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Sanskrit for Beginners

Have you heard of a unique ancient language that  has the power to transform you ?

Sanskrit is an ancient language that was discovered about 5000 years ago . The  sounds of Sanskrit language are derived from Nature and has amazing transformational capabilities to heal, elevate and transform our body, mind and soul . There are numerous benefits of learning Sanskrit. Some of the scientifically proven benefits include improve focus and attention, develop memory power, develop positive attitude and reduce stress in our lives.

This foundation course introduces the fundamentals of  Sanskrit through a fun filled curriculum that would enable them to read, understand and learn simple Sanskrit .

Along with introducing your child to basic language concepts in Sanskrit, this course also introduces them to Daily Mantras that can be chanted in their day to day life to empower them. The Simple poetries and Short stories within this course also instills values  that could be inculcated  into their daily lives which in turn enables to develop a strong character.

This course includes the following

  • Vowels in Sanskrit

  • Consonants in Sanskrit

  • Semi Vowels in Sanskrit

  • Aspirants and Sibilants in Sanskrit

  • Vowel and Consonant combination in Sanskrit

  • Word Formation in Sanskrit

  • Daily Mantras

  • Simple Conversations in Sanskrit

  • Simple Poetry in Sanskrit

  • Simple Short Stories in Sanskrit

By the end of this course, you will be able to develop a strong foundation in Sanskrit language , read in simple Sanskrit, chant daily mantras, converse in simple Sanskrit  and develop human values that can empower their lives.

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