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Spiritual Healing
David Jacks
Consistency & Expectations in Dating


This video is about expectations and consistency in dating. This video is directed towards woman based on my experience of dating post COVID and the large percentage of profiles that comment on consistency. This video is about the ability to maintain high vibes despite the circumstances.

Target audience

While I wrote it with women in mind, this is also good for men to read. This is good for anyone who is big on personal development and trying to find their person. This is for people who grew up in a dysfunctional home and want to make sure not to repeat the mistakes of their parents.


A more realistic view of how energy works within us and between us as human beings. This should raise awareness and contribute to your emotional intelligence.


Expect to see me break down consistency and expectations in dating.

Other comments

Let me know if it resonates with you or if you want to talk to me about you and your life!

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Inner Child Healing
Rosemary Hernandez
Healing Your Inner Child Meditation

Your inner child is your original self that entered into this world. It contains your original state of being with the capacity to experience wonder, joy, innocence, sensitivity, unconditional love and playfulness.

Through a wounded inner child, there may be repressed feelings and emotions that are stuck in that experience that are consciously playing themselves out destructively in the world.

By reconnecting with your inner child, you can heal those injured parts of yourself to clear them from your subconscious mind once and for all. The inner child is screaming to be heard. It is seeking to be nurtured, understood and loved.

This is why Inner child work is such a vital component of Spiritual work, because it helps to reconnect you to the purest part of your Soul. The part that is vulnerable and fragile and just seeks to be loved.

This meditation will gently guide you into a safe space of reconnecting with your inner child to free yourself from the ties that bind you that have kept you stuck for so long. You will feel lighter and nurtured as you heal from the emotional wounds of the past. This loving healing will ultimately set you free.

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Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
Rupert Missick
Hypnotherapy and Trauma

Today I want to have a discussion on how hypnotherapy and hypnosis can help someone deal with PTSD. I’ll go into the historic origins of the use of hypnosis as a therapeutic treatment for PTSD, modern theories surrounding it and then explain how I use it in my practice.

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Agnieszka Furtak
Fusion therapy session - Hypnosis, Neuromodulation, NLP

You are wittnessing a real time healing, using a fusion therapy.
A dynamic, science based process designed to activate your neurology and release pain (emotional & physical), connected to a somatic (bodily) address.
You will learn how to use your body, breath & memories to clear blockages and completely remove the underlying reasons for your discomfort or illness.

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Intimacy Coaching
Lora Al-Awar
Premature Ejaculation Cure: Semen Retention Technique

Did you know that premature ejaculation happens when men lack knowledge and special skill to control their sexual energy? Learn more from Lora's new video!

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Intimacy Coaching
Katja Schneider
What else does safe sex mean?

To me, safe sex means so much more than simply preventing STIs or pregnancy.
In this video I share with you what I mean.

Katja 🌷

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