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Hatha yoga
Matthew Anthony DeRubertis
What is your personal power?

This course of yoga classes is designed to develop your sense of personal power through the amazing science of yoga. Yoga gives us time-tested tools to develop self mastery that we can incorporate into our daily lives.

By participating in this course of five 30 min classes, you will:

  1. Gain deeper awareness of body, breath, and mind

  2. Develop tools to manage difficult emotions

  3. Develop the ability to make better decisions

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Spiritual Healing
Rosemary Hernandez
Clear Vows, Oaths & Contracts From Your Akashic Records

When one makes a promise, vow or enters into a contract, you make it in full agreement and compliance with Universal law. The problem is, the Universe recognizes this and holds you to it. This means that if you’ve ever made any sort of contract in this lifetime or any other, it may still be playing itself out today in some manner in your life.

These can be many forms of contract you may have entered into with people or situations. Most common are marriage vows, vows of poverty (from previously being a nun, monk or priest), but there are many other vows you may have entered into that remain unknown to you. Some may generate limiting beliefs, resistance or sabotaging, subconscious behavior patterns in your energy field.

Most contracts remain in your energy field until the karma is paid, or until you can clear them energetically. This old energy simply sits in your energy field holding space until you are ready to release it. That is why it's a good idea to energetically clear these detrimental forms of energy from your records (field).

The clearing is done on your behalf, so there is nothing you need to do. However, you can listen to the recording and state your intention to infuse your energy into it.

Clear Vows, Oaths and Contracts From Your Akashic Records
Format: Video
Duration: Approx 16 min's

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