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When Ego Is At It's Root

Dec 16, 2023

"Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering."--Yoda

It's captured well in the quote above. The summary of most people's existence on earth today. That is what many lives are.

Structures and money do not make society a sound one but humans in it do. When they are the type that is infested with fear, where that leads, your guess is as good as mine. How that society turn out, your guess is as good as mine.

Fear leads to anger and from experience, I have come to realize that the anger emanates from arrogance at times, deflated at times that left the person wondering about things he had believed about himself and others around him.
We have this wrong idea of ourselves and the people around us. Not surprising when Lao Tsu talked about knowing oneself and knowing your enemy. He is not telling you to inflate your ego and deflate your enemies. He is telling you to do an accurate and honest check of everything and arrive at the correct standing of everything that concerns you to avoid mistakes, avoid being surprised.

When you don't have an honest check, honest evaluation of things when you fall victim to that quote up there from Yoda. That should be a kind of indicator when viewed well.

Fear of surprises one encounters at times leaves one empty inside and the reaction to such surprises is in most people anger directed at the source of your surprise.

Anger wrongly directed like many people will attest in their lives leads to suffering and confusion. You see someone misbehaving and at times you will just notice that the person will start applying wrong solutions to the problem that is not even a problem per se when viewed well but ego-created.

How would you describe such a suffering state where the person pushes himself?

Suffering in ignorance? Of course not. It is deflated ego, ego put in its proper place that is at work there. You think you are up there and your opponent, your neighbor down there then suddenly you find out that in reality, the reverse is the case, many of us find it hard to stomach and start reacting in wrong ways and digging ourselves deeper into the abyss.

Just look around and you would not have to look far to see about five or more of such cases and how bad it is being handled. The saying that some, when they are afraid of the lions, throw them into their den speaks volume. Imagine a nonsense solution like that. Fear, hatred them suffering. Screaming where you aren't supposed to, how has that eliminated your problem or any you know? I

The solution one will believe in a setting of this nature should be to retrace your step and humble yourself. What led to fear in the first place is wrong assumptions of yourself and the object of your fear.

When you keep underrating people like many do, you will continue to be surprised and continue to wonder what is wrong with or people around you. Why are they not seeing what you are seeing?

Why should they see what you are seeing when they have done their homework well on themselves and the people around them?

Yoda is assuming that you know that it was pomposity that is behind most of such fears and then hatred and suffering. Many holy texts advise that we lower ourselves first and that those who matter know where we belong.

Life is not a race, you are not in competition with anyone, and underrating people is even a sign that one isn't grounded as a person, and am sure not many people will be surprised when you humble yourself by your stupidity.

Of course, many people are guilty of elevating themselves where don't belong to gain certain favors but they quickly get the hold of what they quired.

Fear should work as an indicator to you, positive one not as an inducer of negative moves. Use fear to your advantage all the time. Once your house is in order, it would be easier to decode where to direct it and how to apply it to your gains.

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