Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is the author of the following best-selling books:

The 4-Hour Workweek — Translated into more than 35 languages; #1 New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek bestseller.

The 4-Hour Body — #1 New York Times bestseller.

The 4-Hour Chef — #1 Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller; winner of a Gourmand “Best in the World” Award at the 18th Annual Paris Cookbook Awards.

Tools of Titans — #1 New York Times bestseller.

Tribe of Mentors — #1 New York Times Advice/How-To, #1 New York Times
Business, #1 Wall Street Journal Tim is ranked #6 in the “Top 20 Angel Investor” for 2014, and Newsweek named him “the world’s best guinea pig,” which he takes as a compliment.

His podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show — concentrated on deconstructing world-class performers — is often named #1 across all of iTunes (also selected for “Best of iTunes” three years running).

Tim’s blog is one of Inc. Magazine’s “19 Blogs You Should Bookmark Right Now“, and it has been ranked #1 on the Top 150 Management and Leadership Blogs list, based on Google PageRank, Alexa traffic ranking, Bing results, PostRank, and others.

Tim’s Twitter account was selected by Mashable as one of “5 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Entrepreneurs,” a list including Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Marissa Mayer, and Jack Dorsey.

Tim has appeared on more than 100 media outlets—including The New York Times, The Economist, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, TIME, Forbes, Fortune, CNN, and CBS—and was a popular guest lecturer at Princeton University from 2003-2013, where he talked about entrepreneurship as an instrument for world change and perfect lifestyle design.

He also serves on the advisory board of DonorsChoose.org, an educational non-profit and the first charity to make the Fast Company list of 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World.

Tim has been invited to speak at some of the world’s most innovative organizations, including Google, MIT, Harvard Business School, Nike, Facebook, The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Microsoft, and Palantir. He has also been invited to keynote at dozens of summits and events, including TED, The EG, E-Tech, SXSW, LeWeb, and the Web 2.0
Exposition, where he shared the stage with figures like Eric Schmidt, Chairman of the Board of Google, and Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.

Tim has combined a diverse (and pretty odd) range of experiences. Most of the below are from 1999-2009:

Finance and Entrepreneurship advisor at Singularity University at NASA Ames, co-founded by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil.

First American in history to hold a Guinness World Record in tango

Speaker of 5 languages

National Chinese kickboxing champion

Horseback archer (yabusame) in Nikko, Japan

2009 Henry Crown Fellow at the Aspen Institute

Political asylum researcher

Wired Magazine’s “Greatest Self-Promoter of 2008”

Tim got his BA from Princeton University in 2000, where he concentrated on language acquisition and East Asian Studies. He developed his nonfiction writing with Pulitzer Prize winner John McPhee and formed his life philosophies under Nobel Prize winner Kenzaburō Ōe.

Kati Morton

Kati Morton, LMFT holds a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has a private practice in Santa Monica, CA.

Over the past few years, Kati has used social media to share mental health information worldwide through video. Her main specialties include working with individuals experiencing eating disorders and self-harming behaviors, although she addresses all topics related to mental health.

Kati is famous due to her YouTube channel which now has over 948 thousand subscribers, over 74.5 million views. In addition to her YouTube channel and strong presence on social media, she has been invited to KTLA’s morning news, Fox 11 Good Day LA morning show,
and was showcased in Europe’s highest circulated magazine, Glamour UK. She was also a 2019 Shorty Award finalist as well as a 2019 Streamy nominee. Kati’s first book, Are u ok?: A Guide to Caring for Your Mental Health was published in December 2018.

Kati’s mission is to raise awareness about mental health. Her online community has grown to all major internet platforms, allowing her to answer mental health questions from her followers around the planet. She hopes by doing this, the global community can push for better services worldwide and eliminate the stigma associated with asking for help.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is an entrepreneur, #1 NY Times best-selling author, philanthropist, and the nation’s #1 life and business strategist. For more than 4 decades, more than 50 million people have enjoyed the warmth, humor and transformational power of his business and personal development events. He’s the nation’s #1 life and business strategist.

Author of six internationally bestselling books, including the recent New York Times #1 best-seller MONEY: Master the Game and UNSHAKEABLE, Mr. Robbins has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries through his audio, video and life training programs. He
created the #1 personal and professional development program of all time, and more than 4 million people have attended his live seminars.

Mr. Robbins is the chairman of a holding company comprised of more than 50 privately held businesses with combined sales exceeding $6 billion a year. He has been honored by Accenture as one of the “Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World,” by Harvard Business Press as one of the “Top 200 Business Gurus,” and by American Express as one of the “Top Six
Business Leaders in the World” to coach its entrepreneurial clients.

Fortune’s recent cover article named him the “CEO Whisperer,” and he has been named in the top 50 of Worth Magazine’s 100 most powerful people in global finance for three consecutive years.

He is a leader called upon by leaders, and has worked with 3 US presidents, top entertainers –from Aerosmith to Green Day, to Usher and Pitbull, as well as athletes like Serena Williams, Andre Agassi and the Golden State Warriors. Billionaire business leaders seek his advice as well; casino magnate Steve Wynn and Salesforce.com founder Marc Benioff are among those grateful for his coaching.
As a philanthropist, through his partnership with Feeding America, Mr. Robbins has provided over 500 million meals in the last 5 years to those in need. He is on track to provide 1 billion meals over the next 5 years. He has also initiated programs in more than 1,500 schools, 700 prisons, and 50,000 service organizations and shelters.  He provides fresh water to 250,000 people a day in India in order to fight waterborne diseases, the number one killer of children in that country.

James Clear

James Clear the author of the New York Times bestseller, Atomic Habits, which has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide.

The essential topic he explores through his work is, “How can we live better?” He wishes to find good ideas and make them actionable.
Clear is a speaker at major companies and events. He gives 1-2 speeches per month about habits and continuous improvement. His previous clients include Cisco, General Electric, Honda, Intel, LinkedIn, Lululemon, McKinsey & Company, Merrill Lynch, and many more.

Apart from that, Clear contributes to Against Malaria Foundation (AMF). Each year, he donates 5% of profit to their charity partner, Against Malaria Foundation. AMF provides nets to protect children, pregnant mothers, and families from mosquitos carrying malaria. It is
one of the most cost-effective ways to extend life and fulfills his bigger mission of helping others realize their full potential. To date, they have provided nets for over 35,000 people.

Steven Pinker

Steven Pinker is an experimental psychologist who carries out studies in visual cognition,psycholinguistics, and social relations. He grew up in Montreal and received his BA from McGill and his PhD from Harvard. Currently Johnstone Professor of Psychology at Harvard, he has also taught at Stanford and MIT. He has been awarded multiple prizes for his
research, his teaching, and his ten books, including The Language Instinct, How the Mind Works, The Blank Slate, The Better Angels of Our Nature, and The Sense of Style. He is an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences, a two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, a Humanist of the Year, a recipient of nine honorary doctorates, and one of Foreign Policy’s “World’s Top 100 Public Intellectuals” and Time’s “100 Most Influential People in the World Today.” He is Chair of the Usage Panel of the American Heritage Dictionary, and writes often for The New York Times, The Guardian, and other publications.

Brene Brown

Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston where she holds the Huffington Foundation – Brené Brown Endowed Chair. She is also a visiting professor in management at The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business.

Brown has spent the past two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy.

She is the author of five #1 New York Times bestsellers: The Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, Braving the Wilderness, and Dare to Lead.

Brené hosts the Unlocking Us podcast, and her TED talk – The Power of Vulnerability – is one of the top five most viewed TED talks in the world with over 45 million views. She is also the first researcher to have a filmed lecture on Netflix. The Call to Courage special
debuted on the streaming service on April 19, 2019.

Stefan James

Stefan James is world-famous online entrepreneur, life and business coach, speaker, consultant, and philanthropist.

Stefan James has founded Project Life Mastery and has positively impacted millions of people's lives through his inspirational content on his YouTube channel and podcast.

​With great experience in personal development, Stefan is highly adept at unlocking the human potential. He states a person's psychology and mindset is a vital yet neglected part for one to reach his or her fullest potential in life and business.

Stefan loves to travel and is involved in a few volunteer initiatives for building homes and schools for those less fortunate.

Leo Babauta

Leo Babauta has battled the difficult way to find the power of less: overweight and under pressure, he fought through large debts, bad habits and an intolerable work-life balance to become a happy father and the author of the million-reader blog Zen Habits. He lives in the
USA with his family.

Adriene Mishler

Adriene Mishler is an actress, writer, international yoga teacher and entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. Her mission is to bring the instruments of yoga into schools and homes.

Adriene hosts the popular YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene, an online community of over 7 million viewers. Yoga with Adriene is high quality practices on yoga and mindfulness that are free of charge to encourage people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Yoga with Adriene was named by Google as the most searched workout of 2015, was recognized by The Wall Street Journal, and was awarded a Streamy in Health and Wellness in 2016.

Sara Kuburic

Sara Kuburic is an existential therapist, writer, and life-coach. She is an identity, relationship,and trauma expert.

Sara is passionate about providing a safe, non-judgmental, and compassionate space where people can feel supported and understood. Her goal is to help people feel empowered, live
freely and authentically, thrive in their relationships with themselves and others, experience healing and change, and reveal purpose in their life. Sara’s approach to helping indidviuals is collaborative – grounded in openness, honesty, trust, and humor. 

Sara Kuburic is a Canadian Certified Counsellor (C.C.C.). She received her undergraduate degree in B.Sc. in Psychology from Burman University, and she received a Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Trinity Western University. She is currently a doctoral candidate at Sigmund Freud University (Vienna) in psychotherapy.

Sara is a trauma-informed clinician with a person-centered approach that is grounded in existential analysis as well as somatic and experiential techniques. She specializes in fields of trauma/abuse, identity, relationships with self and others, life transitions, and anxiety.

Deepika Mehta

Deepika Mehta got into a near death rock-climbing accident in 1997. The doctors told her that she would never walk again. Deepika is not the kind of person to allow challenges to deter her motivation and lust for life, she turned to alternative approaches and came to the
age-old Indian discipline of Yoga. Practicing meditation and pranayama, Deepika then started her years of education and practice and studying alternative healing methods. She first went to the Sivananda Yoga Kendra in Kerala, where she did her Teacher Training.

From there she was led to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga and to meeting her Guru,Shri K Pattabhi Jois in 2002.

She has also travelled to different parts of the planet learning from different masters like Richard Freeman, Dena Kingsberg, Prem Carlisi, Lino Miele, and Rolf Naujokat. She is now a student Sharath Jois and learning Advanced A Series with him.

Deepika has been fortunate enough to have her own TV show called Yoga City, as well as teaching India’s most famous celebrities. She has been the master trainer on the show “The Biggest Loser” in India. She has appeared as one of the three women redefining beauty ideals in India in Vogue magazine 2014, has been the face of the fitness campaign 2015 in Elle India, and has been featured in various other publications and given a Dance/Yoga presentation and talk at the TedX event a the UN Headquarters in NYC.

Now a famous yoga teacher and professional fitness expert, Deepika lives in Mumbai, India where she teaches regular classes in Bandra. She also has clients (individuals and corporates) all over the country. She assists them to reach ultimate mind and body experiences with Ashtanga Yoga, diet and lifestyle recommendations, and has helped them meet their goals.

Maria Popova

Maria Popova

Maria Popova is a Bulgarian-born, American-based writer of literary and arts commentary and cultural criticism that has found wide appeal (3 million page views and more than 1 million monthly readers), both for its writing and for the visual stylistics that accompany it. She is most widely known for her blog, Brain Pickings, an online publication that she has fought to maintain advertisement-free, which features her writing on books, and ideas from the arts, philosophy, culture, and other subjects. Founded in 2006 as a weekly email to seven friends, eventually brought online and now included in the Library of Congress permanent web archive, it is a record of her own becoming as a person — intellectually, creatively, spiritually, poetically — drawn from my extended marginalia on the search for meaning across literature, science, art, philosophy, and the various other tentacles of human thought and feeling.

She is also the author of a book titled Figuring and the editor of an eight-year labor titled A Velocity of Being: Letters to a Young Reader. She has at times thought in words for The New York Times, Wired, and The Atlantic, among others.

Tara Brach

Tara Brach combines Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices, mindful attention to within, and a complete, compassionate engagement with the world. The outcome is a distinctive voice in Western Buddhism, one that gives a wise and caring approach to freeing ourselves and society from suffering.

As an undergraduate at Clark University, Tara pursued a double major in psychology and political science. At that time, she as well started learning about yoga and exploring Eastern approaches to transformation within. After college, she lived for ten years in an ashram—a
spiritual community—where she practiced and taught both yoga and concentrative meditation. When she left the ashram and attended her first Buddhist Insight Meditation retreat, led by Joseph Goldstein, she realized she was home. “I had found wisdom teachings and practices that train the heart and mind in unconditional and loving presence,” she says.

“I knew that this was a path of true freedom.”

Then, Tara earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the Fielding Institute, with a dissertation exploring meditation as a therapeutic modality in treating addiction. She went on to complete a five-year Buddhist teacher training program at the Spirit Rock Meditation
Center. Working as both a psychotherapist and a meditation teacher, she naturally blended these two powerful traditions—introducing meditation to her therapy clients and sharing western psychological insights with meditation students. This combination has evolved, in more recent years, into Tara’s groundbreaking work in training psychotherapists to integrate mindfulness strategies into their clinical work.

In 1998, Tara founded the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, DC (IMCW), which is now one of the largest and most dynamic non-residential meditation centers in the United States. She gives presentations, teaches classes, offers workshops, and leads silent meditation retreats at IMCW and at conferences and retreat centers in the United States
and Europe. Tara’s podcast gets more than 1.5 million downloads each month. Her themes reveal the possibility of emotional healing and spiritual awakening through mindful, loving awareness as well as the alleviation of suffering in the larger world by practicing compassion
in action. She has encouraged attempts to bring principles and practices of mindfulness to issues of racial injustice, equity and inclusivity; peace; environmental sustainability, as well as to prisons and schools.

Gina DeVee

Gina DeVee is a published author, accomplished speaker, podcast host, business coach and self-made multimillionaire entrepreneur. She has dedicated her career to helping women connect spiritually, start
profitable businesses, create wealth from a feminine perspective, and become highly visible so they can make a global impact.

Gina’s own journey from struggling psychotherapist (who lived at home with her parents) to globetrotting entrepreneur has led her to founding her multi-million dollar women’s empowerment company, Divine Living.

Her mission is to show women everywhere how to be Queen of their lives. “Within every woman lives a Queen,” Gina affirms, “And only from the position of Queen can you fulfill your purpose.” In becoming
Queen, no longer must women pretend to be anything other than brilliant, capable and fabulous. The world needs us to own our power, raise our standards, and contribute our talents like never before, and Gina DeVee is here to lead the way.

Her first book, The Audacity to be Queen, brings together over 20 years of experience in transforming women’s lives through the deep spiritual and feminine wisdom of Queenhood. With spectacular flair,
beautiful pearls of wisdom, and life-changing stories of unexpected triumph, Gina DeVee shares the steps, exercises, meditations, prayers and journal prompts to release all forms of self-doubt and self- sabotage so you can discover the best version of you.

Abbey Sharp

Abbey Sharp

Abbey Sharp is a Registered Dietitian (RD), food writer and blogger, author, TV and radio personality, new mom, and the founder of Abbey’s Kitchen Inc.

Abbey has a BSc. in Applied Science for Food & Nutrition Studies, has completed an accredited dietetic internship, and is currently regulated as a registered dietitian by the Ontario College of Dietitians. She has also completed a number of continuing education culinary courses through George Brown College.

Abbey’s core philosophy is that a pleasurable relationship with food, your body and your self is the fundamental secret to good health. She has infused this outlook into Abbey’s Kitchen Inc., a multi-faceted food, nutrition and motherhood media brand and consulting company developed with the goal of celebrating the pleasurable eating experience. From delicious healthy recipes, digital video content, real mom truths and cheeky nutrition myth busting, the Abbey’s Kitchen blog and Youtube channel have become popular spaces for garnering buzz about nourishing food.

In December 2018, Abbey released her debut cookbook, The Mindful Glow Cookbook, published by Penguin Random House. This book was awarded the Taste Canada Gold Medal award in 2019 and has become a best-seller!

As a leader in the food and nutrition media sphere, Abbey also launched her own media school, Sharper Edge Media Training with a series of e-courses and small group trainings for dietitians and food bloggers looking to work in social and traditional media.
Most recently, she also launched the Millennial Mom’s Guide for Mindful Meal Planning, a Facebook community with over 1400 users for inspiring healthy meal planning ideas for their family.

Abbey has 10 years of experience working as a celebrity Spokesperson for dozens of popular food, health, mom and lifestyle brands such as General Mills, Quaker, Pampers, Jamieson Vitamins, Walmart, Kelloggs, Kitchen Aid and Starbucks – to name only a few.
She has regular editorial columns in Best Health Magazine, Healthline, Greatist, Self and Eating Well Magazine, among countless other print and online publications.

Abbey is an expert regular on Canada’s number one lifestyle program, The Marilyn Denis Show and has created an international presence with her appearance on Dr. Oz.

James Altucher

James Altucher is an entrepreneur and angel investor. He has achieved the rank of chess master. Altucher is the author of the Wall Street Journal best-selling book “Choose Yourself.” He has started 20 companies, 17 of which have failed. But he has learned a lot
during his journey.

James helps people who feel they are stuck—in a job they hate, in a house they can’t afford, in a life they don’t want, in their own depressed mind, anything.

Altucher interviews very inspiring people on his top-10 rated podcast, “The James Altucher Show.” He contributes articles to sites like The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! Finance, and Business Insider.

Everything that James does is in pursuit of his greatest mission: to help other people choose themselves, too.

Since he launched his top-10 rated podcast back in 2014, it has millions of listeners and has gotten nearly 40 million downloads.
On his podcast, James talks to some of the greatest Choose Yourselfers, innovators, and peak performers in the world, including Mark Cuban, Coolio, Arianna Huffington, and Peter Thiel.
He has talked to authors, artists, rappers, billionaires, drug dealers, astronauts—all who forged their own paths, found financial freedom, and harnessed the power to create meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Brian Cox

Brian Cox

Brian Cox is Professor of Particle Physics at the University of Manchester and The Royal Society Professor for Public Engagement in Science. He has worked primarily in the study of diffractive scattering at the H1 experiment at DESY in Hamburg, the D0 experiment at Fermilab, Chicago, and is currently a member of the ATLAS Collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider, CERN. He was the co-spokesperson for the FP420 R&D project at CERN between 2004 and 2009.

He is active in the public and political promotion of science, and is known to the public for his documentary work on BBC television. He was a Royal Society University Research Fellow from 2005 – 2013, is a Fellow of The Institute of Physics, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music and holds a British Association Honorary Fellowship. He received an OBE for services to science in 2010, the President’s Medal from the Institute of Physics in 2012 and the Royal Society Michael Faraday Prize in 2012.

Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau is a New York Times bestselling author and modern-day explorer.

During a lifetime of self-employment that included a four-year commitment as a volunteer executive in West Africa, he visited every country in the world (193 in total) before his 35th birthday. Since then he has modeled the proven definition of an entrepreneur: “Someone who will work 24 hours a day for themselves to avoid working one hour a day for someone else.”

Chris’s first book, The Art of Non-Conformity, was translated into more than thirty languages. His second book, The $100 Startup, was a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, selling more than 700,000 copies worldwide. His newest book, The Money Tree is all about finding the fortune in your own backyard.

His daily podcast, Side Hustle School, is downloaded more than 2 million times a month.

Every summer in Portland, Oregon, Chris hosts the World Domination Summit, a gathering of creative, remarkable people with thousands in attendance. Also, Chris would like everyone to know that he was social distancing before it was cool.

Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia named "World's Hottest Weather Girl," first encountered fame when she was delivering the forecasts on Mexican TV. She started her career as a model and then quickly sprang to fame as a forecaster, and has recently also forayed into acting. With over 12.5
million followers on Instagram, Yanet is well-known for her ideal figure, one she keeps through a strict diet and exercise regimen.

Self-admittedly, Yanet started her journey when seeking a way to transform" with "Yanet Garcia is a mexican tv host, actress and model. She is an inspiration to all women because of her own experience, she struggled very much with her weight –she was very skinny as a teenager and during her growth-, but hardwork and discipline paid off, becoming after, a model but also, studying accountability as her career and earning her degree. She became famous as the “weather girl” sweetheart in Mexico and her social media started growing at rocket speed! With over 12.5M followers, Yanet debuted in cinema this year in spanish film “Bellezonismo” and in theater also. Yanet shares her routines and fitness secrets! Being dedicated, disciplined and hardworking are her main characteristics.

Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is a towering figure wherever the mention of self help comes into discussion. In 1973, he founded his company and has been celebrated ever since. Being an entrepreneur, a teacher, a writer, a
business consultant and counselor, the man is famous for his motivational speeches on how to be a better version of you. He has been on his mission to advise people to strategize their ideas in such a way that they would be able to create extravagantly glamorous and fulfilling lives for themselves for more than 40 years now.

Reading classic books by people like Earl Nightingale, Wallace D. Wattles and Napoleon Hill has inspired him to have developed firm ideas and concepts about how one should live life in order to be fully prosperous in whatever it is that he wishes to accomplishes, and more importantly, as Proctor himself places, to live a luxurious life.

He assists people take a move beyond the place on which they are hoping to go and in doing so, recognize their true potential and it is with this great inspirational spirit that the man has gained so
much appeal.

Early life

When Proctor was born in Ontario in Canada, he was not who he thought he would be today. By the age of 26, he was a high school dropout, was having a great deal of difficulty in finding a job and was unclear of what his future would be like.

It was then that nature recognized his true potential and he found himself reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and this book, which had inspired a great many people before him, became the turning
point of his life as well which from then on took off towards an upward spiral unwilling to come down.

He started working in many different companies around the world over the next twelve months where he offered services to clean and opened up his own company as well. In order to get something to learn,
he decided to join Nightingale-Conant from where he received firsthand tutoring by the infamous Earl Nightingale.

Meeting Earl Nightingale

In order to receive mentoring by Earl Nightingale, Proctor moved to Chicago where the time he spent with Nightingale yielded him much inspiration and shaped him to be a better person in general. The
coaching that he received changed his life forever and made him greatly prosperous.

He climbed ranks quickly at the Nightingale-Conant and soon became Vice President of Sales. As the organization that he was working with Nightingale in was all about teaching personal growth and
development, Proctor got the idea that he should open up his own seminar company to deliver motivational lectures on the subject of self help to others.

So from then on, Bob Proctor has been making efforts to get people to recognize their inner selves and then excel at that which they wish to do. His company brought many students from the US and Canada
who soon started to climb up in their lives. Currently, Bob also travels around the world, inspiring people on his journeys with all the speeches that he makes in his seminars.

It's not about money philosophy

While Proctor has firm belief that everyone should live a lush life full of pomp and luxury, he explains that his work is not about money philosophy solely. He also attempts to bring people to be better in
moral and ethical aspects of their personality so that everyone would understand the ranks of priorities and not simply run on a rat chase after monetary benefits solely because that would only further
materialize the society. He further admits that if one concentrates on genuinely helping people the money will come automatically and there is no need to worry about them at all.

How mind works

Bob has a very interesting idea about how the human mind works and he places emphasis on how, in order to be successful, one must understand this. He differentiates between the conscious mind and the
subconscious mind and how our capabilities lie in different allocations of both of these fields. He greatly stresses on how in order to achieve success, one must foremost always have a positive attitude towards life.

Secondly, he establishes that one should use their creativity and imagination as that is where the individuality hence uniqueness lies. He also enhances the importance of focus by listing it as one of the prerequisites for any achievement. Most importantly, he talks about self belief and how it is gravely important for every person to realize and acknowledge their self worth and capabilities and how mental hunts in order to achieve this are beneficial.


Bob instilled his concept of how elitism lies within us all and is waiting to be found in his bestselling book You Were Born Rich and has gained much following worldwide with his other works including Mission in Commission, The Goal Achiever, The Winner's Image, The Recruiting Puzzle, The Success Puzzle, The Success Series and Being the Very Best.

He also worked with Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield, authors of The Secret and Chicken Soup for the Soul respectively in order to create a course based on the Science of getting Rich program.
In his eminent interview with Larry King, Bob Proctor explained the ideas of self development in his perspective, bringing into light his explanation on how one should be on the quest to recognize his best
self and to polish that version and take it with him on the road to success. He also talked about how creativity and imagination plays a significant impact in becoming happy and achieving incredible results
in all facets of life.

Starred in The Secret movie

The DVD presentation of The Secret, alongside the wonderfully motivational book, has been colossal.

Both of these could not have been possible without Bob Proctor due to his role in the contributor of the book and also a starring actor in the movie.

Rhonda Byrne, the director, casted Bob out of respect for him as a teacher and believed that no one else could do the role better. Bob is also one of the biggest experts on the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration that the world has ever known.


Bob Proctor is one of the most influential figures in the field of self development that the world speaks of. Since the 1970s, he has been playing his role in getting people to find belief in them and although he had a rough start in his early days, he found inspiration from napoleon Hill and with the coaching of Earl Nightingale, became one of the best motivational speakers to have existed.

His ability to explain clearly how mind works is very hard to match and makes him one of the best experts in the area.

His bestselling book You Were Born Rich carries his beliefs about how we all contain potential and that everyone deserves to and should try to live a lush and pleasurable life.

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai, (born July 12, 1997, Mingora, Swat valley, Pakistan), Pakistani activist who, while a teenager, spoke out publicly against the prohibition on the education of girls that was imposed by the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP; sometimes called Pakistani Taliban). She gained global attention when she survived an assassination attempt at age 15. In 2014 Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in recognition of their efforts on behalf of children’s rights.

Childhood And Early Activism

The daughter of an outspoken social activist and educator, Yousafzai was an excellent student. Her father—who established and administered the school she attended, Khushal Girls High School and College in the city of Mingora—encouraged her to follow in his path. In 2007 the Swat valley, once a vacation destination, was invaded by the TTP. Led by Maulana Fazlullah, the TTP began imposing strict Islamic law, destroying or shutting down girls’ schools, banning women from any active role in society, and carrying out suicide bombings. Yousafzai and her family fled the region for their safety, but they returned when tensions and violence eased.

On September 1, 2008, when Yousafzai was 11 years old, her father took her to a local press club in Peshawar to protest the school closings, and she gave her first speech—“How Dare the Taliban Take Away My Basic Right to Education?” Her speech was publicized throughout Pakistan. Toward the end of 2008, the TTP announced that all girls’ schools in Swat would be shut down on January 15, 2009. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) approached Yousafzai’s father in search of someone who might blog for them about what it was like to live under TTP rule. Under the name Gul Makai, Yousafzai began writing regular entries for BBC Urdu about her daily life. She wrote from January through the beginning of March of that year 35 entries that were also translated into English. Meanwhile, the TTP shut down all girls’ schools in Swat and blew up more than 100 of them.

In February 2009 Yousafzai made her first television appearance, when she was interviewed by Pakistani journalist and talk show host Hamid Mir on the Pakistan current events show Capital Talk. In late February the TTP, responding to an increasing backlash throughout Pakistan, agreed to a cease-fire, lifted the restriction against girls, and allowed them to attend school on the condition that they wear burkas. However, violence resurged only a few months later, in May, and the Yousafzai family was forced to seek refuge outside of Swat until the Pakistani army was able to push the TTP out. In early 2009 The New York Times reporter Adam Ellick worked with Yousafzai to make a documentary, Class Dismissed, a 13-minute piece about the school shutdown. Ellick made a second film with her, titled A Schoolgirl’s Odyssey. The New York Times posted both films on their Web site in 2009. That summer she met with the U.S. special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, and asked him to help with her effort to protect the education of girls in Pakistan.

With Yousafzai’s continuing television appearances and coverage in the local and international media, it had become apparent by December 2009 that she was the BBC’s young blogger. Once her identity was known, she began to receive widespread recognition for her activism. In October 2011 she was nominated by human rights activist Desmond Tutu for the International Children’s Peace Prize. In December of that year she was awarded Pakistan’s first National Youth Peace Prize (later renamed the National Malala Peace Prize).

Shooting And Nobel Peace Prize

On October 9, 2012, Yousafzai was shot in the head by a TTP gunman while she was en route home from school. Fazlullah and the TTP took responsibility for the attempt on her life. She survived the attack and was flown from Peshawar to Birmingham, England, for surgery. The incident elicited protests, and her cause was taken up around the world, including by the UN special envoy for global education, Gordon Brown, who introduced a petition that called for all children around the world to be back in school by 2015. That petition led to the ratification of Pakistan’s first Right to Education bill. In December 2012 Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari announced the launch of a $10 million education fund in Yousafzai’s honour. About the same time, the Malala Fund was established by the Vital Voices Global Partnership to support education for all girls around the world.

Yousafzai recovered, staying with her family in Birmingham, where she returned to her studies and to activism. For the first time since being shot, she made a public appearance on July 12, 2013, her 16th birthday, and addressed an audience of 500 at the United Nations in New York City. Among her many awards, in 2013 Yousafzai won the United Nations Human Rights Prize, awarded every five years. She was named one of Time magazine’s most influential people in 2013 and appeared on one of the seven covers that were printed for that issue. With Christina Lamb (foreign correspondent for The Sunday Times), Yousafzai coauthored a memoir, I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban (2013). She also wrote the picture book Malala’s Magic Pencil (2017), which was based on her childhood. In 2014 she became the youngest person to win the Liberty Medal, awarded by the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia to public figures striving for people’s freedom throughout the world. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013 but passed over that year, Yousafzai in 2014 won the prize, becoming the youngest Nobel laureate.

After winning the Nobel Prize, Yousafzai continued to attend school in England while using her enhanced public profile to bring attention to human rights issues around the world. In July 2015, with support from the Malala Fund, she opened a girls’ school in Lebanon for refugees from the Syrian Civil War. She discussed her work with refugees as well as her own displacement in We Are Displaced (2019).

Her life, before and after the attack she endured, was examined in the documentary He Named Me Malala (2015). The title referenced the fact that Yousafzai had been named for the Afghan heroine Malalai, or Malala, who purportedly led her people to victory against the British in the 1880 Battle of Maiwand.

Joel Brown

Joel Brown is the founder of the #1 motivation website that has reached hundreds of millions of views globally. Brown has a social media following of over 2.7 million across all of his social channels. Brown’s Addicted2Success podcast has reached over 3.2 Million downloads.

Joel Brown travels the world teaching thousands of people how to stand in their vision for success so they can fulfill their dreams.
He has created a circle of influence worth billions. He has worked alongside Tony Robbins, The Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Jay Shetty, Marie Forleo, Jack Canfield, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Simon Sinek, Bob Proctor, Dr. John Demartini, and many others.

Joel has appeared in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, SUCCESS Magazine, The Huffington Post, Foundr, and four documentary films including RiseUP with The Dalai Lama, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Dwight Howard, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Lisa Nichols, Alanis
Morissette and more, Think & Grow Rich with Bob Proctor, Grant Cardone, Lewis Howes, Barbara Corcoran, Darren Hardy and more, The Death of Recess with Carol Dweck, Alex Morton, Jake Paul and many more, Age of The Entrepreneur with Jessica Alba, Preston Smiles, Alexi Panos, T. Harv Eker, Kevin Harrington and many more.

Brown’s team won the SUCCESS Magazine “2015 BlogStar Awards” as the #1 Self Development Blog. Joel Brown has built several six figure online courses and mastermind groups. He specializes in self development coaching, NLP, speaking and mindset coaching.

Lisa Olivera

Lisa Olivera is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Lisa trusts that people need less fixing and more accepting – less perfectionism and more good-enough – less criticism and more self-compassion.

In her practice, Lisa supports people who want to find more acceptance, wholeness, and aliveness in all of who they are. She treats people who feel suffocated by self-criticism, doubt, sadness, anxiety, overwhelm, or fear, as well as people who are navigating what it means to show up as themselves in different areas of their life.

Through holistic and integrative practices, she supports people in building more compassion for themselves, finding more capacity to feel the difficult stuff, and developing more understanding of how to manage the stressors and challenges of life while also making more room for presence, connectedness, and joy.

Richard Wiseman

Professor Richard Wiseman has been described by a Scientific American columnist as ‘…one of the most interesting and innovative experimental psychologists in the world today.’ His books have sold over 3 million copies and he regularly appears on the media. Richard also gives essential speeches to organisations across the globe, including The Swiss Economic Forum, Google and Amazon.

He holds Britain’s only Professorship in the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, is one of the most followed psychologists on Twitter, and the Independent On Sunday selected him as one of the top 100 people who make Britain a better place to live.
Richard is a Member of the Inner Magic Circle, and has created psychology-based YouTube videos that have attracted over 500 million views. He is also a creative consultant, including work with Derren Brown, The Twilight Zone and the hit television show, Brain Games.

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In this FREE consultation call, we will talk about your business and you as a CEO. How do you feel about your leadership skills and your ability to communicate with potential clients/customers, team members, and employees?

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Dr. Sunita Shenoy

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We get our water from consuming s…

Welcome Cure Pvt. Ltd
Social Psychology
Oct 10 2023

मैं भारत से हूं, जहां पर पृथ्वी पर मनुष्य जीवन चक्र को सनातन धर्म में चार वर्गों में विभाजित किया गया है,जो निम्नलिखित हैं।
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During your time of uncertainty I apply my advanced studies in Psychology, Biology, & Metaphysics with my favorite divination tool - tarot. Providing you with the most guidance, clarity, and advice you need to move forward.

Lavanya Kumar Shrivastava
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
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I wish to build awareness amongst people about SELF IMAGE.I suffered a lot.!!!! Through initial stages of my life due to hurt SELF IMAGE. I rebuild it by reprogramming my subconcious mind.

I went through an amazing unfolding and transformation. I practice mind reprogramming through combining various techniques that I have learned over the years. NLP, CBT, REBT, SILVA ESP MIND CONTROL, HYPNOSIS.

Gemma Sheppard
Hanoi, Vietnam
Life Coaching
Career Coaching
Social Psychology

Gemma BSc (Hons) is an empowerment coach who is fully committed to her clients. Using her extensive psychology knowledge and direct approach, Gemma helps clients re-evaluate their goals and motivations. Having Gemma alongside you on your journey, will give you the support and motivation you need to make positive change and stick to it.

Mateusz Bajerski
London, UK
Healing Power of Forgiveness
Spirit Guides
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Angel Healing

Connect with your Higher Self.
Remember who you are.

London-based spiritual consultant incorporating hypnotherapy | BA Philosophy, MA Cognitive Science, Dip. Hyp. HNWHP (PHPA ®) | Trained at the practice of the renowned Dr Andrzej Kaczorowski & Dr Aleksander Daniłow, a psychotherapist in clinical hypnosis–their combined experience is over 90 years

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Hi! Namastey all of you

I love sharing my knowledge and helping people enhance their life. Love to guide and working as a life-coach.

I am working on this technique since 13 years in the field of Numerology and Healing.

I’ve seen changes in the lives after changing spellings & signatures, use of Numbers to create a prosperous life.

Maje Sodiz
Theta Healing
Tarot Reading

Maje Sodiz is an independent artist and a professional Tarot interpreter. Having graduated in Technical Arts by Wimbledon School of Art, London, UK and a longlife interest in the study of the psyche, divination and esoteric realms of understanding; she finally receive a call to create a project fully dedicated to Tarot and divination, alchemical art and holistic approach to wellbeing.

Soul Academy, PLLC
Guided Meditation
Personal Development Coaching
Hatha yoga
Mindfulness meditation

Welcome to Soul Academy, where we mix up the magic of meditation, Reiki, and coaching to help you rock a happy, fulfilling life.

Our mission is to help you unlock the secrets to a content and fulfilling life by harnessing the power of your mind-body connection. Dive into the calming abyss of meditation, embrace the nurturing energy of Reiki, and team up with our coach to rediscover balance, harmony, and your inner zen.

We know that life can be a rollercoaster, so we're here to help ladies aged 24 and above who need a little extra support to tackle stress, anxiety, depression, or ADHD symptoms. Together, we'll take an integrative approach to co-create a plan for success and inner peace.

And last but not least, I'm Susan, your guide on this journey. I've got the professional know-how to support you every step of the way.

Yoga Alliance recognized Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), since 2004
State of Texas, Licensed Professional Counselor(LPC), since 2014
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP), since 2016
Reiki Master and Teacher, (Level one since 2005), since 2019
Accredited Empowerment Life Coach (PCELC), since 2020
Animal Reiki Practitioner, since 2022
State of Texas, Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor (LPC-S), since 2022
Radiant Sutras Meditation Teacher (RSMT), since 2023
Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional (CIMHP), since 2023

Life Coaching
Personal Development Coaching
Career Coaching
Business Coaching
Executive Coaching

Women's Leadership Coach.

Empowering women to step up and speak out to get the career and life they deserve.

Registered individuals enjoy all the possibilities of Core Spirit.