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Acupuncture Pain and Stress Center

Providing Raleigh, NC acupuncture for sports injuries, to stop pain, improve digestion and relieve stress. Your acupuncture treatment will combine acupuncture,…

ORCHID LEADERSHIP Coaching & Consultancy Ltd
Executive Coaching
Emotional Stress Release
Guided Meditation
Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)

ORCHID LEADERSHIP Coaching & Consultancy Ltd is an international company, based in Malaysia, supporting managers and business owners in becoming mentally stron…


We are Naturobotanica, a small but motivated company located in and around London specializing in Healthy Living and nutrition, Vitamins and Natural Supplement…

Shakti Therapy & Healing Services
Positive Psychology
Spiritual Healing

As YOUR Ketamine Assisted Therapist, I am committed to helping you discover your inner power & cultivate change. How do you to face difficult questions, show c…

Shree Yoga Studios

Shree Yoga is an Anusara Yoga studio comprised of highly trained teachers offering an elegant system of biomechanical alignment. We have classes for all level…

ONIT TexaS-Angeleyes

ONIT TexaS-Angeleyes was founded in 2018 when I noticed that many people were stuck in different phases of the awakening. I myself went through the awakening …

Beyond Protocols

Beyond Protocols is a unique mentoring community that helps Holistic Physicians, Naturopaths, Nurses, and Consultants double their clinical success rate so the…


Biologist; Certified Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer : Corrective Exercise, Senior Fitness Specialist, and Sport Performance Professional.

Mel here. I have…

For the LOVE of FOOD Nutrition and Culinary Consultations
Nutritional Therapy

Our amazing team of dietitians support clients accross Canada with:

  • Peadiatric nutrition (introduction of solids, constipation, diarrhea, failure to thrive, …
Dietetics & Nutritionist Online
Sports Medicine
Nutritional Therapy
Vegan Diet
Low glycemic index Diet

Welcome to the Dietetics and Nutritionist Services.

We pride ourselves on the promotion of evidence based practice. Your nutrition is vital for growth and de…

Spiritual Mind Center
Psychic surgery
Chakra Meditation
Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Mind Center is founded by Metaphysical Master & renowned Deep Trance Channel to Bahlon™ a wise high-vibration entity from the Astral Plane. Sought-af…

Body Insight
Wellness Coaching
Nutritional Therapy

Body Insight empowers you to take control of your wellness. We help identify a compelling reason to change, clear goals, a plan to achieve them, and confidence…

World Federation of Holistic Therapists

The WFHT is the association of choice for professional therapists,as well as those starting out or teaching in this exciting and growing industry.Our members o…

C L Hewitt(apothemie,inc)
Eclectic medicine

2015 started my career track in Complementary Alternative Medicine at the Amercan College of Healthcare Sciences. I am highly focused on obtaining all the info…

Tucson Astrologers' Guild
Western Astrology
Horary Astrology
Natal Astrology

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a forum for astrological awareness by sponsoring meetings, lectures, workshops and social gatherings that insp…

Bomnara Metaphysics

Bomnara was organized in 2005 in Korea. Bomnara is a publisher of books and media with more than 10 as its members. Vision: The Great Opening of Humanity is u…

Sakura Natural Health
Wellness Coaching
Telemental Health
Functional medicine
Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)

We are a Naturopathic health counseling clinic utilizing natural remedies and modalities to assist clients in restoring health. We do not treat symptoms but wo…

Mega Me

Mega Me is an organization i started in 2020, Mega Me was created because of a notice we had during that time that sparked up the whole idea. A lot of people l…

MediPro Holistic Health

Where Natural Medicine meets Modern Science!

MPHH i s a multidisciplinary clinic made up of highly trained, experienced providers in a variety of specialties …

The Centre for Wellbeing

We are a dedicated team of therapists at hand to help, whatever your situation, be that recovering from injury or illness, pain, no get up and go, food intoler…

Made of Oak Coaching

Made of Oak coaching offers personalized coaching for neurodiverse people & humans who struggle with their mental health. It is not about making you fit in, i…

Pummel & Knead
Trigger point therapy
Myofascial release
Sports Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

Pummel & Knead offer a bespoke range of on-site sports and remedial massage services in the corporate workplace.

​Our seated treatments aid in well-being, str…

Coach Hamm "Namaste T.H.U.G (True Heart Under God)

I am a survivor of 13 concussions over my lifetime. My mental health issues with Bi-polar started me on my journey. I embarked on finding tools and incorporati…

Korsi Yoga

Our intention is to open space for you, both on the mat and off. We help you to find strength and stability through yoga asanas. We help you to quiet the chatt…

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