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Ready to Sell Your Health & Wellness Services? Build Your Own Page on the Largest Marketplace in the Niche of Health, Wellness, and Spirituality.
87% of Core Spirit Clients use Core Spirit to discover new Practitioners
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98% of Core Spirit Practitioners who used the platform for Selling, have left us 5-Star Reviews
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Build, Grow, and Scale Your Practice with our Limitless Resources: a Like-Minded Professional Community, over 900 Modalities, a Top-Rated Customer Experience, and Cutting-Edge Advertising & Marketing Solutions. This is Your Key to Prosperity.

Our vision is to help people find the truth and hear their inner voice. Just when the world seems to split, Core Spirit unites millions and welcomes people of all countries, all races, all religions, and all beliefs. We stand together and cherish our community of caring, aspirational, and determined seekers of wisdom. Thousands of experts from every continent on Earth have gathered on one platform to spread knowledge, peace, and healing.

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Why Practitioners Stay with Us
Practitioners Pay No Commission Fees
We Welcome Both Alternative & Conventional Practices
Everyone Joins Our Global Professional Community
Every Practitioner Builds their Personal Page
One Platform to List Your Services, Videos, Events, Books, & Articles
Core Spirit Hosts Over 900 Modalities
All the Tools to Host Your Content and Hold Your Sessions
Participate in a Social Network with No Censorship
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Join Core Spirit to Expand Your Practice & Share Your Wisdom.
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Hold your Sessions Online on Core Spirit or in person. You are in total control of your schedule — manage your calendar and all the bookings. Easy Software, Fast Payouts.
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Join these & Thousands of other Top Experts in 900 Fields.
Gareth Strangemore-Jones

Clinical Psychotherapist, Medical Hypnotherapist, Alchemy Life Coach

Alyssa Kelliher

Life Coach & Reiki Practitioner

Arevik Hayrapetyan

Life and Relationship Coach, Mental Health Advocate

Audrey Archambault

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach

Belinda Thompson

Reiki Practitioner, Past Life Regression Specialist, Oracle Card Reader, Crystal Healer

Dawn Cady

Health Psychologist, Healer, Body and Emotion Code Practitioner

Dez Kaizen

Life Coach & Business Coach

Elaine Snyder

Oracle Card Reader, Chakras Balancing and Shadow Work Practitioner

Maria Nikolakakou

Holistic Health Practitioner, Intuitive Healer, Mystic

Susanne Borge

Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive Coach

There might be many platforms to sell your services. Here is why all the others don’t matter.
Core Spirit
Showcasing Your Research, Articles, Books, Events, Webinars, Sessions, Videos & everything you do
Personal Page for every Practitioner
Free Video Hosting
No Price Limit for Practitioner Services
Certificates, Reviews, Services, Articles, Books, Videos, Events on One Page
Fast & Regular Payouts
No Commission Fees
Easy to Reschedule/Cancel Session
Transparent Refund Policy
900+ Modalities
Both Conventional & Alternative Practices
Still in Doubts? We will Guide You along the way.
Our Main Priority is the Happiness and Success of our Practitioners.
One-to-One Guidance from the Most Caring Customer Service Professional
Use email or chat to talk to our Specialists whenever you need help or advice. We will make sure Your Page perfectly Reflects Your Practice.
Intuitive Interface and Tips
Setting up your Practitioner Page is easy! Just fill in your data and our system will create Your Unique Professional Page with Services, Articles, Books, Videos, and Events.
Mindful and Supporting Clients
The Core Spirit Environment is full of Supporting, Caring, and Kind Individuals who are here for the common purpose – Enhance Their Life and the Whole Planet.
I always wanted to share the knowledge I had but never had the right mechanism to do so. After joining the Core Spirit practitioner network, I easily help a lot more people than I ever had through the expanded reach. I have also self-improved greatly by learning from colleagues on the network. Growth has been amazing and on all fronts! My calendar is booked solid and I have a clear path to getting better and bigger.
Danny Hendricks
Nutritionist from Boston, MA.
I registered as a Core Spirit practitioner in April 2019 and even though it’s been just a couple of months, I already met a lot of amazing people and learned so much about my own practice. I realized that being a certified chiropractor, you can still expand your knowledge by listening to more experienced professionals and attending their events. I definitely recommend everyone to join, especially if you are a chiropractor, we have a great community over here!
Stella Artemis
Chiropractor from Munich, Germany.
For as long as I can remember myself, I always had this urge to help people. The challenge was to find a place where that help would be accepted and valued. I would occasionally help my friends and sometimes get clients by recommendations but it was never enough. Core Spirit gives me a platform to speak my truth, share my knowledge and be heard. There are so many seeking people here and I am happy to know that helping them makes me valued and appreciated.
Marco Mendez
Healer from Barcelona, Spain.
I definitely recommend Core Spirit platform to all psychologists out there. When everything moved online due to the pandemic, I had to close my therapy office and started practicing online. I found CS and registered to see what it would be like. Now I have my returning clients here and this work pays my bills. It’s nice to do therapy right on the platform and you don’t need any special software.
Nina Chavez
Psychologist from Lisbon, Portugal
The system is easy so I was able to set everything up in minutes. I have several services listed like personal fitness coaching and online fitness classes and I also write articles from time to time to share what I know about healthy living. Core Spirit is for sure worth trying for every coach who is looking for new clients.
Christoph Sheffield
Fitness Trainer from LA, California
What is Core Spirit?
Core Spirit is the most convenient appointment booking platform that presents a wide spectrum of options in over 900 modalities and thousands of providers from all over the globe.
900 Practices:
Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, Energetic & Spiritual Enhancement
11,000 Practitioners:
Healers, Mentors, Coaches, Oracles, Trainers & Teachers
Comprehensive Knowledgebase
Vibrant Social Network
Global Events
International Community
Together with Core Spirit
Focus on Yourself & Your practice with us connecting you to Clients, Revenue Diversity & Entrepreneurial Growth.
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