Tui Na: The traditional Chinese massage technique to knowTui Na: The traditional Chinese massage technique to know

Along with acupuncture, usage of plants, calming gymnastics (tai chi or qi gong) and food, Tui Na also makes up one of the pillars of traditional Chinese medicine. The massage relaxes the body and mind, and its primary objective is therapeutic. It is used to prevent and treat physical or psychological problems.AT THE HEART OF THE CHINESE TRADITIONEverything is of Chinese origin, including masseuses who for the most part, are recruited directly into Chinese hospitals and healthcare networks

Josephine Walton

November 08

  • Hermes Trismegistus: Hermetic Philosophy, Astrology & Magic

    April 26

    The figure of Hermes Trismegistus, the Thrice Great Hermes, looms large in the Western esoteric tradition. Born from the fusion of the Greek and Egyptian spiritual traditions, the writings attributed to this great sage had a decisive effect on the Renaissance. Marsilio Ficino, the great Renaissance philosopher and astrologer, was asked by his Medici patron to put aside all other work to translate the Corpus Hermeticum, series of treatises attributed to Hermes Trismegistus. The availability ofAndrea Knight

    Hermes Trismegistus:  Hermetic Philosophy, Astrology & Magic
  • Scientists Prove That Religion Was Key to Our Evolution

    March 29

    In humans’ mysterious journey to become intelligent, socializing creatures like no other in the animal world, one innovation played an essential role: religion.That’s the theory that a preeminent evolutionary scientist is setting out to prove.“You need something quite literally to stop everybody from killing everybody else out of just crossness,” said Robin Dunbar. “Somehow it’s clear that religions, all these doctrinal religions, create the sense that we’re all one family.”Dunbar, anKristy Perkins

    Scientists Prove That Religion Was Key to Our Evolution
  • Introduction to Mudras

    November 13

    What mudras are and how to use them.Mudras are positions of the body that have some kind of influence on the energies of the body, or your mood. Mostly the hands and fingers are held in some position, but the whole body may be part of the mudra as well.The most well-known mudras are probably the ones performed while meditating. One sits in lotus position (or with crossed legs) and either puts one's hands on the knees, the tips of the thumb and index finger joining, or in the lap, the fingers ofAlexandra Weber

    Introduction to Mudras
  • Demisexuals Rising Amidst the Robots

    September 17

    Demi-sexual = someone who does not experience sexual attraction to another person unless or until they have formed an emotional connection with that person.Recently a friend asked me if I had heard of this new term being used on dating apps – demisexual. He was absolutely blown away that because he actually wanted to have an emotional connection with someone before having sex, he was now considered worth labelling – like this was a strange thing that needed to be pointed out.He asked me what IDana Kreuzberg

    Demisexuals Rising Amidst the Robots
  • How to Lose Weight in a Week? Follow These Simple Rules Backed by Research and See The Result!

    January 06

    Let’s face it — most of the time, we eat not because we’re hungry. Instead, we turn to food in order to increase our sense of comfort. Stress, climate, the time of day — all of this affects how much we eat.So is there a way of making our psyche and surroundings help us to lose those unwanted pounds? There is, according to Brian Wansink — a psychologist and food cravings researcher. Be calm and consistentFirst of all, don’t rush to try out all the tips at once. The best solution would be toGuy Luna

    How to Lose Weight in a Week? Follow These Simple Rules Backed by Research and See The Result!
  • Opening To Your Own Wisdom

    July 29

    Walking with my friend Stephanie the other day offered one of those sought after but elusive “ah ha!” moments. She was speaking of her frustration with the conflicting advice she has received over the years for digestive problems and fatigue. She concluded by asking me, “What do you think?” She had asked me this numerous times before and I was feeling very impatient with her. I blurted out my response, unmodulated by convention or trying to be nice. “You are an intelligent woman, Stephanie, andGlenda Jacobs

    Opening To Your Own Wisdom
  • How to Prevent an Arthritis Flare Up

    December 14

    Once you have experienced an arthritis flare up, you won't ever forget it. We have defined an arthritis flare and explained how to manage a flare up when it does occur. But, the best course of action is to try to avoid an arthritis flare altogether.I have compiled some tips for preventing an arthritis flare up. While these tips come with no guarantee that you will never have another flare, they are common sense actions which we too often ignore for one reason or another.Being mindful of theseTracy Campbell

    How to Prevent an Arthritis Flare Up
  • Rewiring Your Brain: Neurofeedback Goes Mainstream

    July 28

    Imagine a treatment that involves sitting in a chair, with electrodes attached to your skull. The electrodes are attached to a computer that measure activity in your brain and then send feedback to regulate your brainwaves. Are you rolling your eyes at this weak sci-fi portrayal of futuristic mind-bending medicine?Though it may sound farfetched, neurofeedback has been around since the 1960s. The evidence is not definitive, but there’s growing research to suggest that neurofeedback could be usedTed Manning

    Rewiring Your Brain: Neurofeedback Goes Mainstream
  • Mindfulness May Be the Secret to Staying Healthy

    February 28

    Mindfulness is the act of paying attention – in an intentional and nonjudgmental way – to your own thoughts and feelings. Being more aware of your own self leads to reduced stress and increased positive emotions. But, it can also lead to better health. Not just emotional health and mental well-being, but physical health (measured by factors such as obesity and cardiovascular conditions).A group of researchers at Brown University has been prospectively studying a birth cohort in the New EnglandBrandy Sims

    Mindfulness May Be the Secret to Staying Healthy
  • The Rise of Modern Philosophy

    April 05

    WE were once taught that after having slept soundly through “the Dark Ages,” Europe was suddenly awakened in 1453 by the Fall of Constantinople. We now know that it had been light all the while and that Europe had, to say the least, been in a very lively state of somnambulism. We know that for many centuries before 1453 men had been living very intensely and very nobly; and with a seriousness and elevation of thought that have perhaps had no parallel. The age that created Gothic art, andEnrique Franklin

    The Rise of Modern Philosophy
  • 10 Things You Do Because You Have Repressed Emotions

    November 25

    Ah, emotional repression. The tactic we’re all taught growing up, but loathe to admit we’re engaging in.In a world that teaches us to be strong and unwavering at all costs, it can be embarrassing to admit that we’re actually ~feeling~ something. So we do the next-best thing – and push that feeling down into the depths of our psyche!But of course, all repressed feelings resurface eventually. Here are 10 counter-intuitive ways in which we deal with our unexpressed emotions.1. Taking care ofLela Valdez

    10 Things You Do Because You Have Repressed Emotions