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Spiritual Healing
Kat Rentmeister
Beautifully Broken
My life. My Trauma. My story. How my healing started with Natural Plant Medicine. By Kat Rentmeister Teenage sexual trauma was something that I didn’t know I had until years later. My nightmare started at the age of fourteen, which was my first horrific…
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Medical Astrology
Dr June Williams DmedTh
Your Health and Astrology
Did you catch the recent eclipse? Perhaps like me, it slipped under your radar until you started hearing whispers about its significance. After delving deeper into Astrologer Judith Hill’s ‘Eclipses and You,’ I was struck by the profound impact these ce…
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Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Dr Sannjay
Advancements in Genetic and Hormonal Technologies: Shaping the Future of Healthcare Ecosystem
Introduction: The intersection of genetic and hormonal technologies holds immense promise for revolutionizing healthcare delivery. This article explores the futuristic developments in genetic and hormonal technologies, focusing on the roles of auxins, neu…
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LIIFT UnTherapy
Brian Frederick Eastman, LIIFT UnTherapist
Healing Childhood Trauma
By Brian Eastman Master LIIFT UnTherapist Note: this article is adapted from a commentary the author penned on Quora. Here’s the most important point: you needn’t engage in years of psychotherapy to heal the damage you experienced in your childhood. You…
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Dr Sannjay
Understanding and Embracing Sleep Paralysis: Navigating the Realm Between Sleep and Wakefulness
Understanding and Embracing Sleep Paralysis: Navigating the Realm Between Sleep and Wakefulness Introduction: In the mysterious landscape of sleep, there exists a phenomenon that has fascinated and puzzled each medical professionals and non secular fans …
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Cognitive Psychology
Dr Sannjay
Non-invasive Treatment Options for PCOD
Non-invasive Treatment Options for PCOD Introduction: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common endocrine disorder affecting women of reproductive age. The condition is characterized by irregular periods, high levels of androgens, and multiple cysts o…
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Social Psychology
Emma Manon
Thoughts on rape culture
The problem of rape culture is that individuals, not rapists, commit rape. Harassment, sexual assault, rape is ubiquitous. It’s a quiet, weighty truth looming overhead: we all know it, we’ve all read the numbers (1 in 3?), we’re increasingly hearing the …
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Spirit Guides
Melissa Watkins
What My Mediumship Means to Me
This all started a decade ago. My connection to spirit had always been a part of me, but I didn’t realize that my experiences were not everyone else’s experience. I always felt the presence of my guides, but back then I called it my guardian angel. I was …
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Emotional Trauma Therapy
Marc Lima
Understanding Trauma: Healing and Resilience
Trauma is the curveball that life throws when you least expect it. It can shatter the tranquility of your existence in the blink of an eye or erode your soul slowly, drop by drop. Regardless of its entry point, the impact can be profound and lasting. Thi…
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Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
Finding Inner Peace Through Breathing Meditation**
If you’re navigating through the storm of trauma and seeking a way to anchor yourself, I’ve got just the thing for you. The Magic of Breath I know firsthand how trauma can make you feel like you’re caught in a whirlwind. But here’s the thing: you have t…
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Distance Healing
Navigating Trauma with the Power of Distance Healing
If you’re on a journey of healing from trauma and seeking a way to mend from afar, this is your sign that you’re about to discover a new source of strength. The Invisible Threads of Healing Trauma can leave us feeling disconnected and adrift. But guess …
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Brain Hacking
The Healing Power of the Brain Spa
If you’re someone who’s been through a tough time, faced trauma head-on, and are searching for a way to find your equilibrium again, this is for you. The Power of the Mind Let’s kick things off by acknowledging the incredible strength that resides withi…
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Demi Powell
The Virtual Revolution in Rehabilitation: Unlocking the Potential of Virtual Reality in Physical Therapy
Physical rehabilitation plays a crucial role in helping individuals regain function, mobility, and independence after injury or illness. Traditional methods of rehabilitation have proven effective, but recent advancements in technology have opened up new …
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Conventional Medicine
Farooque Khan
Traumatic story of Emma
Once upon a time, there lived a woman named Emma. She was a strong, confident woman who had overcome many challenges in her life. But one day, she was involved in a traumatic event that shook her to her core. She felt scared, anxious, and helpless, and sh…
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Emotional Stress Release
Hari Krishna
Open Eyed Meditation
“A long dream is this; like sleep, this perishes every day; in the same way, dream also; The perishing intelligence does not see what belongs to aloneness, and hence is constantly confused” I am going to share an open eye meditation for everyone here. Th…
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Past Life Regression
How to heal past trauma and succeed from a spiritualist mindset
How to heal past trauma and succeed from a spiritualist mindset Author: Rita Hojnik How to heal past trauma and succeed from a spiritualist mindset.. As a counsellor, we use many different modalities to work alongside our clients to assist them through…
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Health Psychology
Will Hill
A Victim of Yourself
People who have been victimized often continue to victimize themselves. It’s a tough subject to discuss, because the people who can benefit from it the most (the victims) are usually in a constant state of defense. They’ve been offended so deeply that the…
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Health Psychology
Syed Iftekhar-Ur-Rahman
Understanding and Coping with Trauma
Understanding and Coping with Trauma What is Trauma? Trauma is a serious issue that can have long-lasting effects on an individual’s physical and mental health. Trauma can be caused by a wide range of events, such as physical or sexual abuse, natural di…
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Emotional Stress Release
Curtis Boyea
Psychotraumatic Disorders-Root Cause
Psychotraumatic disorders all stem from unawareness of self. To elevate all traumatic disorders you have to become aware of who you are not who you were taught to be. You are a spiritual being having a human (physical) experience. Your experiences don’t d…
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Career Coaching
Afsheen Shah
Your mind may have forgotten..but has your body…?
The tears started to well up the minute I finished my mascara. Shit. Now?! This mascara isn’t even waterproof was my first thought. But the more I tried to hold them in, the more they started to spill. Before I knew it..the dam that I had kept closed for …
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Afsheen Shah
When the Body Suddenly Remembers What the Mind Has Long Forgotten..or Buried.
The tears started to well up the minute I finished my mascara. Shit. Now?! This mascara isn’t even waterproof was my first thought. But the more I tried to hold them in, the more they started to spill. Before I knew it..the dam that I had kept closed fo…
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Distance Healing
Theresa Ceruti
Scientific Validity of Distance Healing and Perceived Efficacy of Acutonics Methodology through Anecdotal Discussion
As the COVID-19 pandemic has made social distancing and healing methods all the more important, and in need of validation and promotion, this article attempts to bring some level of scientific validity to distance healing. A review of peer reviewed resea…
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Shamanic Healing
Fola Veritas
Overcoming Trauma Wounds through Shamanic Healing
Trauma moves through our veins and our bodies whether it is from experiences we have gone through ourselves, or they have been lived by our ancestors. Trauma is stored in the body and more and more people are becoming aware of the impact trauma can have o…
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Spirit Guides
Andalasia Anon
B12: Chapter 11: Always Someone To Name And Blame
In respect to what I have said in the last chapter about “anonymous” contributors, thinking they have outsmarted the source all this time—and can continue to do so. Therefore, would not have to face the consequences and be held accountable for their crim…
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