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Guided Meditation
Rita Hurry
Past Event:
Feb 17, 2023, 13:28
4 x Private Online One to One Meditation Sessions (Advanced)
If you have practiced meditation before but struggle to make time for it or making it a part of your daily life, this session is perfect for you. You can book regular guided One to One Meditation sessions with Coach Rita to ensure you keep up your practi…
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Emotional Freedom Technique
Janet Broughton
UK Online Introduction to EFT
Wednesday 8th February 2022, 7- 8.30pm UK Time An Introductory Workshop to discover more about the theory and practice of Emotional Freedom Technique - Tapping - Acupuncture without the Needles! There will be opportunities to experience EFT at work during…
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Life Coaching
Let's Heal - Chapter 5 : Time management and compartmentalisation
This session will be focused on understanding the concept of time and space from a metaphysical perspective and besides some cognitive tips, what can we do energetically to keep ourselves centred so as to manage our ground reality with ease Topics covere…
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Yoga Therapy
Tara Drake
Fascia Release Workshop
Join us to relieve yourself from a sticky situation. KIDDING, NOT KIDDING! Tara Drake, Yoga Therapist, will guide you in fascia release practices and exercises. Fascia is a web-like sticky substance that drapes over every tissue in our bodies. How well we…
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Art Therapy
Anne Lafrance
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Foundational Art Classes
I teach foundational art in my home. I have room for 3 students. We will cover the colour wheel, shapes, shading and perspective. Bring your own sketch pad and implements based on the preferred medium (pencils, chalk, pastels, etc). 4 classes 7pm to 9pm F…
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Cress Spicer
Certified Reiki Level 1 Course
Courses are available for both adults and children 5 Hour courses class. Certified Reiki Level I Course Next date for Reiki level 1 class Sunday June 6th- 3pm -8pm UK Time First level you learn techniques to assist in helping your body to heal itself …
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Ayurveda (Ayurvedic Medicine)
Kate Bentley
Healing With Ayurveda
Join Kate Bentley for this live, interactive, beginning Āyurveda workshop where we will focus on exploring how the Āyurvedic concept of elemental healing can help support emotions, immunity, stress, diet, breath and movement for your unique constitution. …
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Allison Stillman
Sacred Art of Aromatherapy
Learn how to dramatically change your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health naturally using the ancient art of aromatherapy that’s been used for thousands of years. You will learn how to use essential oils to over come all of life’s challenges …
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