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What My Mediumship Means to Me
Jun 7, 2022

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This all started a decade ago. My connection to spirit had always been a part of me, but I didn't realize that my experiences were not everyone else's experience. I always felt the presence of my guides, but back then I called it my guardian angel. I was raised Roman Catholic and stricter than most. So, being psychic was blasphemy in the eyes of the church.

Finally, I was able to embrace my spirituality while shedding the cloak of religion. To me God is God. Christ consciousness has become the connection I strive to develop, maintain and trust in my life. And, for me now at this time of my life, I am embracing my mediumship. Recently, it was brought to my attention that I was not a 'real' medium because I had not gained fame or popular recognition for my gifts. And, I do not seek to. I do this work because it is my purpose.

Getting into connection to spirit is as simple is trusting your gut. I learned to do that at an early age to keep myself safe: physically, emotionally and mentally. Like many Empaths I grew up with challenges that I had to overcome to become my authentic self. Through the healing processes: counseling, medical procedures, Reiki, IET® and Compassion Key®. This has been a self-healing journey that has strengthened my connection to Spirit.

Through my connection to Spirit, I am able to help those who are struggling. All with the need to know that their loved one is ok, safe, and happy on the other side. And, this can be very beneficial for those who are stuck in their grief because of anger, despair, guilt or some other emotion where they are holding themselves from living fully because of the demise of their loved one no matter what happened. We can feel like it is our fault even if we were not there. Or some altruistic notion that we should have 'known.' We as humans can create suffering for ourselves in many destructive thought patterns due to our own ego or hubris.

For myself, my connection to Spirit helps me:
Surrender to allow experiences to flow to me
Connection to Christ Consciousness: Source Love
Make choices and decisions through my highest self, resulting in positive outcomes
Overcoming fear to take the leaps, and move up the staircase of Life
Life in flow with the right relationships, situations and resources showing up

Also, being in connection with spirit allows me to help those who are struggling. I was not given the choice in whether or not I shared my gift. I have been guided/pushed to share my gifts. I come across many people who connect to spirit, but do not share their gifts. Wherever you are on this journey is ok. We are all called for our own purpose. And, my purpose is not to just share Spirit, but to help others who are wanting to connect and/or share. The teaching others how to connect and helping them build their own relationship with Spirit is my passion.

I have two different courses to meet you were you are at: Intuitive Guidance for those who are just stepping into alignment, and the Evidential Medium Course for those who are ready to connect more fully and give Medium sessions for others. I am thrilled to bring these this summer and fall.
Go to guidance311.com for more information or to book!

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