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Wonderful Times are coming!

Feb 2, 2022
Ruth Svakataly Daugherty
Core Spirit member since Jan 15, 2022
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Everything is changing now! The truth is coming out on all levels! A multi dimensional detox is happening right now! So that we can let go of the old and enter the golden age! Now are exciting times! It is the time of healing, letting go, finding yourself, making peace with yourself and everyone else. It is the time of realization, learning, forgiving.

Trust that you will find your way. You are loved, protected and guided. The future has prepared many great things for you. You can be excited in anticipation. Come dance, laugh a lot and rejoice with me! We have made it, the old is now coming to an end. We all have the most delicious, healthy vibrant foods to eat. All humans are emotionally, physical and mentally healthy. We have strong heartistic bonds with each other.

War, corruption and manipulations are of the past. Children are free to learn in whatever environment that is best for them. And they are thriving! Animals are treated with the most respect and we no longer eat them. We live in harmony with mother earth! The oceans are clean! We communicate with the delphines and wals and learn from their wisdom. All systems have been restored and healed. We are one big family! No one is alone anymore. We all watch each others back. Come with me and be part of the new world! It is so worth to keep going! Such wonderous things are awaiting us!

Many greetings from Germany

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Afsheen Shah2y ago

I love your perspective. It is a great time for change and personal development. I am excited by all the possibilities as well.

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