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Core Spirit is a Platform for All Types of Accredited Doctors & Certified Counselors
Coaches & Consultants
Nutritionists & Dieticians
Psychologists & Mentors
Therapists & Trainers
Dermatologists & Aestheticians
Endocrinologists & Gastroenterologists
The All-in-One Platform: Unleashing Endless Possibilities
Your Personal Landing Page Showcasing All Your Work
Host your services, events, courses, videos, articles, books, certificates, and more, providing a comprehensive overview of your expertise and private practice.
Creative Studio Empowered by AI
Utilize Core Spirit's AI-powered tools to create captivating content, share your knowledge, and establish your authority in your field.
Your Online School
Create courses, assign homework, set deadlines, give grades and feedback. Build a web page and grow your online school with Core Spirit.
Marketing Tools
Leverage Core Spirit's comprehensive marketing tools and expertise to promote and develop your private practice effectively.
Finance Management
Easily manage your finances, keeping track of your earnings and expenses effortlessly.
Calendar & Booking System
Seamlessly organize your schedule, appointments, and patient bookings, ensuring efficient and reliable management.
Virtual Office
Connect with your patient online using Core Spirit's integrated video platform, providing a convenient and secure virtual meeting space.
How Much You Are Saving with Core Spirit’s Membership

These estimates are based on the standard plans of the largest players in every field.

No need to use so many platforms and services to manage your practice.

No need to go to several different platforms to publish your content. Do everything in one place.

E-Commerce Platform$105/month
AI Subscription for Content Creation$20/month
Online School Software$255/month
Scheduling Platform$15/month
Video Platform$16/month
Finance Management Platform$43/month
Marketing Automation & Email Marketing Platform$20/month
Social Media Management Platform$99/month
Landing Page$27/month
* Get It All with Just One Solution and Save Your Money
Experience All the Benefits of Core Spirit – Now Completely Free!
Take advantage of Core Spirit’s opportunities to boost your practice and grow your business.
Showcase your products, sell your services, and build your own online school – all at no cost!
Personalised Landing Page
Host and Write Articles using AI Editor
Host & Sell Personal Sessions
Host & Sell Events
Host & Sell Videos
Host & Sell Books
Create & Sell Courses
Create Online School
Payment System
Calendars Integration
Unlimited AI E-Mentor Consultancy
Showing your Contact Details and Website
Schedule Posts on Instagram
Maximize Your Reach and Influence

In the current landscape of numerous platforms, social networks, and blogs, it can be a daunting task to effectively share your content across all of them without a dedicated team.

At Core Spirit, we step in as your reliable and efficient team. By leveraging our platform, you can seamlessly publish your articles, services, courses, books, and videos, knowing that we will diligently distribute your content to every other platform of your choice. With this integrated approach, you can effortlessly maximize your reach and ensure that your valuable content reaches a wider audience across various platforms.

Why should you choose Core Spirit?
All your greatness in one place – Services, Events, Courses, Written & Video Content
Access to the AI E-Mentor and Advanced Marketing Tools
Everything to Build & Market Your Online School
Smart Calendar, Booking and Payment System
Virtual Video Office to meet with your patients
Administrative Dashboard to replace a whole team of employees
By Joining Core Spirit, You Develop Your Practice.
Join the Premier Marketplace for Health & Wellness Organizations and showcase your expertise, accomplishments, and contributions.
Showcase All Your Work
Build your Personal Practitioner Page to Host All in one place: Services, Videos, Courses, Articles, Books, Events, Certificates, Reviews, and more.
Write Articles with AI
Build respect, trust and recognition by Writing Professionally about your practice.
List Your Services
List your Medical Consultations to gain New Clients for your private sessions.
Organize Events
Organize online or offline events (trainings, workshops, conferences or any other) and Sell Tickets right through the platform.
Build Your Online School
List courses, collect your database, accept payments, and grow your e-learning business.
Upload Videos
Share your knowledge through Video Content, be it a sample practice, a lecture, a course, or a demonstration.
Publish Your Books
Publish free books or sell them on Core Spirit. Expand your audience – find millions of new readers!
How You Can Grow Your Practice with Core Spirit Ecosystem
Build and Share Your Personal Landing Page with Colleagues and Clients
Create and showcase your personalized landing page, enabling seamless collaboration and effective communication with both colleagues and clients.
Build and Market Your Online School
Grow your revenue by monetizing your knowledge – organize your online school, list courses, and sell them on Core Spirit.
Write Articles and Books, Upload Your Videos in the CS Creative Studio Empowered by AI
Leverage the CS Creative Studio, powered by AI, to effortlessly craft and publish engaging articles, books, and videos, showcasing your expertise and captivating your audience.
Publish Your Content while CS Distributes it to Other Platforms of Your Choice
Experience the convenience of publishing your content on CS while we handle the distribution to other platforms of your choosing, ensuring wider visibility and broader reach for your valuable work.
Organize and Host Virtual Events and Webinars
Effortlessly plan and host virtual events and webinars, leveraging CS's platform to provide a seamless and engaging experience for your participants.
Manage Your Finances and Appointments in One Place
Simplify your financial and appointment management by utilizing CS's integrated tools, allowing you to easily track and organize your finances and appointments within a single, centralized location.
Take Advantage of the CS Marketing Tools and Guidance to Replace a Whole Team of Employees
Harness the power of CS's comprehensive marketing tools and expert guidance, enabling you to achieve effective promotion and growth without the need for an entire marketing team.
Sell Your Services and Meet with Your Clients in the Virtual Video Office
Utilize CS's virtual video office to seamlessly sell your services and conduct meetings with clients, fostering a convenient and professional virtual environment for productive interactions.
What is Core Spirit?
Your Business Ecosystem
Your Landing Page, Creative Studio with AI, Online School, Marketing Tools, Finance Management, Calendar & Booking System, Virtual Office – all in one place.
Health & Wellness Marketplace
World’s Leading Platform featuring the most Comprehensive Library of knowledge, content, and services.
Your Flagship Store
Host all your content on Core Spirit to Showcase Everything you do in One Place.
Your Practice at Scale
Build, Grow, and Scale Your Practice with our Limitless Resources: a Like-Minded Professional Community, over 900 Modalities, a Top-Rated Customer Experience, and Cutting-Edge Advertising & Marketing Solutions. This is Your Key to Prosperity.

Our vision is to help people find the truth and hear their inner voice. Just when the world seems to split, Core Spirit unites millions and welcomes people of all countries, all races, all religions, and all beliefs. We stand together and cherish our community of caring, aspirational, and determined seekers of wisdom. Thousands of experts from every continent on Earth have gathered on one platform to spread knowledge, peace, and healing.

Core Spirit Founder

Everything you Need to Sell Courses and Scale your Online School
By choosing Core Spirit, you get an integrated solution that includes everything you need to build your online school.
Learning Management System (LMS)
Create, manage, and deliver online courses, track learners’ progress, assess their performance, and facilitate communication between instructors and students.
Content Management System (CMS)
Organize course content, customize the appearance of your school’s website, track student progress and performance, and integrate various tools and resources to enhance the learning experience.
Payment Module
Securely process payments for course enrollments, memberships, and other services you offer. Set up pricing for your courses and services, accept payments from students and clients, track transactions, and manage billing details.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Efficiently manage client interactions, appointments, and communications to enhance relationships and streamline business operations.
I always wanted to share the knowledge I had but never had the right mechanism to do so. After joining the Core Spirit practitioner network, I easily help a lot more people than I ever had through the expanded reach. I have also self-improved greatly by learning from colleagues on the network. Growth has been amazing and on all fronts! My calendar is booked solid and I have a clear path to getting better and bigger.
Danny Hendricks
Nutritionist from Boston, MA.
I registered as a Core Spirit practitioner in April 2019 and even though it’s been just a couple of months, I already met a lot of amazing people and learned so much about my own practice. I realized that being a certified chiropractor, you can still expand your knowledge by listening to more experienced professionals and attending their events. I definitely recommend everyone to join, especially if you are a chiropractor, we have a great community over here!
Stella Artemis
Chiropractor from Munich, Germany.
For as long as I can remember myself, I always had this urge to help people. The challenge was to find a place where that help would be accepted and valued. I would occasionally help my friends and sometimes get clients by recommendations but it was never enough. Core Spirit gives me a platform to speak my truth, share my knowledge and be heard. There are so many seeking people here and I am happy to know that helping them makes me valued and appreciated.
Marco Mendez
Healer from Barcelona, Spain.
I definitely recommend Core Spirit platform to all psychologists out there. When everything moved online due to the pandemic, I had to close my therapy office and started practicing online. I found CS and registered to see what it would be like. Now I have my returning clients here and this work pays my bills. It’s nice to do therapy right on the platform and you don’t need any special software.
Nina Chavez
Psychologist from Lisbon, Portugal
The system is easy so I was able to set everything up in minutes. I have several services listed like personal fitness coaching and online fitness classes and I also write articles from time to time to share what I know about healthy living. Core Spirit is for sure worth trying for every coach who is looking for new clients.
Christoph Sheffield
Fitness Trainer from LA, California
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