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4 min.
Life Coaching
May 25 2023
Reclaim your Self-Expression

Once, there existed a realm of innocence in which the spirit soared boundlessly. You were but a little soul, full of delightful clumsiness and playful silliness, yet you revelled in the freedom of your self-expression. Your laughter resonated from the dep…

Amit Sood
5 min.
Spiritual Healing
May 24 2023
Slow down

Everything is happening faster

In these times of instant gratification, our lives reflect a hurried rushed and busy mindset. Faster seems better. We are thinking, talking and doing things faster. We eat, walk and drive fast. And how quickly do folk type …

Amit Sood
1 min.
Spiritual Healing
May 22 2023

And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance - Romans 5:3
Tribulation - great affliction, trial, or distress that tests one’s endurance, patience, or faith.
No one enjoys going through difficult situ…

1 min.
Humanistic therapy
May 18 2023
Why are we so Divisive?

From Separation to Connection … with the power of LOVE.

As my adult son and I discussed what is wrong with the World today, he made the following observations which I now address through the lens of Love, my guiding force.

“We are an individualistic cul…

Betsy Ern
1 min.
May 5 2023
Alternatives to Lavender Essential Oil for Non-Lavender Lovers

What happens if you don’t like the smell of lavender, but every time you look for a “relaxing” blend or oil, this is the first recommendation that comes up?
It can be very frustrating and even put you off using a certain brand or product because the scen…

Yasmine ElGhamrawy
3 min.
Emotional Stress Release
Apr 30 2023
Peace of Mind: Achieving Inner Tranquility in a Chaotic World

Many people try to live their lives with a sense of peace of mind. It is an emotion that results from inner peace and is typified by quiet, tranquility, and contentment. In today’s hectic and stressful world, achieving inner calm can be difficult, but it …

Gustavo Braule
3 min.
Life Coaching
Apr 11 2023
Are You Happy?

Are You Happy?

Somebody just fired that question at me a year ago. It was a simple question. It still is! And my first answer was “YES!” in capital letters. That’s what most people would do, right?
But in a way, I think I missed the real question. Not ju…

Peter Chindewe
3 min.
Emotional Stress Release
Apr 11 2023
A restless mind? 4 Tips on How to Help With your Anxiety

Anxiety is fear of the future. What do we know about the future? Well… nothing.

We can predict and guess until the cows come home, but until we actually experience the situation that has been playing out in our head, we have no idea what is going to happ…

Max Wright
3 min.
Emotional Stress Release
Apr 8 2023

Autism or not, we all have sensory issues. But many a time we are not aware of them because our brains have the ability to ignore or mute them.

We are designed in a way that we are ‘unaware’ of all the noises, smells, and other things that can cause us t…

Lunga Mhlongo
3 min.
Environmental Health
Apr 7 2023
How you can cope with Climate change Anxiety

Climate change has brought forth a new psychological phenomenon called “eco-anxiety.” The term describes a feeling of unease experienced by those who are concerned about the environment, particularly the younger generations and parents of young children.

Joseph Sustainable Health Writer
1 min.
Executive Coaching
Apr 5 2023
The Power of Heart Intelligence: Trusting Your Intuition for a Fulfilling Life

A few years ago, I had an experience that completely shifted my perspective on the power of our hearts and our intuition. I was riding in a car with my best friend when I suddenly saw in my mind’s eye a car accident - as if we were about to be T-boned. An…

Lebo Mopeli
3 min.
Emotional Stress Release
Apr 4 2023
What is meditation?

What do you know about meditation for a woman?

Meditation can be very beneficial for women. It can help reduce stress, increase emotional well-being, and improve overall physical health. Additionally, there are some specific meditation practices that may…

Marie Anderson
9 min.
Spiritual Healing
Mar 28 2023
GROUNDING - a psychic viewpoint

It’s a term that we hear so often in spiritual circles, but what is grounding? What do people mean when they talk about grounding? Does it have a benefit? Is it simply a metaphor? Or can we take it in a literal sense? Here we unpack this concept and discu…

Carla Janse van Rensburg
2 min.
Emotional Stress Release
Mar 27 2023
Anxiety, How Can Anxiety be Treated?

Hey people,

Anxiety is a common mental health condition that can cause significant distress and interfere with daily life. However, with the right treatment and support, individuals with anxiety disorders can learn to manage their symptoms and lead fulfi…

Hariharan D
3 min.
Emotional Freedom Technique
Mar 27 2023
Breaking Free from Anxiety: How Emotional Freedom Technique Can Help You Find Relief

Anxiety is a common experience that can leave individuals feeling overwhelmed and out of control. It can manifest in many different ways, including physical symptoms such as sweating, trembling, and racing heartbeat, as well as mental symptoms such as rac…

Author Tushar Sheth
6 min.
Social Psychology
Mar 24 2023
Right Philosophy Of Life Is Death Penalty To Worries About Death

Why do most people worry about death in the manner I have witnessed it since paying attention?

It seems to me that most of us in this planet have not grasped why we are here in the first place. I have sat, not even sat for long to realize that when we co…

Philip Ebuluofor
7 min.
Mar 23 2023
How I overcame my fear of heights. A case of when the mother needed the child

My fear of heights can be crippling at times. No glass elevators for me. I don’t need to eat in a rotating restaurant at the top of skyscraper no matter how cool it is supposed to be. Getting to the top of the Eiffel Tower only to come right back down was…

Farah Jawad-Makki
3 min.
Mar 17 2023
Anxiety and Spirit; Our Life's Purpose

Lets talk about this in two parts: 1) consciousness / the nature of reality, 2) how humans perceive their environment / how feelings work.

The message; the nature of reality

Why are we driven to act?

Ekhart Tolle once said, anxiety is needed for surv…

Charlie Schluting
1 min.
Positive Psychology
Mar 14 2023
Harness the Power of Positive Thinking for a Happier, Healthier Life

Are you feeling stuck in a rut, overwhelmed by stress, or struggling to achieve your goals? The answer may lie in the power of positive thinking. By cultivating a positive mindset, you can improve your mental and physical well-being, increase your resilie…

arexx colauto
1 min.
Spiritual Healing
Mar 12 2023
Breaking the Cycle of Negative Thinking

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a cycle of negative thinking?

Maybe you’re constantly worried about the future or dwelling on mistakes from the past. It can be tough to break free from these patterns, but it’s not impossible.

As someone who has strug…

2 min.
Emotional Stress Release
Mar 4 2023
Can ANXIETY disorder be managed with Bach Flower Therapy?

Anxiety is a very common disorder in modern society.
It can affect young and older people and it can be highly distressing.

There are several types of anxieties:

General anxiety,
Social anxiety,
Performance anxiety,
Fear of specific places or situation…

Iose Cocuzza, NC, CGP, BFRP
2 min.
Emotional Stress Release
Feb 21 2023
3 Foods to Help you Manage Stress

[Everyone experiences stress. Some stress is good for us, in fact, for me it can be downright motivating. That is, until it gets out of control and I lose it and then dive headlong into a bag of chipsHere are some of the signs that you might be stressed:I…

Why Did I Get Cancer?
1 min.
Social Psychology
Feb 15 2023
Diary Notes #3

Let’s continue to set points in our coordinate system…

So, you took responsibility for the first time, you’re doing great, you’re growing up! Now consciously or not, you are free to choose what to proceed next. That’s where you face reality, even if you …

Nikita Karpov
1 min.
Social Psychology
Feb 15 2023
Diary Notes #2

First of all, please forgive me for my English. My native Russian, but I only learn English

Let’s talk about addicts…

If you managed to imagine everything that I wrote about before, you most likely found that the people you depend on more than those dep…

Nikita Karpov

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Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
$10 USD
Psychosomatic Disorders: Physical Pain & Excessive Thoughts [Discovery Call]

> Connect with your Higher Self.
> Remember who you are.


This is a Discovery Call of 35 minutes. We will create a safe space in order to connect with your heart and listen to what your heart has to share—heart coherence. During this same call, intuitive insight will be provided and a grounding technique in relation to what you're going through will be taught: this will enable you release any stuck emotional charges.

A healing plan proposition will be shared, drawing from hypnotherapy practices to build a bridge to your Higher Self, your own source of limitless power and knowledge, and ultimately, healing.

Does it suit me?

A number of symptoms fall under psychosomatic disorders. Are you feeling physical pain? Are you having excessive thoughts, feelings or concerns?


The benefits of spiritual healing incorporating hypnotherapy allow total transformation with a maximum of 6 sessions—only when our subconscious has been healed, can the conscious follow in healing and moving on. I shall introduce hypnotherapy's core concepts to you during this Discovery Call.

✓ One-on-one sessions virtual or in-person
✓ Blocks of 1h to 1h30
✓ Only 6 sessions needed maximum for total transformation


You can expect:
✓ The spiritual consultant to personally be present with you throughout, including the follow-up
✓ Learning the heart coherence technique
✓ Being in an alpha state of consciousness—relaxed state
✓ Learning a grounding technique
✓ A healing plan proposition drawing from hypnotherapy practices to be shared

Disclaimer: Please note that the effective release of physical pain, excessive or intrusive thoughts, feelings or/and concerns requires a practice that is sustained in order for our brain to create new neural pathways. It is possible to nurture long-lasting and permanent positive outcomes with targeted hypnotherapy over a sustained period of time.


Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly five times. Set your intentions. Please ensure you are sober.

About the spiritual consultant

Mateusz Bajerski, BA Philosophy, MA Cognitive Science, Dip. Hyp. HNWHP (PHPA), is a London-based spiritual consultant, incorporating hypnotherapy into his healing practice. Born in Częstochowa, Poland, he went on a soul-searching journey across Europe before opening his practice in London, England. His travels were inspired by a deep self-questioning stage of his life marked by the passing away of his father and the depression that followed. Mateusz found self-forgiveness through an Ayahuasca ceremony.

A motorcycle accident in 2017 helped him re-align with his soul’s mission and led him to start his successful spiritual practice. He has guided 200+ individuals in connecting with their Higher Self to clear subconscious emotional blockages, opening a safe space for insights and growth, and equipping them with tools to self-regulate in order to consciously create a reality of their own.

With a BA in Philosophy and an MA in Cognitive Science, Mateusz Bajerski, Dip. Hyp. HWHP, is part of the Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association (PHPA). He trained at UK’s Hypnotic World International Academy of Hypnotherapy–GHSC Assessed and Accredited. He was also a student of Dr Aleksander Daniłow, a psychotherapist in clinical hypnosis working with politicians, business people and actors. He trained at the practice of the renowned Dr Andrzej Kaczorowski, the author of “Conscious and Unconscious Self-Hypnosis: The Effective Therapy To Release Your Limitations,” “The Power of Hypnosis,” “Reincarnation And Hypnosis In Therapy,” “Hypnosis and Dreams,” “Reincarnation In Hypnotherapy” and “Reincarnation in Hypnosis.”

Mateusz Bajerski
Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
$99 USD
Alchemy Life Therapy for Anxiety

Alchemy Life Therapy for Anxiety
According to your needs and wishes, I offer an integrative programme of

  • Clinical Psychotherapy
  • SFBT (Solution Focused Brief Therapy)
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Advanced Medical Hypnotherapy
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Forensic Mental Health Support
  • Solution Focused Mindfulness
  • Mentoring & Life Coaching
  • Brain Training for Sport & Performance
  • The latest research-based and clinically-proven Neuroscience

“Intelligent Optimist of The Year” (Ode Magazine)
“Trailblazing Pioneer” (Hypnotherapy Today)
“Among the World’s Top Performers” (Newsquest)
“Best Community Outreach” (Zokit Business Awards)
“Outstanding Contribution to The Community” (Cancer Research Wales)
“Best Online Wellbeing Clinic - Wales” (SME News UK Enterprise Awards)

Gareth Strangemore-Jones
Mindfulness meditation
$45 USD
healing session
Brain Optimization Guided Meditation

This service is perfectly suited for those who are looking for individual single sessions to reduce their immediate levels of anxiety that causes lack of concentration, focus, sleep disorders, incapacity to take proper personal or professional decisions, as well as hyper activity originated by their excess of work related stress.

At the same time, this online session is indicated to those with depressive symptoms, lack of self-steam, as well as mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion, helping to align their body, mind, emotions and soul, as well as to increase self confidence.

Johann Strerath
Tarot Reading
$35 USD
Shadow Mini Reading

Are you feeling stuck in life? Are you dealing with the darker aspects of living and wanting to get an idea of what is holding you back and how to move on? A Shadow Mini Reading might be of assistance for you. Suppressed sides of our personalities come out as as the ‘shadow’ or the ‘shadow self’, the parts of ourselves that we think society will disapprove of which are pushed away into our unconscious.
Avoiding the dark side of your personality is likely to cause suffering in the long run. Ultimately, the more we suppress feelings and negative emotions into the subconscious, the greater the power they have over us. Moreover, they can assert themselves in different ways. This could be through mental health issues, chronic illness, anxiety, addiction, and low self-esteem. In this mini oracle reading I will be pulling 2 cards and using astro dice to pinpoint areas where your Spirit Guides would like you to see and work on at this time.
I look forward to deliving into the shadow side with you!

Xyla Grey
Registered individuals enjoy all the possibilities of Core Spirit.