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Anchoring of the war-free DNA

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By having the war-free DNA activated it will become much easier for you to live a war-free life.This is the victory over war on all levels. It will bring happiness and lightness into your life. A lot of oppression is released that was anchored through all past wars in our DNA. Through this you will experience so much peace and stillness in your life. The violence around you will become less and less. The healing of war experiences can be supported by this activation in an energetic way. All the wars have frozen us and made us cold. This will be released. You will become alive again! And it will become easier for you to live your life to the fullest.

You can hang this code also in your closets, so that all the suffering, oppression from the fashion industry is released from your clothes. Please have as many pieces of papers as you have closets and a pen ready and I will activate the code for your closets.

I look forward to woking with you and seeing you blossom!

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I have lived in different countries as in South Africa, South Korea, the USA and now in Germany. I love yoga, walks, reading and anything that has to do with healing a building a positive world. I am spiritual very sensitive and I have a strong calling to support this world to heal and to enter the golden age. It is my mission to support anyone who choses to work with me on their healing journey.

1 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2022

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