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Healing With Ayurveda

$75 USD

Join Kate Bentley for this live, interactive, beginning Āyurveda workshop where we will focus on exploring how the Āyurvedic concept of elemental healing can help support emotions, immunity, stress, diet, breath and movement for your unique constitution.

In Āyurveda it’s clearly understood that body, mind and soul are all connected. What comes in through the senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell affects our mind, which in turn affects our physical body and its functions. In order to establish health in any of these areas we must work towards recognizing our individual mind-body types and learn to bring about balance by utilizing simple universal elements.

Together we will cultivate a deeper sense of vitality, connection, and ease.

~Discover your unique mind-body type

~Get to the root cause of imbalances

~Use food and herbs as medicine

~Build natural immune strength

~Learn to manage anxiety, depression and anger

~Cultivate connection

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Drawn to the classical teachings of Ayurveda and Yoga, Kate has also studied the indigenous practices of Peruvian Shamanism as well as Tantric Buddhism. Immersed in her love for plants, natural healing and the well being of all global communities, Kate blends these experiences in her practice to help others co-create long term solutions for inner and outer balance.

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Stormi Smith
Apr 23, 2021

Hi Kate! Do you work with women health issues?

$75 USD
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