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Spiritual - Relationship - Counselling

healing session
$55 USD

Spiritual Counselling allows you to heal on the soul level and not on the level of ego. Therefore, it is the most powerful and deepest healing technique with long lasting transformation.

The aim is for the client to express themselves and their world with intimate wisdom, spiritual awareness and personal authenticity.
Spiritual Counselling is all about you, your self- healing and nothing about the outside world or other people and external circumstances.

In Spiritual Counselling, we often travel back to early years of childhood in order to find the root cause of all mental, emotional, physical or spiritual imbalance within your physical and soul being. It is healing the inner child.

We often find currently present problems that are related to traumas, fear or limiting beliefs due to cultural background or certain way of upbringing. It is often linked to trauma.
Helping you to find the best way to overcome your limit, to break away from limiting beliefs, repeating cycles and help you improve your overall well-being, heal yourself within for a more full-filled life.

Minimum of 3 sessions are recommended for a deeper healing to take place.

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As a spiritual healer and hypnotherapist, I can help you connect with your life purpose and assist with your spiritual evolution and healing to overcome challanges and become more in alignment in your body, mind and soul. So you can create and enjoy a happier and more balanced life. Love and Blessings

4 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2021


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Martin Lowndes
Sep 15, 2021

Thanks so much for all the sessions. You have helped me so much. The last two were helped me release so much. I feel blessed to have had your assistance. You are an amazing healer. Thank you

Soul Paradise
Sep 11, 2021

April Chase. I am very sorry but I literally received an email about your message yesterday. I see that you sent me on 29th April. This has been a long time. Please reach out if you still need help. I can definitely help you. Blessings,

April Chase
Apr 28, 2021

will your session help me get rid of my heartache? I recently lost a loved one and I can’t recover from the loss…

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