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Hope While Grieving Estrangement
Awakening is a multi-faceted process that includes spiritual revelation and euphoria yet also includes confusion, uncertainty, times of “no-available-answers...
Western Astrology
Cleo's Mirror.
The Astrological reading with *Cleo brought the Heavens to Earth, held within a profound symbolic message. Traditional in her ageless Irish looks. Blue pear...
Donovan Pennant
Weebly Wobblies: Facing Anxiety of "a Future"
Awakening provides many opportunities to “purge” conditioned mental habits. We can wake up one morning absorbed in fearful anxiety and not know from where t...
Tarot Reading
Tarotscope for February
General It is the right time to set your plans into motion. Sometimes we have to wait due to outside circumstances and divine timing but sometimes it our ow...
Selena joy Lovett
The Reiki Community in the Wider World
A long time ago there was a story in the news. Nowadays there are, unfortunately, so so many stories of isolation in the news. But this one stayed with me al...
Step Into Your Light - Christina Moore
Wellness Coaching
Well, sleep is something beautiful that exists in this world. And we all have to sleep in order to continue our existence. Sleep can also be defined as a spe...
Yauheni Mihailov
Thriving During Panic Attacks
Another mystery of the human experience is feeling flooded with emotion without knowing from where nor why it has come. Panic attacks aren’t pleasant nor co...
DISCOMBOBULATION: Weathering Mental Windstorms
During Awakening, the mind’s attachment to “objects” of thought and emotion are being recognized in more and more situations. The identification with a “per...
Mind Control
Digital Detox
With the rise of Covid around us, we all have been separated from each other, unable to meet physically and connect among ourselves. The uncertainty of Covid...
Amritha Kailas
What You Need To Know Before Becoming A Nurse
If you are thinking about what career to go into, or perhaps even what career to change to because you are tired of the one you currently have and want to do...
Demi Powell
Giving from Being: an Antidote for Loneliness
As we go through the Awakening process, we will face the conditioned ways we’ve connected with others through our lifetime. We will become aware of the ego’...
Emotional Freedom Technique
Your Attitude Makes All The Difference
Don’t overthink. Don’t compare yourself to others. We are all on this journey, you and I. Just as we had to grow to get here, we will grow into where we are ...
Abigail Simpson
The Civil Savage: How To Mother Yourself Through Heartbreak
Most of us have experienced great love and loss in our lives. We know the feeling of dissappointment that follows rejection or the one who got away. Sometime...
Abigail Simpson
If It's Falling Apart...Let it Fall
It’s normal for the human thinking mind to try to juggle Life to keep all of its “spinning plates” spinning. Humans in doing-mode, driven by busy minds, want...
Your Brain is a source of Conscious Energy
January 11th, 2022 Your brain is energy. You are energy! As energy, you interact with more energy, within and around. Simple! When you stop for a moment t...
Johann Strerath
Emotional Stress Release
Everyone Needs Healing
Whether we have psychological issues or mental health problems, all of us need healing. We all experience times when we feel broken and damaged. And we requi...
Hassan Siddiqui
Mind Control
3 Daily Practises that can change your life
Early from our childhood days, we have been taught to take care of our health, follow habits that include brushing our teeth, bathing, brush our hair, eat go...
Amritha Kailas
Accepting the Male Inner Crone
Today I finally embraced her, whole heartedly, that deep wounded feminine part of me, carried down the ancestral line, unbeknown to me for many years of my l...
Andrew Clare
Unlocking Capability
How many times have we wanted to do something but we didn’t try; we were too afraid we’d fail? We might think that fear is powerful, yet the power of our bel...
Life Coaching
What is knowledge?
The Gospel of Michael: Knowledge begins upon the arrival of attention, and it ends with the departure of attention in an intuitive feeling, whether you are ...
Michael Smith
Wellness Coaching
A mind blowing singular breakthrough is not what changes your life. A micro shift is.
A mind blowing singular breakthrough is not what changes your life. A micro shift is. Small continuous actions are what lead to monumental changes. Consiste...
Alyssa Kelliher
Emotional Trauma Therapy
Broken Glass
Broken Glass Broken glass shattered into millions of tiny pieces. Something no one would think of put back together. You look at it and think sweep it up an...
Anjy Dunlap
Life Coaching
Recreating a New Life
How can we make our new year a magical and memorable one in our life? New Year brings new hope, new ambitions, new joy and new dreams in all our minds. Tim...
Amritha Kailas
Mind Control
Fighting my inner demons to defeat depression
Fighting my inner demons to defeat depression If I were to rewind to 3 years ago, I would find myself sulking and typing in my sob story on my cellphone dia...
Jisha Vijay

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