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Three options
Nov 9, 2022

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To hide their obvious confusion, current-day nutrition ‘experts’ have resorted to over-complicating matters.
Don’t indulge this never-ending maze of minutiae.

Here is the simplest way to think about human nutrition.

At each meal, humans only ever have three options;

  • Animal foods
  • Plant foods
  • Or fungi

That’s it.

We can argue about the specifics later.
This is the first step, the most important step.

If you consistently make the wrong choice here, you’re done for.
Starvation, malnutrition, disease and early death await.

Imagine you’re out in the bush / forest / wilderness, and you’re hungry.

You face the very same challenge that 99% of your ancestors did.

Do you know where to find nutritious food for you and your family?
Will you fill your belly with vital nutrients, and sing and dance around the campfire?
Or will you starve to death… and poison yourself along the way?

It all comes down to this choice.
Forget what you’ve been told by modern ‘experts’.
Let your ancient instincts guide you.

You have three options.
Choose wisely.

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