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Your Success Begins with Us – Book a Coaching Session on Core Spirit

Under the guidance of a Professional Coach, you can Set Your Goals, find out what You Truly Want and Enhance Your Life at any level.
How Can You Benefit From Coaching?
Under the guidance of a Professional Coach, you can Bring your Career to the Next Level, Develop Happy Relationships, Find Sense and Direction in Life, and Get Healed.
99% of people who try coaching are “very satisfied” with the results.
80% of clients say that they improved their self-esteem thanks to coaching.
73% of clients say that coaching helps them improve their relationships, communication skills, work performance, work/life balance, and wellness.
68% of individuals who tried coaching were able to make back their investment.
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How It Works
Core Spirit supports you on your path to a better life. Here are three simple steps to get started.
Browse through the Largest Selection of Coaching Services
Core Spirit hosts tens of thousands of professional Coaches from 86 countries worldwide. Use filters and sorting to find your perfect coach.
Choose a Coach & Book Your First Session in a Couple of Clicks
Book a session that matches your needs. Choose the best date and time to meet your coach. In case the appointment is canceled, you will be refunded on your account.
Meet with Your Coach Online & Start Enhancing Your Life
As soon as you book an appointment, you will receive a link to access your meeting room online. On the chosen date, meet with your Personal Coach one on one using your link. All the sessions are real face to face appointments to ensure the best outcome.
Find a Coach
What is Core Spirit?
Core Spirit is the most convenient appointment booking platform that presents a wide spectrum of options in over 900 modalities and thousands of providers from all over the globe.
900 Practices:
Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, Energetic & Spiritual Enhancement
11 000 Practitioners:
Healers, Mentors, Coaches, Oracles, Trainers & Teachers
Comprehensive Knowledgebase
Vibrant Social Network
Global Events
International Community
On Core Spirit, I was able to find my personal coach who now helps me reach new heights and set bigger goals. Definitely recommend the platform to all the leaders out there.
Jeremy West
Marketing VP
The platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. It takes just a couple of clicks to find what youʼre looking for — important for those living a fast-paced life. I am always on the run and donʼt have much free time. It takes me seconds to find and book a session on CS when I feel like I need some guidance regarding my lifestyle.
Kenneth Gilbert
Core Spirit is a leader on the market because it offers a vast variety of coaching services. Wherever you are and whatever request you might have, you will find your solution here.
Helen Douglas
Freelance Designer
I mainly use Core Spirit services to hire professional coaches for my employees. Once we started this practice, there's only been a steady growth so I am happy.
Michael Fosterson
I recommend this website because it offers a comprehensive knowledge base where you can educate yourself for free on any matter that concerns you. I was able to find a great deal of tips in articles and videos of CS coaches and trainers.
Anna Zisserman
Financial Analyst
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