words.

When you talk about problems, use the following word: STILL

I **still **have big worries
I still feel depressed
I s…

Ruth Svakataly Daugherty
4 min.
Mar 28 2022
The delusion of perpetual growth

It was not uncommon amongst certain sections of Chinese society, even into the early 20th century, to bind women’s feet. This barbaric practice was not an attempt to hobble women but was seen as a treatment to aid the development of ‘beautiful’ feet. Not …

Steve J. Chandler
Mar 27 2022
Living Intuitively

Living intuitively is acknowledging the energetic beings’ humans are.
It is also honouring how intricate our five senses are even before discussing sixth senses and beyond.

Living intuitively takes courage to let go of the limitations of linear logic.

9 min.
Jan 14 2022
If It's Falling Apart...Let it Fall

It’s normal for the human thinking mind to try to juggle Life to keep all of its “spinning plates” spinning.
Humans in doing-mode, driven by busy minds, want to keep those plates in the air to keep the momentum
going and have nothing change. This takes a…

1 min.
Jan 11 2022
Your Brain is a source of Conscious Energy

January 11th, 2022

Your brain is energy. You are energy!

As energy, you interact with more energy, within and around. Simple!

When you stop for a moment to reflect about the Universe, the Divine, the Higher Self, or whatever name you wish to identify y…

Johann Strerath
2 min.
Jan 5 2022
Unlocking Capability

How many times have we wanted to do something but we didn’t try; we were too afraid we’d fail?
We might think that fear is powerful, yet the power of our belief is that which is mighty.
Where we invest belief is what shapes the outcome that we reap.

How …

2 min.
Tarot Reading
Dec 27 2021
It’s your time to heal, transform and trust in your intuition


This New Year brings in movement and direction. You may well feel propelled forward in the direction of your dreams. Work with this positive and powerful energy to help make things happen by taking charge of your emotions and bringing them into b…

Selena joy Lovett
5 min.
Dec 7 2021
Oneness: The Direct Experience of Formless Being While Awakening

Awakening offers many tiny glimpses of One-ness during everyday life.
These small, quick openings are like looking through the tightest, tiniest aperture setting of a camera lens.

In these moments, Awareness sees with clear seeing. In this one moment, t…

2 min.
Western Astrology
Dec 3 2021
The year ahead – 2022 horoscope predictions from Susan Miller

Overall, 2022 is going to be a very happy year. It is very different from 2021 and 2020. However, be careful in January when Venus is retrograde. Don’t do Botox or fillers, don’t cut your hair, or go from blond to brunet.

For anything, the first part of …

Core Spirit Press Releases
1 min.
Personal Development Coaching
Nov 18 2021
Inspire[d] Change

For years, I have felt the need for a community I could speak to about anything – my dreams, hopes and aspirations, my “fears” and my life story – because I believe my life matters. So does yours.

And so, in the absence of such a community, or perhaps be…

Mmabatho Montse
5 min.
Nov 14 2021
Am “I” Losing Control?

Am “I” Losing Control? A Confusing “Shift-Happens” Part of Awakening

As we Awaken, our egoic minds may spin and reel with the changes brought about by our spiritual growth.
Many thoughts may arise in the form of questions about our very sanity, “Am I lo…

2 min.
Personal Development Coaching
Nov 13 2021
Why Are You Still Not Conscious About Your Life?

Am I wrong if I say our every day is risky? I’m 100% sure I’m not wrong. You also can not deny with me.

Every day is risky. In the metaphorical sense, the world we live in circled by risk. In each round of our life, we can notice risk. We cannot spend a …

Mohammad Hashibul Hassan
1 min.
Tarot Reading
Nov 12 2021
Preparing For a Tarot Reading

So you scheduled a tarot reading - what now?

There are a few things you can do prior to your reading that can help get the guidance, clarity, and advice you need. Here’s how you can prepare for your appointment.

Days Before:

Get clear.

What informatio…

Nichole Edmond

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