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Low Energy

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Emotional Stress Release
Melissa Martin, FMCHC
Quick technique to increase energy!


This is a technique used to give you an energy burst when you are feeling a slump.

Target audience

For anyone that can use a natural energy boost.



Follow along with me as I show you a technique to naturally increase your energy level.

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Troye Lilley
Divine Energy Healing -Psychic Reiki Mini Session

This is a Psychic Reiki Mini Healing Session.
A great way to start your day and be charged with Reiki.
This healing will bring you into a Reiki meditation for Inner peace and will heal all organs and organ systems as well as clear karma and has many other benefits.
Lie Down and relax in a quiet spot and enjoy
Drink sone water after this potent mini session.

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Light therapy
Astar Elisa GhostSinger
Love Light Healing Intro

Hi Im Astar Elisa
This is free intro
Love Light Healing
From High preistess
Since i was teenager
In buisness for over 10
years wanting to send
some loving energies
from Universal Alien
Gods and Angels.
Work with Christians and
pagans and healers. Amen!

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Light therapy
Astar Elisa GhostSinger
Love Light Healing

Hi im Astar Elisa
im high preistess since i
was teenager and in buisness
for over 10 years in various online
websites and here i want to send
a full length video for your contrabution the
1st video is for free consider this as a
donation God Bless you with loving
healing Alien energy from Lord and Lady of the
Universe unto you no matter christian catholic or pagan
i will help send energies to you as im light worker and
do card readings in name of hes son lord and messiah.
Thank you ~Amen

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Mind Control
Amritha Kailas
How to keep your mind healthy and strong?

We can create our happiness through developing and maintaining powerful habits. Small habits in our life can bring huge difference to our attiude and perceptions in our life. Developing a morning routine that includes powerful and positive habits can energize ourselves, our relationships, our work and our day.
Through the 6 simple habbits shared through this video, i was able to cultivate happiness, positive energy and mindfullness in life. I found these simple habits very helpful in my life. So iam sharing it with all of you here to help you create the same energy in your life too .

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Guided Meditation
Florencia Mena
Claiming my Power Meditation

Claiming Your Power Affirmation Meditation

Today I woke up with an I credibly deep sense of void in my Solar Plexus. Center of Self-Esteem and personal power. The place where we all shine like our ☀️ Sun. We show the World who we are and what we do here.

I was so triggered and angry 😡 by this feeling because it immediately took me to a place where my Imposter Syndrome plays and giggles at me. 🃏

Soon after, I had to wake up and prepare our son for school, I still had this horrible sensation pulsing and making me feel like shit about myself, who I am, how I am not where I want to be in my business, how I am still doing it as if it was like a hobby, and the list goes on and on.

Once we dropped him off, I crashed into tears. So angry for still feeling like I did! Such a loser! What a phony! Such a “healer” you cannot even contain yourself... I talked to my husband, who was next to me, he listened, I finally came to the aha moment I was in need for: I need closure. Closure from an important relationship that hurts me, that poisons me and needs to move forward for good. Unapologetically.

Saying good by to people, situations, experiences y definitely something that will make you feel ugh! Having difficult conversations, facing your deepest fears, telling someone “you soooo see to love” go away... is heavy, but is heavier to keep holding on to feelings, thoughts and unnecessary energetic baggage that will only slow your growth.

Is never easy to start, yet very gratifying. Just make sure what you allow in your life makes sense with your life’s purpose.

Some days ago I created this adaptation of a beautiful poem by Claudia Augustin called “She Knew”. I transformed it into this Affirmation Meditation specially for YOU! Because of today you are in need to claim your power back, this is for YOU!

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Spiritual Healing
Florencia Mena
EFT Tapping in Public? Use your hands!

In public and in want to go back to center?

This EFT TECHNIQUE is one of my favorites!

Doing EFT with your ha da allows you to lower any stress response and increase high vibration emotions wherever you go.

Send me your questions or results!

#Spiritual #energy #meditation #consciousness #healing #chakra #enlightenment #spirituality #healer #chakras #loveandlight #awakening #lightworker #spirit #universe #eft #chakra #holistic #lawofattraction #soul #positive #selflove #tft #vibration #efttapping #selfcare #namaste #handeft #positivity

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Alex Buta
5D Consciousness explained in 5 minutes

In this short video I am explaining the 5th, 4th and 3rd dimensions of consciousness. What I share with you is going to give you already a great perspective in such a short time. I hope you enjoy it and if you want to learn more, I am happy to have a session with you!

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Life Coaching
Paul Quinton
Message from the Galactic Centre - Channeled

A channeled message to assist human consciousness. I channel weekly for my facebook group authentic healing messages, call to action and general information as we navigate through this dimenional shift in human development over the next few years.

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Life Coaching
Paul Quinton
Alignment Modality© video slide explanation

This video is designed to give the watcher an understanding of the Alignment Modality©. A four part internationally insured and recognised new dynamic healing modality for the new earth of human consciousness. A deeper more indepth explanation can be found on the website.

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Jordi Ibern Novell
Hand Positions on a Reiki Session

This is an example of a REIKI session. You can see the hands positions on a patient laying down. The recommended time to stay in one position is minimum 4 minutes. It is also recommended to change always first one hand and then the other instead of changing both hands at the same time.
To finish the session there is some gentle movement called Bushu (REIKI through gentle massage).

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Jordi Ibern Novell
Self-treatment of Reiki - Hand Positions

Self-treatment of REIKI guided step by step.
In this video you will discover an easy sequence of hand positions that you can follow for your REIKI self-treatment practice.

In the video Jordi will stay about 20 seconds in each position; however in your self-treatment practice you should stay in between 3 to 5 minutes.

Enjoy your REIKI session!

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