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The Neurology of Self-Awareness
What is the self? How does the activity of neurons give rise to the sense of being a conscious human being? Even this most ancient of phi...
Demi Powell
43 Lessons to follow to live a happy life
If you want to live a personal and professional life with
Demi Powell
Archaeologists Discover a Woman In a Marble Casket which is 800 Million Years Old
In September 1969, at the village of Rzhavchik Tisulskago in the Kemerovo region, a very strange burial was discovered.During the strippi...
Demi Powell
Qigong Practice for Beauty, Health, Weight Loss, and Energy
The Swimming Dragon is an ancient Chinese Qigong exercise that comes to us through the Taoist tradition. If practiced diligently and regu...
Demi Powell
Herbal Medicine (Herbalism)
Plants Widely Used by Native Americans to Treat Conditions
Native Americans are renowned for their medicinal plant knowledge. It is rumored they first started using plants and herbs for healing af...
Demi Powell
This is what might have been removed from the Bible
The Vatican church, or the Roman Catholic church, has a long history of corruption and deception. Aside from literally committing acts of...
Demi Powell
Genetic Engineering
Can we change DNA through Mind Control?
A study finds meditating cancer patients are able to affect the makeup of their DNA.“I think, therefore I am” is perhaps the most familia...
Demi Powell
These chemicals harm your brain
Leading scientists recently identified a dozen chemicals as being responsible for widespread behavioral and cognitive problems. But the s...
Demi Powell
Ethics of Technology
Technology is about to control evolution. So what's next?
Over the span of a few billion years, diversity of life has flourished on Earth through the process of natural selection. Then, not long ...
Demi Powell
An Ancient Practice for Body and Mind to do Anywhere
One of the most overlooked tools used in traditional jungle medicine is full immersion in nature. I’m talking about isolation in the midd...
Demi Powell
Cats and Dogs see the Unseen, as research reveals
A lot of various types of animals can see in frequencies that people cannot. Up to these days it was believed that animals could not see ...
Demi Powell
Home Remedies
Benefits of drinking water in the morning
“Did you hear…that drinking water in the morning right when wake up can have great therapeutic benefits for a multitude of health conditi...
Demi Powell
Self Help
Who's Controlling Your Mind? Tips on How to Get in Control
Your brain is the strongest instrument you own for the building of greatness in your life, but if not exploited properly, could as well b...
Demi Powell
Sleep and Dreaming
How to maintain your emotional wellness according to the science of sleep
Rosalind Cartwright is one of the leading sleep researchers in the world. Her unofficial title is Queen of Dreams.In The
Demi Powell
Benefits of Fasting revealed by Neuroscientists – Big Pharma will not study it
I watched this TEDx talk by Mark Mattson, the current Chief of the Laboratory of Neuroscience at the National Institute on Ageing. It dem...
Demi Powell
Our Dreams might come from the Parallel Universe
In this world there could be a copy of yourself making different decisions and seeing places that somehow later manifest themselves in yo...
Demi Powell
Sense of Self might be an illusion – New Discovery
Everyone knows what it feels like to have consciousness: it’s that self-evident sense of personal awareness, which gives us a feeling of ...
Demi Powell
Low glycemic index Diet
Low-glycemic diet: Tips & Insights
Low-glycemic foods are slower to…
Demi Powell
7 Things You Don't Know About The History Of Wine
A lot of human history has been centered around the making and imbibing of wine, from religion to ritual to plain old drunkenness, but va...
Demi Powell
Everything Is Energy — New Way To See Reality
Have you ever thought of what is really real? Well the latest discoveries in quantum physics show that nothing is as it seems. In fact, i...
Demi Powell
Emotional Freedom Technique
TOP-5 CORE SPIRIT BEST practitioners, February 2021
We score our practitioners according to their activity: including published articles, added services and events for #corespirit. The best...
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Self Help
Can you run from grief?
Can you run from grief?The short answer is, no. There is one thing for certain: We all inevitably die one day. And some of us are faced w...
Gemma Sheppard
Life Uncertainty
S.M.A.R.T Goals - Well Formed Outcomes
Well Formed Outcomes need a plan...and when we take the time to review the plan from every perspective, we can be assured we have   somet...
NLP & Hypnotherapy Licensed Training
Family Issues
6 Signs in the Palms that You attract the Opposite Sex
Taking about the love relationships, many will wish they are charming and welcomed by the opposite sex. And the palms can really sho…
Janet Li