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Melissa Watkins2022-12-01 19:03 UTC

Healing your traumas and dramas takes patience and help. Energy cannot be destroyed so we have to transmute the negative into the positive. I can help with that by partnering with the angels to root out the issues in your tissues. Those patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being able to manifest your dreams. Check out IET and start today! Blessings, M xo

Bethany Thomas2022-11-30 18:33 UTC

At the end of the day, if someone wants to be in your life, they will be.

Truly - they are capable, they will make the effort, they will show up. If they do not - let that be your closure.

However, you do not have to hate them. You do not have to remember their contribution to your life as anything but beautiful. Do not ruin them in your mind, do not grip until you feel resentment. Instead, love them without attachment. Love the lessons they taught you. Wish them well every single time you think about them. Miss them, but do not ache for them to come back. If the people in your life left because they were not ready to value you, or love you, or be there for you, do not wish for them back, do not ask for them to be more than they can be at the moment. Wish for them to figure themselves out. Wish for them to grow. They are on their own journey - a journey you are not a part of. And that is okay. You have to learn that that is okay.

So instead of focusing on the people who left, focus on the people in your life who have chosen to be there. Focus on the ones who stayed, on the ones who appreciate you and respect you. Focus on the people who match the love you give them, focus on the people who empower you and grow you and make your life beautiful. You are surrounded by human beings who will not shy away from the love you give. You are surrounded by human beings who know that they want you in their life, people who show you that every single day. Do not take them for granted. Do not lose touch of what you have, chasing what you no longer do.

Trust me when I say you will miss out on beautiful things if you continue to stay rooted in all of the ways you were wronged if you continue to let your past pull you from experiencing what the present has to offer you. Do not close yourself off to your potential. Instead, open yourself to the world, and allow for it to fill that space with the kinds of people, the kinds of moments, and the kinds of experiences that exhilarate you, that compel you that make you love yourself, and your life, and what you have to offer, more and more each day.

Christina2022-11-29 19:33 UTC

The universe responds to your frequency.

The universe responds to your frequency. It doesn't recognize your personal desires, wants or needs. It only understands the frequency in which you are vibrating at. For example; if you are vibrating in the frequency of fear, guilt or shame you are going to attract things of a similar vibration. If you are vibrating in the frequency of love, joy and abundance, you are going to attract things that support that frequency. It's kinda like tuning into a radio station. You have to be tuning into the music you want to listen to just like you have to be tuned into the energy you want to manifest into your life. Change your mindset, it will change your life.

Bethany Thomas2022-11-26 20:16 UTC

You're here for a reason

I need you to understand that you are here for a reason. And I know that sometimes it doesn't feel that way. I know that sometimes life can be a difficult thing to navigate, it can break you down and challenge you in ways you never thought it would.

But I also know that you have the potential to do incredible things in this world. I also know that you have the capacity to overcome whatever it is that is hurting you, or confusing you, or making you doubt yourself. Please, I need you to believe in that. I need you to believe, with reckless abandon, that you are meant to be here. I need you to trust in yourself - even if you haven't figured out what inspires you deeply, even if you haven't discovered your purpose, even if you're moving forward in the simplest, smallest of ways. Just keep going. Wake up each morning, and be gentle with yourself. Do the work. Feel whatever it is that you need to feel. Tuck beautiful memories into your chest for safekeeping, revisit them whenever things get too tough.

Remind yourself of the art you want to create, of the humans you have yet to meet, of the places you have yet to see. No matter what, just continue to remind yourself that you are going to make it, that you are going to heal, that above all else you are going to survive.

Bethany Thomas2022-11-24 20:05 UTC

It's time to start putting yourself first and believing you deserve it.

Isn't it exhausting to always calculate your actions based on other people's opinions of you? Isn't it exhausting to always put others first while you suffer, just to please them or to show them that you care?

Doing what feels good to you doesn't mean you lack love for others around you. It simply means you also love yourself just as much. Learn how to invest in you and pursue all the things that make you happy and fulfilled. Even if it's just taking yourself on a two-day trip or saying NO to going out with friends because you prefer a quiet night at home or working less and taking some time off for your mental health.

Remember that you're just as important as those you love.

Sarvottam Kumar2022-11-23 02:32 UTC

Sarvottam Kumar2022-11-23 02:29 UTC

Sarvottam Kumar2022-11-23 02:29 UTC…

Bethany Thomas2022-11-22 19:59 UTC

I hope you start to believe that you are worthy of everything you want in this life, and that you are not asking for too much.

I know how difficult that can be at times because no one comes out of this life unscathed - we have all been weathered by this world in ways we did not deserve, in ways that have stuck. We have all been dug into, we have all experienced things that have darkened our hope.

I am sorry you had to experience things that wore down your strength; that you had to go through certain losses that carved into you lessons you were too young to learn, lessons that were too heavy to hold. I am sorry that somewhere along your journey, society convinced you that you were not full of purpose, that you had to want less, or settle for things outside of what you had always dared to hope for. I am sorry that at times the world made you feel like you didn't hold space within it, that you didn't deserve to be here, or to be loved, or to be the kind of human being who achieves profound and beautiful things. I am sorry that you had to endure things at the hands of love that made you stop believing in its goodness, that made you stop believing in just how possible it was for you to find something real, and pointed, and full in depth in this generation. I am sorry that somewhere along your journey, you were convinced that you could not dream the way you wanted to dream, that you could not strive to experience all of the beauty this life has to offer.

And I know that sometimes because of all that you have been through, you doubt the part of yourself that knows there is more out there for you. But you have to trust it.

Teodora Iulia Paucean2022-11-18 17:46 UTC

How to build Emotional Resilience - a principle of Life Coaching

  1. Make connections
  2. Ask for help
  3. Try looking at challenging situations from different angles
  4. Set realistic goals for yourself
  5. Act upon your goals
  6. Reflect on your actions
  7. Formulate learning points based on your results
  8. Find ways to engage in self-care
  9. Never stop learning about yourself
Bethany Thomas2022-11-18 15:38 UTC

I cannot tell you what the future will look like, but I can tell you that as long as you are breathing you belong in this world. And because you belong in this world, there will be places within it that welcome you.

Perhaps it might not be with the group or position you thought you would be in, but it will be just for you. Maybe you have longed to be a part of a community, but you actually feel called to start one yourself. Perhaps you don't feel like you belong in your family, but you were meant to be family to someone else. This does not mean that you have to leave every relationship behind and that there is no room for things to be healed in time, but it does mean that you are not limited to feeling that you don't belong.

Even if you are landlocked, and you can't travel the way you want to. Even if you don't feel like you don't have the personality to keep up with others, the more you begin to choose to bravely keep your eyes open, the more you will begin to see: all around you, there are places for you to belong, and help others belong, too.

Teodora Iulia Paucean2022-11-17 07:37 UTC

"Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes." (Carl Jung)

This is one quote that has been on my mind for a few years now.

Every once in a while I revisit it and it brings more and more depth to the understanding of its meaning.

My latest insight related to this quote is that there is an inner guiding voice in every person.

This inner voice is beyond logic, beyond intuition, beyond experience, beyond feelings.

It's a balanced combination of these factors.

It's hard to describe it, but I realize that every time I listen to it, I make the right choice. The one that brings me the most happiness and fulfillment.

Do you recognize such a voice in yourself?

If so, what do you call it?

Teodora Iulia Paucean2022-11-17 07:33 UTC

Staying with the process hurts, but it's worth it.

Something that has become extremely clear to me is that the process that takes us to our long-term vision is often a bumpy ride.

And our general tendency is to find ways to escape the pain.

Our brains are conditioned to look for pleasure and avoid pain.

But we often find that even though we "escape", the pain follows in most cases. (I am not talking about extremely toxic situations where we HAVE to escape but about general life situations)

There is power in looking at the process and letting it sink in.

With the discomfort that it brings.

Because the discomfort is indicative of internal stories.

And it can open up doors inside of ourselves that are the key to unlocking the next level in our journey toward our vision.

Teodora Iulia Paucean2022-11-15 07:54 UTC

What is the role of clarity when it comes to mental and emotional well-being?

Lack of clarity means confusion.

Confusion leads to being and feeling stuck.

Feeling stuck leads to pain.

What does it take for you to get out of the confusion?


Self-awareness creates a more comprehensive picture of what one wants, needs, and stands for.

These are the pillars for clarity.

And then clarity creates a direction toward one's vision.

It helps us get unstuck, in flow, in motion.

Teodora Iulia Paucean2022-11-14 16:04 UTC

I love understanding something through integrating parts.

These parts can be

  • different types of energies

  • different personality traits

  • different cognitive functions

  • different values

And so on.

Zooming in and zooming out in a continuous dance.


Because each part deserves attention, care, and understanding.

But the whole, the entirety of the parts, the integration of it all, represents who we are.

And that's our unique flavor.

Teodora Iulia Paucean2022-11-14 16:04 UTC

Feeling at peace with oneself does not mean having it all figured out.

It means:

βœ… Being open and curious to learn about yourself constantly

βœ… Accepting that you are a dynamic system, that's always evolving

βœ… Tolerating the discomfort that comes with change and uncertainty

βœ… Connecting with other people in ways that are meaningful to you

You don't have to be the master of self-discovery.

Because this process never ends.

Teodora Iulia Paucean2022-11-14 16:03 UTC

What is the connection between identity and shame?

Humans hate feeling shame.

Most of us would do anything to avoid this feeling.

Including things that no longer serve us.


Because we cling on to a perceived "identity" in order to feel "adequate".

Threats to identity cause shame.

Avoiding shame brings us back to pain.

Accepting shame brings liberation.

Christina2022-11-12 15:28 UTC

hey, listen to your emotions...

Bitterness shows you where you need to heal, where you're still holding judgments on others and yourself.

Resentment shows you where you're living in the past and not allowing the present to be as it is.

Discomfort shows you that you need to pay attention right now to what is happening, because you're being given the opportunity to change, to do something different than you typically do it.

Anger shows you what you're passionate about, where your boundaries. arc, and what you believe needs to change about the world.

Disappointment shows you that you tried for something, that you did not give in to apathy, that you still care.

Guilt shows you that you're still living life in other people's expectations of what you should do.

Shame shows you that you're internalizing other people's beliefs about who you should be (or who you are) and that you need to reconnect with yourself.

Anxiety shows you that you need to wake up, right now, and that you need to be present, that you're stuck in the past and living in fear of the future.

Sadness shows you the depth of your feeling, the depth of your care for others and this world.

Bethany Thomas2022-11-12 15:27 UTC


Trying to achieve something that's literally unattainable will only result in you feeling "less than".

When you are judgemental, you are only focusing on the negative qualities in yourself and others.

Self-doubt is a weed that will take over your life if you don't kill it at the root.

If you never think things will be better, they won't be. This removes hope.

Worrying changes nothing except your health and mental state.

When you focus on the negative things, you are really setting yourself up for never being content or happy.

You can't control everything and when you try and inevitably fail, you will only blame yourself.

Christina2022-11-11 11:52 UTC


  1. These hard times, this pain, these lessons - one day they'll be your strength, your awareness, your blessings.

  2. Stop expecting honesty from people who lie to themselves.

  3. You'll never look good trying to make someone look bad.

  4. Save your explanations for those that are determined to understand you - give your silence to those that are determined to misunderstand you.

  5. Don't be upset by people you don't respect.

  6. Life is not tiring. Wanting life to be a certain way but not having the confidence to make it that way, is tiring.

Bethany Thomas2022-11-11 11:51 UTC

Seven things most people take a lifetime to learn

β€’ Feeling sad after making a decision doesn't mean it was
the wrong decision.

β€’ Life is not tiring. Wanting life to be a certain way but not having the confidence to make it that way, is tiring.

β€’ Self-awareness is realizing that there is no opponent - you're fighting against yourself.

β€’ Sometimes saying 'goodbye' doesn't mean you don't love something, it just means you love yourself too.

β€’ That lesson will repeat itself until you learn it.

β€’ If you keep one hand on your past and one hand on your future you'll never have either. To embrace tomorrow, you must let go of yesterday.

β€’ The world starts and ends entirely inside your mind. No matter where you end up, no matter how rich, or successful you become, you won't enjoy any of it if you get there at the expense of your mental health.

Christina2022-11-10 20:13 UTC

How we can begin to rebuild trust in ourselves:

β€’ Sit down and write a list of the things that we are doing that we don't want to be doing. For example: This could be our way of eating/sleeping, our work, who we interact with, how often we're on social media, what we do with our free time, etc.

β€’For each thing that we have written, come up with a way that we can either a) improve that thing or, b) completely change it. For example: If we decided that we want to spend less time on social media, we can make a plan to set limits on the "screen time" settings of our phone, we plan to log out of out of all our accounts so that we need to log in to use them and we can decide that we are going to spend that time reading a specific book instead.

β€’ Take the necessary initial action towards one of the plans that we have come up with. Often times, starting with the easiest plan can be best for this. For example: To initiate the plan above, we would then go and set the limits on "screen time", log out of our accounts, go and get the book and put it bedside our bed (or go and borrow it from a library/order it from online/print the pdf)

β€’ Follow through with the plan every day. Consistency over a couple weeks will create new habits and when we create new habits, we prove to ourselves that we can trust ourselves. For example, follow our screen time limits, stay logged out of our accounts ascide from when we specified in our plan that we will use the app, continue to read our book.

β€’ Once we feel good about this and have created a new habit, it's time to move onto the next plan on our list. We can refine it if we need to, ensuring that it is realistic for us to do, but also not selling ourselves short.

Bethany Thomas2022-11-10 20:09 UTC

Small tips to help you when life gets tough!

  1. Don't pay too much attention to the way you feel. Feelings change throughout the day and are unreliable. Don't let them rule your life, or interfere with your goals.

  2. Decide not to worry as it tends to make things worse. If you focus on your worries it will drain your energy - and often what we're dreading doesn't happen anyway.

  3. Cut the internal commentary. Stop telling yourself that things are going to fall apart, or your efforts won't succeed, or you won't be popular. Keep trying, moving forwards, and getting on with life.

  4. Stop being self-critical. You need to be your own cheerleader and your biggest fan in life. Note progress, perseverance, attitude and inner strength. Be affirming, kind, believing and coach towards success.

  5. Stop feeling guilty. Feeling guilty changes nothing. You are going to make mistakes. Accept you aren't perfect - then get up and try again.

Christina2022-11-09 20:26 UTC

My advice to you is that if you wanna do something totally different and reinvent a little part of yourself but you're afraid people will think you're trying too hard: just do it anyway.

In high school, there was a girl who wore heels every single day and I was so envious. I wanted to wear heels but I was a huge tomboy growing up and no one thought of me as feminine I was worried people would think I was being "fake," or trying too hard.

But one day I wore a pair and I got a lot of remarks, not all of them nice. And then I wore another and another until one day a girl said to me "I wish I could wear heels like you and the girl I envied but I couldn't pull it off."

And I realized I'd become known for wearing heels and it was just a thing I did now and nobody questioned it.

I know this is such a small thing but I have held on to this lesson throughout my young adulthood because it's proven true again and again with bigger things like my career and my sexuality

When you first step out of the idea of yourself other people have accepted or invented and express a part of you that they don't know, it's scary. People like to think they know you, and challenging their perception of you threatens them.

That doesn't mean you don't deserve to express who you are.
You're not fake or trying too hard just because you decide to share a new side of yourself!!!