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Core Spirit Practitioner's Guide
Listing Free Services – Your Gateway to Connection

Free services not only provide value to your clients but also serve as an introduction to your skills and approach. Here's how to create a good one:

1 Define Your Free Offering: What aspect of your expertise can you share to benefit your audience? It could be a mini-consultation, an introductory workshop, or a free resource related to your practice.

2 Clear Value Proposition: Clearly communicate the value your free service provides. What will clients gain from it? How can it help them? This clarity is key to attracting potential clients.

3 Showcase Your Expertise: Offer a taste of what clients can expect when they engage with your paid services. Share insights, tips, or a unique approach.

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Career Coaching
Core Spirit Practitioner's Guide
Elevate Your Reach with Core Spirit's Promotional Services

Whether you're a seasoned expert or just starting, these promotional services can set your profile and services apart from the rest. Let's dive into the offerings that can transform your Core Spirit experience:

Top Service: Boost your sales with this game-changer. Your most recent service gets the royal treatment, showing up at the top of all other listings. When potential clients search for sessions, your service will be the first they see. It's prime real estate for visibility.

Favorite Experts: Elevate your status in the expert list. When clients are browsing in your field, you'll jump to the top of the alphabetical list. This feature makes you a top choice in your category.

Preferred Experts: Make sure clients never miss you. When users are searching for experts in your field, your name will stand out as a 'Preferred Expert.' This eye-catching highlight ensures you're on their radar.

Article Link: Expand your reach beyond Core Spirit. Get a valuable link to your website, services, or shop, which can be placed within articles, wherever you choose. It's a bridge to draw in a wider audience and drive new traffic.

Main Page Banner: Ready to make a big splash? This service allows you to promote your service on Core Spirit's Main Page. We'll feature your listing on the main banner, ensuring that every visitor can't help but notice it. It's a prime opportunity for exposure.

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Career Coaching
Core Spirit Practitioner's Guide
Practitioner's Guide Series: Unleashing the Power of AI in Your Practice

AI is not just a buzzword; it's your secret weapon for fine-tuning every aspect of your presence on Core Spirit. From your bio to articles, service descriptions, events, and videos, AI is here to elevate your content and make it stand out.

Bio Brilliance:
Let AI assist you in crafting a bio that reflects your uniqueness. Simply provide key information, and let the AI weave it into a compelling narrative that resonates with potential clients.

Content Enhancement:
Struggling with the right words? Use AI to refine your articles, service descriptions, event details, and video scripts. The result? Content that captivates and communicates your expertise effectively.

Creative Conversations:
Engage in conversations with AI to spark new ideas. Whether it's brainstorming for your next event or getting insights for an article, AI is your collaborative partner for creativity.

Personal Growth Boost:
AI is not just for professional enhancement. Chat with AI to gather information on personal development, explore new perspectives, or even get recommendations for your leisure time.

How to Access AI:

Visit your dashboard and look for the AI Assistant. Here, you'll find a chat which you can use to engage with AI for different purposes.

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Career Coaching
Ideal Careers Coaching
Link KPI's to Career Development


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Money Rituals
Larrissa Aawar

What is exactly the energy of money? So, rather than trying to explain it in words, I decided to make a short video so you can experience it for yourself.

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Life Coaching
Ideal Careers Coaching
Tips to Change Careers Confidently

Changing careers takes confidence and courage. We know this! If you do not feel confident about your career change now, where is the confidence you need going to come from?Confidence is not fixed; it is something you can build and grow as you get better at the things you work on.In other words, being confident isn't something you are. Confidence is something you have. Which means if it is something you have, that means you have acquired it.

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Career Coaching
Omar L. Harris
From Servant Leadership to J.E.D.I. Leadership

An interview with Izabela Luzinska and Omar L. Harris on the future of leadership.

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