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Reiki Divine Energy Healing

healing session
$33 USD

Reiki Energy Healing is a kind of spiritual healing that cleanse your body, mind and soul from unwanted energies, removes energy blockages and helps with even physical pain so you can bring balance in your body, mind and soul. It works perfectly from a distance since it is spiritual healing. Most of my clients receive the session from a far, even help greatly with chemotherapy side effects. My sessions also includes crystal healing and sage aura cleansing. It lasts 30 minutes. It is also highly recommended if you struggle with physical pain, illnesses, insomnia or any mental health issues, particularly helps with depression.

Session recommended once per week for a period of time, depending on what needs healing.

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As a spiritual healer and hypnotherapist, I can help you connect with your life purpose and assist with your spiritual evolution and healing to overcome challanges and become more in alignment in your body, mind and soul. So you can create and enjoy a happier and more balanced life. Love and Blessings

4 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2021


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