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Communication Problems

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Career Coaching
Jo Brown
Wellbeing Group Sessions

These sessions will be held on zoom in a group.

Allowing you the opportunity to learn more about how to explore and find your true self.

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Cognitive-behavioral therapy
The Roots Movement
A. Hofmanweg 1a, 2031 BH Haarlem, Netherlands
The Roots Training

A 10-day group session spread over 1 month.

This method will teach you how to challenge your limiting beliefs, transform your thinking patterns and release what doesn’t serve you anymore in order to get to your most authentic self. You will learn how to enhanced your communication skills to manifest this new state of wholeness (mind-body-spirit) and set clear goals. In the last part of the training you will work on your life purpose and anchor this new state to your life experience.

The method is using different tools & processes such as:

Cognitive behavioural methods • Systemic work • Energy work • Movement awareness • Transformational Breathwork • Habit building exercises • Different type of meditation • Relaxation techniques • Philosophical and spiritual inquiry • & many more…

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