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My constant anxiety has led me to Core Spirit where I met some of the best therapists and healers ever. I am glad that I can combine two types of treatment because the mixture of psychotherapy and energy healing turned out to work wonders for me.
Emanuel Murrell
The platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. It takes just a couple of clicks to find what you’re looking for — important for those living a fast-paced life. I am always on the run and don’t have much free time. It takes me seconds to find and book a session on CS when I feel like I need some guidance regarding my lifestyle.
Kenneth Gilbert
I chose Core Spirit because of the variety of practices that the platform offers. CS unites the worlds of science and esoterica, and I was surprised to find that everyone is welcome on the platform. There is no judgement and one can meet with conventional practitioners as well as alternative healers. Boundaries fade here and it truly makes me happy.
Steven Woodman
Core Spirit gave me realization that I am not alone feeling anxious all the time. In fact, there are millions of people in the world just like me. I go to a therapy group on Core Spirit and sharing experience as well as listening to stories of others has helped me a lot.
Aubrey Lichlyter
Fashion Designer
I recommend this website because it offers a comprehensive knowledge base where you can educate yourself for free on any matter that concerns you. I was able to find a great deal of tips in articles and videos of CS coaches and trainers.
Anna Zisserman
Financial Analyst
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