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Core Spirit is a global leader in the niche of Wellness, Innovation, Science & Spirituality. It is a place to acquire new members, organize events, post videos, write articles and sell services.
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Seize the opportunity to connect to new members, share your values and offer a unique experience to your global network.
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Unique Opportunities For Organizations
Core Spirit provides a unique opportunity for professional organizations to join the global community striving for overall enhancement. Thousands of associations, federations, institutes and societies from 86 countries worldwide are sharing their knowledge and exchanging opinions to help others to find their way to freedom.
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Complete a quick registration and fill in your profile to appear in the largest professional organizations directory of the niche.
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Your members can register for free, list their services / goods, find their clients and start selling through Core Spirit.
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The Core Spirit network consists of numerous local and global practitioners from 86 countries who can be invited to become a member of your organization.
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Organize online or offline events in any format and market them through our platform.
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When members of your organization sell their services or products on the Core Spirit platform, you will receive 5% of their total sales at no extra cost to them
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Contribute to the largest knowledge base in the niche by sharing your articles and videos.
Core Spirit Is
A social platform focusing on human and planetary enhancement through diverse mediums of content, experts and organisations, online and offline events, complementary products & services.
Physical, Emotional, Cognitive,
Energetic & Spiritual Enhancement
Healers, Mentors, Coaches, Oracles,
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& Conventional Modalities
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Focus on Your Expertise, We Will Expand Your Member Base And Bring Exposure Beyond Your Expectations
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Our Partners
American Philosophical Practitioners Association
American Philosophical Practitioners Association
Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, UK
Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, UK
The Spiritualists' National Union, UK
The Spiritualists' National Union, UK
Yoga Alliance Professionals, UK
Yoga Alliance Professionals, UK
UK Reiki Federation
UK Reiki Federation
International Feng Shui Association
International Feng Shui Association
We are you. Our platform is a collective of people seeking science, alternative knowledge and esoterica not only as a way of thought about life, but as a comprehensive wisdom in various languages and modalities. The community aims to facilitate the dialogue between the modern scientific approach and ancient systems of thought and tradition.
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