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Ancestral Healing
May 31 2023
Witnesses of the visitor

Once upon a time in a small village nestled among sprawling forests, there lived a man whose spirit burned bright with an insatiable thirst for life’s experiences. His name was Mhambi, a rugged soul with weathered hands and a heart that yearned for advent…

Bantu Chk
Tarot Reading
Aug 1 2022
History of Tarot, Cartomancy and Beyond

Cartomancy is a method of divination that utilizes a deck of cards. While the practice has been popular for hundreds of years, it has seen a recent surge in popularity with a new wave of independently published and mass marketed Tarot decks hitting the ma…

Skye Daae
Spiritual Healing
Jan 24 2023
A Theory of Everything

**Thoughts, theories, perceptions and observations from “Beyond the Matrix” — a reality that exists outside of space and time. It is a reality that can be accessed through deep meditation and other methods of of expanded consciousness.

The Real Meanin…

A.C. Byrd
Personal Development Coaching
Feb 24 2022
The Gap Between Knowing Better and Doing Better

There is a period, the time of which is different for everyone, where a gap exists between knowing better and doing better. It is when you have taken the step of becoming self-aware of what habits are no longer serving you, or are hindering you from enjoy…

Alyssa Kelliher
Life Coaching
Feb 20 2022
It Doesn't Matter How it Looks, It Matters How it Feels

It doesn’t matter how it looks; it matters how it feels.

Spend your energy on it feeling good instead of looking good. That shift changes everything. Are you satisfied with your actions? Are you fulfilling your purpose? Do you know what your purpose is? …

Alyssa Kelliher
Career Coaching
Feb 16 2023
Line That Shape Life: Success and Failure

Embracing the Paradoxical Nature of Life

Life is full of dichotomies and paradoxes. One such paradox that we often encounter is the co-existence of success and failure in our lives. We all strive for success, yet failure is inevitable. These two lines, t…

Social Psychology
Feb 17 2023
Diary Notes #1

Recently, in a conversation with a loved one, we raised the topic of freedom. What is the essence of freedom? How to understand — you are free or not? Is there some kind of metric or analytics that will allow you to determine how free you are?

The result…

Nikita Karpov
Feb 19 2023

At the dawn of the third decade of the 21st century, the existence of humankind has become highly perilous. We are cutting down our forests, exhausting our fresh water aquifers, and losing our vital top soils. We are stripping the life from our oceans and…

Alexis karpouzos
May 12 2023
The musings on a wandering skeptic

In the stillness of the night, as I gaze up at the stars above, I cannot help but contemplate the mysteries of the universe. Is it possible that our existence is merely a figment of a higher being’s imagination, our lives but mere dreams in the mind of a …

Bantu Chk
Personal Development Coaching
May 24 2023
This is it! Commit.

**** This is it! Bring all of your commitment to this moment.
Open your heart to it. Engage completely with the task at hand. Relish whatever is here, in front of you.
This is it! This is all there is to life. This moment. Open your heart to receive it …

Amit Sood
Spiritual Healing
May 24 2023
When the heart is open, the life is lit

When the heart was open and free, life was lit.

Everything was exciting and colourful. Everything called out to you. Engaged you. There was so much beauty around, it took your breath away.

Every day, someone stole your heart. The only way to love was to…

Amit Sood
Spiritual Coaching
Feb 6 2023
Change Your Mind, To Change Your Living

When it comes to making changes in our lives, the most impactful change we can make is in our minds. Our minds have incredible power over our habits, thoughts, and actions. Every day we are presented with numerous opportunities to change our mindset and i…

Michael Davis
Emotional Stress Release
Feb 8 2023
Start Over -Again

**Even if you failed a 1000 times, Even if you lost everything

Failing is part of Life

It happens that we put a lot of effort into something and our efforts are wasted because of many reasons so we try really hard to make a relationship work. But if …

Abrar Ahmed
Industrial–Organizational Psychology
Feb 8 2023
Organizational Skills: A Comprehensive Guide to Improve Your Life

What exactly is time management, and why is it important?

Time management is the ability to make the best use of our time and resources. It assists us in prioritising chores and setting realistic goals for ourselves. We may become more productive, reduce…

Raghavendra Shekaraiah
Life Coaching
Feb 12 2023
Hopelessly Devoted To You. Happy Valentine Day!

Happy Valentine’s day! The 14th of February is that special time of the year when we celebrate love and romance, a day when restaurants are booked up and chocolate sales go through the roof! To understand why it is celebrated it is helpful to understand i…

Joanne Reed
Life Coaching
Feb 13 2023
Let's Talk About Love

Falling in or out of love is one of the strongest emotions that people can experience. Love can be kind. Love can be cruel. Love is everything. Love has been called “one of the most studied and least understood areas in psychology.” Everyone has experienc…

Joanne Reed
Spirit Guides
Feb 14 2023
Universal Questions Answered: Life on Earth as a Human [Transcript of Trance State]

[Below is a transcript of a hypnotherapy session. All personal information of relevance has been removed, and only the technique is highlighted to illustrate this article’s topic. Please note the pronoun “he/him” is used for the client in this session and…

Mateusz Bajerski
Spiritual Healing
May 23 2023
Being complete

Imagine being fully satisfied — completely and deeply satisfied.

It is not easy in a world in which we believe we must stay hungry and stay foolish and compete for opportunity and resources. Yet, see if you can bring yourself to visualise and imagine a m…

Amit Sood
Life Coaching
May 23 2023
Just 5 minutes of Journaling can change your life

Research on journaling suggests that it can help you organize your life and work, improve your focus, and reduce stress and anxiety. Why not start this new pathbreaking habit? Write whatever comes to mind. You don’t have to write long if you prefer to kee…

Amit Sood
Spiritual Coaching
May 20 2023
Willpower is a matter of the heart

** Motivation is a matter of the heart.** If you want your employees or students to be engaged with their work energetically, enthusiastically, and creatively, you must learn to engage their hearts and feelings.

**If your job feels like hard work to you,…

Amit Sood
Career Coaching
May 20 2023
Design a powerful Personal Vision

Here‘s why you need a Personal Vision
There was once a man sentenced to life imprisonment. Life in the jail was bleak. He could not see a future that he could look forward to. The mornings brought no new hopes. It was the jail routine - day after day. He …

Amit Sood
Spiritual Healing
May 20 2023
When facing uncertainty, go to your heart

Change is the only constant

In a world in constant flux, the human mind longs for stability and clarity. The intellect struggles to accept that endless change is inevitable, ubiquitous, and eternal. All one can do is to go along and learn to change with …

Amit Sood
Spiritual Coaching
May 20 2023
Who am I Being?

Contemplating ‘who you are being’ draws you inwards and invites you to be more congruent with your true self. The idea of ‘being’ is a subtle yet profound aspect of oneself that is the foundation of all that is evident about an individual, such as their p…

Amit Sood
Rune Reading
May 17 2023
Unlocking Ancient Wisdom: Exploring the Art of Rune Spreads

In the realm of divination and ancient wisdom, runes hold a special place. These ancient symbols, rooted in Norse and Germanic traditions, are not only visually captivating but also carry deep meaning and insight. Rune spreads, also known as rune casting …

Demi Powell
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