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Shamanic Healing
Olga Aydınoğlu
Apr 18, 2024, 06:00
Root Chakra Shamanic Healing Session

I tune into your Root Chakra and find what needs to be healed and attuned. During the session I let you know what I find, we discuss it and see what noticings you have had and what is it that you would like to see improved in your life as well with regards to this chakra. I then do my shamanic healing practice to restore your Root Chakra to a healthier state and concurrently to help improve the flow of the corresponding areas of your life, as a result of better Root Chakra functioning.

My healing practice may show me a past life trauma that may still be the reason for blockages or anything unhealthy in your Root Chakra that needs to be healed, released and let go. I may be shown past fears, expectations, limiting beliefs, agreements, contracts, promises, vows, regret, self-punishment, self-preservation, guilt, shame, blame, grudges, distortions, blocks and other forms of karma that can be cleared for you to start feeling a shift in your life.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed physician or mental health provider. My services are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical/mental health advice, diagnosis and/or treatment.

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Shamanic Healing
Olga Aydınoğlu
Apr 18, 2024, 06:00
Addictions: Shamanic Healing Session

Before the Session

I do my pre-meditation to find out the main reasons for your addiction. I may find it in your current life or in a past life, or perhaps I will see a karmic cycle, which keeps repeating itself, where you end up dealing with addictions and substance abuse throughout many incarnations.

The reason may be a particular trauma that took place in this or other lifetimes. I may find that a similar kind of trauma keeps repeating itself, hence triggering you to start substance abuse, leading to an addiction in multiple lifetimes.

Reading Part of the Session

In this part, I will let you know what I saw in my visions when I pre-meditated on your addiction / substance abuse / behavior / alcoholism issue.

Healing Part of the Session

We will discuss the reading part of the session and find what traumas / reasons / habits / beliefs / etc. are available for healing. With your permission, I will perform shamanic healing for those particular reasons for your addiction.

Every time you have a shamanic healing session, you will heal one set of reasons or origin points for your addiction. Normally, there are layers of these reasons, traumas, beliefs, and so on. Healing one layer can reveal and make ready another set of traumas, reasons and beliefs to be healed subsequently.

For this reason, a number of such healing sessions would be the best option for a serious approach to healing addictions. It's even better, when they are spaced at least one week apart, to allow the previous healing to be integrated and for you to see what changes come about from every healing session and what new issues present themselves for healing.

However, having only one session is also useful. It's one healing session more than nothing. It can help kickstart your healing and make it more accessible in the future. It can help you regain hope, confidence and belief that you really can become free of your addicition.

Unfortunately, this is not a one-time magical fix. I do not want to encourage false hopes of a one-time immadiate clearing of the problem. This is a fundamental approach to healing an addiction. Addictions are different and healing approaches and the needed length of time is different as well. Some may take faster to heal, some slower.

Another positive side of this kind of fundamental healing, is that when you take this approach, it will not just show itself in an addiction ending, but it will also show itself in all aspects of your life, how you view yourself, how you express yourself, your authentic life choices and a general quality of life.

It can help you find a new passion in life or rekindle an old one. It can take the form of starting to do something in your life with such a passion, that an addiction may not look attractive or necessary from then on. It can take the form of changing your social circle, which kept you in your addiction and find a new set of people, who value you for you you are, share your interests and help you enjoy yourself being sober.

Whichever form your healing may take, it is meant to help you become your true, authentic self, freely expressing yourself, loving yourself and living your life with joy, pleasure and love.

  • Please book your session a few days in advance because I need some time to meditate on your particular situation and understand for myself, what action steps can be taken for healing.

  • Disclaimer: I am not a licensed physician or a mental health provider. My services and content are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis and/or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or a mental health condition. Never disregard professional medical and/or mental health advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read here.

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Past Life Regression
Kseniia Zhdanova
Apr 18, 2024, 08:00
[Akashik Records Reading]

Akashik Records Reading is a chanelling sessions about past lives, which still have influence on this incarnation. Showing blockages and strengths which is possible to unlock and make this incarnation easier and happier.

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Shamanic Healing
Olga Aydınoğlu
Apr 18, 2024, 06:00
Heal to say "No"

A limits and boundaries shamanic healing session to help you heal relevant wounds and traumas from this and/or other lifetimes, let go of false beliefs, judgements, karma, agreements, contracts, etc., whatever presents itself for healing at this time, to help you heal your natural limits and boundaries. This should help you to be able to say "No", where appropriate, and give your own self the attention, love and care that you naturally need and deserve.

Healing your limits and boundaries can help you in all aspects of life, including relationships, career/work, self-development, self-expression, creativity and your physical well-being.

**Important ***** Healing your limits and boundaries is a long process and cannot fully be healed in one session. The healing during this session will be focused on the issue that presents itself as most relevant and significant to be healed at this particular time. It is one step towards your healthy limits and boundaries, but this step can help you take the many more steps towards your healthy limits and boundaries and a life, where you get to make your own decisions regarding your space, time, energy expenditures and growth.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed physician/mental health provider. My services are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical/mental health advice, diagnosis and/or treatment.

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Distance Healing
Ruth Svakataly Daugherty
Apr 18, 2024, 09:00
Anchoring of the war-free DNA

By having the war-free DNA activated it will become much easier for you to live a war-free life.This is the victory over war on all levels. It will bring happiness and lightness into your life. A lot of oppression is released that was anchored through all past wars in our DNA. Through this you will experience so much peace and stillness in your life. The violence around you will become less and less. The healing of war experiences can be supported by this activation in an energetic way. All the wars have frozen us and made us cold. This will be released. You will become alive again! And it will become easier for you to live your life to the fullest.

You can hang this code also in your closets, so that all the suffering, oppression from the fashion industry is released from your clothes. Please have as many pieces of papers as you have closets and a pen ready and I will activate the code for your closets.

I look forward to woking with you and seeing you blossom!

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Positive Psychology
Anna Scott
Apr 20, 2024, 07:00
Anger Management 12 week program

This is a group course lasting 6 weeks 2 hours a week plus home work for men and women between the ages of 30-50.

If you are always angry and not sure why this course is for you.

This course will enable you to identify what anger is.

What your triggers are.

How to cope with your triggers.

Learn some coping strategies that are easy to apply and quick to implement and more

So if you want a less angry life and to enable your loved ones to not feel scared of you any more.

This course is for you. It will be completed via zoom on a weekly basis - it can be individual or with others to build a support group for you (your choice upon booking)

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Eleonore Stephan
Apr 17, 2024, 23:30
Break Free from Phobias, Pain, Anxiety and Fears

You can overcome phobias, pain and negative thoughts that keep you stuck. With imagery, counselling, hypnotherapy and energy psychology techniques you can restore energy and enthusiam for life.
By clearing unconscious negative programming, it enables your conscious and unconscious mind to work together and you get to create and Live The Life you were mean to enjoy.

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Inner Child Healing
Claire Roche
Apr 18, 2024, 08:00
Inner Child Healing

Trauma, emotional and mental stress, false belief systems, physical distress, environmental stress, and other blocks to our personal growth can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies, impacting our ability to function at our full potential.Through tapping into the subconscious through meditation and visualisation we gain access to your inner child who holds the key to unlocking what we have often been hiding from ourselves.

This process is completely safe and there is no danger of uncovering traumas that will damage your psychological state of mind as we work very closely together to uncover the most hidden parts of your psyche, often referred to as "the shadow". During the session Claire facilitates the healing process by creating a very safe and nurturing space in which your energy can soften and allow your vulnerabilities to surface. By allowing yourself to open means you can allow the light in and this is where the healing process takes place. As Rumi says “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

Next comes Reiki which is a very soothing and non-invasive energy which is channeled with the help of your guides towards your inner child so that the body can move to its optimal level of balance from where it is able to access its inherent ability to heal itself. This experience is different for every person but the most common feeling is empowerment. Following a session you will feel freer and more confident to tackle whatever is happening in your life. When we shine the light in the shadows of our psyche these parts of us have no more power over us and we can see our behaviours more clearly. More importantly we become aware of the pattern which prevents you from being trapped in that same situation again.

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Shaman Antony
Apr 18, 2024, 06:00
Shamanic Protective Ritual

Please order this service for distant protective sessions from all outer negative influences and attacks.

We receive negative influence from different sources, such as:

  • negative people - consciously or unconsciously lay spoilage on a person, wishing bad luck, or other negative outcomes;
  • energy vampires - suck energy from a person, causing anxiety, apathy and depressioin;
  • dark entities - damage the energy system of a person, causing decrease in physical and emotional condition;
  • low vibrating area (such as graveyard) - contaminating your aura, energy body.

All those influences cause a major effects on our emotional, physical and energy condition in every aspect of our life.

The spoilage from other people may bring a sharp health damage, corruption in any of our living spheres: financial, relationship, family, health.

Shamanic protective rituals prevent all negative influences, destroy any spoilage casted on you or your beloved ones, bring peace and harmony to your life, construct a protective aura around you, that will prevent receiving damage in future.

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Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
Jay Tee
Apr 18, 2024, 00:00
Online Hypnotherapy

We meet online for a complete session in which I will take you deep inside your own mind, to implant suggestions that help you rewrite bad habits or overcome other challenges. Many people only require a single session to begin to achieve the changes they desire.
Includes free self-hypnosis training, that will allow you to maintain, reset, and even extend your changes all by yourself.
Important Notes:
This discounted rate is only available through Core Spirit!
Smoking Cessation is handled by the Smoke-Free Online service ONLY.

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Humanistic therapy
Zori Litova
Apr 18, 2024, 08:00

Short and long-term counselling sessions

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Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
Jay Tee
Apr 18, 2024, 00:00
Smoke-Free Online

We meet online for my famous session which has helped over 600 people to become Smoke-Free in only two hours online. I will take you deep inside your own mind, to implant suggestions that rewrite your terrible smoking habit. This single session is all you require to achieve the changes you need to become a permanent nonsmoker. Includes free self-hypnosis training, that will allow you to maintain, reset, and even extend your changes all by yourself.
Important Note:
This discounted rate is only available through Core Spirit!

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Life Coaching
Gila Nehemia
Apr 22, 2024, 06:00
Words of Seduction DIY e-course

Are you desiring to love your body intimately to attract more love into your life?

Do you desire to feel confident in your body alone and with your partner?

Do you want to feel the love even when you are apart from your partner/lover?

Would you love to feel comfortable expressing your emotions through emotionally charged sexy talk that fits your style?

Invest in this DIY (Do It Yourself) course, Words of Seduction, by Gila Nehemia, your Spiritual Heart Guide. This course is tailored for women, though open to all genders and orientations.

Gila is an experienced teacher and has delivered electronic courses for hundreds of students. She is really excited to deliver her first of many courses as your Spiritual Heart Guide!

She guides you through exercises to experience more self-pleasure, loving your body intimately through movement, breathwork, affirmations, and reflections all in the privacy of your own home at your own pace.

BONUS: Special Body Wisdom meditation!

Comprised of 4 sections focusing on Self-Pleasure in Section 2 and Expressing your Desires in Section 3. This is deeply reflective work. Recommending a total of two weeks or longer to do the exercises and answer the questions. Inviting you to take your time, take it slow, like you are seducing yourself, to reap the full benefits of the course.

Purchase today for only $77!
Receive this new, groundbreaking course in your email! Within a 24 hour period, after your payment is received, you will receive a link to access the course.

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Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
Kim Barden
Apr 18, 2024, 10:30
Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes

Why Don’t People Quit Cigarettes?
Everyone knows cigarettes are not good for them. Everyone knows they spend too much money on cigarettes. So, why do people continue to smoke? And better yet, why is it so hard for so many people to quit cigarettes? 63% of smokers want to quit. But they don’t. Why?

Because we are all different.

Some people do not want to put on weight
Some people do not want to go through the withdrawal symptoms.
Some people do not think they have the willpower to quit cigarettes
Some people smoke to relieve stress and relax
Some people are addicted to cigarettes
The biggest reason of all – Because smoking cigarettes is not actually under your control.

How many cigarettes a day do you actually enjoy? If you are like most maybe 4-5. All the others you smoke almost unconsciously. Smoking cigarettes is usually done by your unconscious mind.

It is like driving. When you first learned how to drive you had to consciously think about it. But what do you do now when you drive? You go down the road, eating your lunch, talking on your phone, and playing with the stereo. You drive unconsciously.

When you first started to smoke you did it consciously. But now it is something your unconscious mind does automatically.So unless you deal with the individual reasons unique to each person, you will not have any luck in quitting cigarettes long term.

This System Makes Quitting Cigarettes Easy

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Spiritual Healing
Linda Jane Newby, PhD
Apr 18, 2024, 08:30
Introductory session

A confidential space for an informal chat to ‘get to know each other’. We discuss your needs and how our specialist abuse healing service can best support your recovery process. It is important that we build trust and a connection to facilitate the most wonderful healing process. ONLINE.

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Distance Healing
Apr 22, 2024, 09:00
Distant healing, manifestation with God and spirit guides
no matter where you are you can get distant healing.
emotionally drained? having a bad day? your chakras may also be out of whack. I can help with that. I'm also an empath so I can help you protect yourself with certain crystals to help ground yourself :) Ive had this special gift from God since I was 14 and started to have visions at that age. I have also been through many traumas. God has sent me to help as many people as I can. I'm very thankful and blessed. LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT!
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Shamanic Healing
Greg Boudy
Apr 18, 2024, 06:00
Shamanic healing session

Customized healing based on what needs healing within you at the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. You don't need to know exactly what requires healing in you, it's enough if you just feel that you need support. The sacred space that is created during the session allows clear information and insights to be channeled from a higher guidance.
Any type of issue can be addressed.

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Spiritual Healing
Linda Jane Newby, PhD
Apr 18, 2024, 08:30
Specialist abuse healing

Get any number of healing sessions before or after completing our specialist Abuse Healing Package. A session lasts up to 90 minutes and supports other healing needs you might have to aid recovery. Each session is ONLINE.

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Career Coaching
Gila Nehemia
Apr 21, 2024, 12:30
Group Mentoring Program

Living your Soul’s Purpose Supportive Group program

Focuses on living your soul’s purpose and opening up your throat chakra. Meeting once a week in Zoom on a group call for 52 weeks and the clients receive one healing a week regarding letting go of fear and the old stories in their mind to open up to their true heart and soul’s calling.

Group Mentoring for 1 year (52 weeks)

Birthed from feeling disillusioned with large group programs and not getting the support and attention I needed. You are receiving soul to soul connections in a safe, spiritual, nurturing collaborative, supportive group setting that will help you grow and heal into living your abundance, unlimited love, speaking your truth and deep appreciation and love of you.

One year because deep transformational growth arises from trust, belief, confidence and repetition over time. Our manifestations emerge in a safe, centered environment fostering intuitive guidance, deep commitment, time, and patience. Supporting you through the fear, anxiety, change, and excitement is my pleasure and my strength!

Group Mentoring to Live your Soul’s Purpose for 1 year or 52 weeks for only 10 people!

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Spiritual Healing
Sandra “Irene” VanRyckeghem
Apr 23, 2024, 13:00
Spiritual Counseling

As a gifted guide who has lived beyond her years, Irene has deep insight into life, its meaning, its lessons, and how to find grace in troubled times because of having overcome great adversity with her gift of powerful empathy. She channels Truth from higher realms while being warm, caring, honest and intelligent. Often times One just needs an ear and some solid advice. Irene knows what questions to ask and how to counsel One to their own truth. Her caring ear and gifted Presence is invaluable and life changing for those who seek to heal. She has the ability to help pinpoint the core of reoccurring issues to assist the client in revealing their hidden and unmet needs for further evolution.

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