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Emotional Stress Release
"Whipping Up Romance: A Delightful Evening with Spaghetti Aglio e Olio"
“Whipping Up Romance: A Delightful Evening with Spaghetti Aglio e Olio” Obviously! While cooking for a demanding eater, it’s really smart to go for something basic yet delightful. Pasta dishes are much of the time a sure thing and can be effectively twea…
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Business Ethics
Sokörpe Laboratories
Is Your Microwave Turning Your Meals into Poison? The Hidden Health Risks of Microwaving Plastic!
In a world where convenience often takes precedence over health, a public service announcement sent shockwaves through households across the nation. It was a revelation that left many questioning their everyday habits, especially those who indulged in the…
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Health Psychology
Radhika Sharma
Old chapati is generally useful for health.
Indeed, flat bread is viewed as more advantageous than new bread in Ayurveda. Since… . How much glucose in flat bread diminishes, and how much fiber increments. Alongside this, useful microbes for the body additionally increment, and energy likewise come…
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Demi Powell
Understanding Food Allergies in Children: Safeguarding Health and Happiness
Food allergies are a prevalent concern in pediatric health, affecting a significant number of children worldwide. As parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals, it is vital to have a comprehensive understanding of food allergies to ensure the safet…
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Yoga Therapy
Chester Beard
A Classic Yoga Pose With a Long-List of Benefits
Halasana is a classic yoga pose included in many yogic practices. It stretches your spine as well as tones and stretches your back muscles too. Looking at pictures of the pose you would be able to guess that it would work that area especially. Halasana he…
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Organic food Diet
Syed Iftekhar-Ur-Rahman
5 Foods to Boost Digestion on an Organic Diet
5 Foods to Boost Digestion on an Organic Diet Introduction When it comes to maintaining optimal health, proper digestion is key. In fact, the digestive system plays a critical role in not only breaking down and absorbing nutrients from food, but also in…
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Demi Powell
Celiac Disease: Unlocking the Secrets of Gluten Sensitivity
Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder triggered by the consumption of gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. It affects millions of people worldwide and can cause significant gastrointestinal and systemic symptoms. In this article, we will …
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Demi Powell
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD): Managing the Fire Within
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is a prevalent digestive disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. It occurs when stomach acid flows back into the esophagus, causing uncomfortable symptoms and potentially damaging the esophageal lining ov…
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Demi Powell
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Understanding the Puzzle of Digestive Health
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common gastrointestinal disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. It is a complex condition characterized by a range of digestive symptoms, including abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and altered bowel habits. In…
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Nutritional Therapy
The Benefits of Pomegranate Juice for Your Gut and Metabolism
There are more bacteria living in the human stomach than there are stars in the night sky, with an estimated 39 trillion of them. Together, these bacteria promote numerous processes, including metabolism, immunity, skin health, brain health, and others. A…
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Nutritional Therapy
The Role of Papaya in Regulating Blood Sugar Levels for Diabetes: Exploring the Health Benefits
Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from the chronic disease of diabetes. Due to the body’s inability to efficiently manufacture or utilize insulin, it is characterized by high blood sugar levels. Diabetes is caused by a variety of variables, but it …
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Nutritional Therapy
Alison Birks
Health Benefits of Kefir
As a nutritionist, I am always on the lookout for foods that provide both taste and health benefits, and kefir is one such food. Kefir is a fermented dairy product that originated in the Caucasus Mountains and has been used for centuries for its many heal…
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Health Psychology
Raghavendra Shekaraiah
The Key to Optimal Health and Wellness: Implement a Healthy Eating Plan
Our body is constantly changing, growing, and renewing. To ensure our health and wellness, we must be mindful of the foods that fuel us and provide us with vital nutrients. Achieving optimal health and wellness is not only possible, but also attainable. A…
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Organic food Diet
Syed Iftekhar-Ur-Rahman
Digestion and Detox: How an Organic Food Diet Can Help
Digestion and Detox: How an Organic Food Diet Can Help Introduction Proper digestion and detoxification are essential for maintaining optimal health and well-being. The foods we eat play a crucial role in these processes, and an organic food diet can be…
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Paleo Diet
Benjamin Dewar
Three options
To hide their obvious confusion, current-day nutrition ‘experts’ have resorted to over-complicating matters. Don’t indulge this never-ending maze of minutiae. Here is the simplest way to think about human nutrition. At each meal, humans only ever have t…
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Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
You don't need food or sleep
You are a creature of vibration. Your are pure energy. What is that energy? Pure Prana. Pure life force. You decide to live in any way you desire. You feel the Prana recognising in your every cell resonating trough your whole being. You are And so, knowi…
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Clean eating
You are what you eat and what products you use
What does this mean? The vibration you eat becomes you. But it already lived inside you because that’s what attracted you to eat it. So perfect cooperative components attracted and mergem. Into ascending. Because when there’s no vibration in you that a…
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Spiritual Healing
Your Body's Wisdom: Unblock Your Path to Wellness
My stomach was unwell, my joints hurt, my skin was itchy, I had frequent headaches and couldn’t sleep. I lost faith in my body. I searched endlessly online for solutions, for knowledge, for practitioners who could help me ‘find the right answers.’ This da…
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Laura May
What Does it Mean to be an Intuitive Eater, and Why Might Your Happiness Depend on it?
**Intuitive eating **is a completely different way to eat - for us postmodern folks that is. People from time immemorial actually did eat intuitively, eating when they were hungry and stopping when they were full. They didn’t look at food as bad or good, …
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Nutritional Therapy
Christine Foutch
Discomfort From Fructose Intolerance?
Fructose is known also as, Levulose and is a naturally occurring monosaccharide; meaning it is a simple sugar; that is found primarily within Fruits, Vegetables, and Honey. I am gonna go chemistry-like here, but only just for a little bit. So here it go…
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Nutritional Therapy
Kelly Harrington, MS, RDN
Foods to Promote Gut Health and Increase Akkermansia
Akkermansia muciniphila was first identified in 2004 and is a species of bacteria that helps to maintain our gut lining and possesses many health benefits. You may not have heard of it, but that certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t important! I hope you find t…
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Vinyasa yoga
Rebecca Neusinger
Do poor digestion and an uncomfortable tummy get you down? Thought so…Yoga, Digestive Health & Self-Care
When we talk about a healthy ecosystem, what comes to mind? Nature, flora, fauna, habitats, natural environments? Probably. But humans also, as biological entities interacting with our environment and energetic fields, are an ecosystem. A quick google sea…
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Nutritional Therapy
Nutrients To Fuel Our Body
Monday I was in Meditation and all I could hear was my tummy rumbling. Do you ever get like that, sometimes no matter what you eat, your tummy still wants food. How do you feel when you are hungry? Probably grumpy, tired, sluggish and all around not happy…
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Demi Powell
5 Steps to Lower Your Risk Of Pancreatitis
Follow the five steps to improve the work of your pancreas and lower your chances to get EPI (or exocrine pancreatic insufficiency). The pancreas plays an important role in our body functioning, and even though there are lots of things you could live with…
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