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$149 USD


Women only session* If you believe some issues you are experiences in your current life are rooted in your past lives, this is a powerful Past Life Therapy session that will heal and re-program those past lives in the safest way possible. If necessary, I can guide you to the "soul space" before you have decided to incarnate to this life, to clarify your questions and to bring peace of mind to your life.
I Test beforehand to ensure your issue is actually rooted in your past lives. Therefore please send me a message before booking the session. This session cannot be done to "satisfy one's curiosity", and it must have a sound intention to "heal". The session is offered remotely with the support of different Reiki symbols, including Karuna, and the client is conscious and in control throughout the session. The session takes 60 to 90 minutes and can be done two consecutive days. After that, at least 1 month is necessary if you want/need another Past Life Therapy session.

Target audience

Women who feel some past life issues are blocking their progress, happiness, and life.


You will feel lightness and free to move forward in your life, your evolution and purpose.


The session is 100% confidential and takes 60 to 90 minutes, depending on your issue, and you will be fully conscious and in control throughout the session.
The Past Life Therapy session I offer is a little bit different than the usual "regression" method, in that we travel togther through a Light Bridge I build using various Reiki symbols and Reiki energy.
Before we start, I give you a brief information as preparation and we set the intention to visit the past life that needs to be healed, regarding the issue you bring up. Then I apply Reiki for about 10 minutes before establishing the Light Bridge that we will walk together to witness and heal the past life that is the root cause of your issue in a total non-judgemental and unconditional accepting/loving space. Then safely and softly I guide you through the process and keep giving Reiki throughout the session while we witness, clear and resolve the issues/traumas and re-write your scripts and programs. After we complete the healing, we return back from the same bridge. After returning to this time and space, I give you some information about what to expect and how to better benefit from the healing.

Other comments

Before booking the session, please send me a message briefly explaining your issue, so that I can do the Test to confirm your issue is indeed rooted in your past life/lives. If not, I will let you know and we won't waste time/money in the wrong direction. If I confirm this is indeed rooted in your past lives, then we will go ahead.
Past Life Therapy is a serious healing which cannot be used to satisfy one's curiosity. Therefore please make sure you are coming with a real intention to heal/clear and to support your growth and life.

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I started my journey with healing my own traumas and then was trained as a Life Coach and afterwards as a Health Coach through two respected institutions, receiving training around 1 year for each.
While Coaching was great, clients seemed to get stuck at some point and I realized I needed other tools and modalities to help them move through these roadblocks. With this intent, I stopped coaching alone and studied and practiced Shamanic healing modalities and Past Life Therapy Through Light Bridge. While it's not absolutely necessary to do a Past Life Therapy to heal a past life block, there are some instances where the person is stuck and doesn't know where it stems from and s/he cannot get past through it.

I use a Shamanic technique to test and confirm if the issue you bring is actually rooted in a past life and test if we can heal it successfully. I only offer Past Life Therapy Through Light Bridge session to those who really need it and when it is 100% safe for the person.

Besides Past Life Therapy, I offer a powerful Portal Journey where I travel with you through a Portal to bring in desired consciousness into your current self. You can merge with a consciousness of you who has achieved abundance and success, who have mastered a skill, who is happy and joyful, who healed something you want to heal, who evolved into a higher consciousness, who has fully unlocked his/her creativity, unlocked his/her spiritual gifts, sky is the limit.

13 years of practice
On Core Spirit since July 2022

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