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Jun 1 2023
The Law Of Impermanence

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” ― Alan Wilson Watts

Through our days we tend to hold onto the idea that we are stuck on the same path for the rest of our waking lives. But fear not, as we…

Mikhail Brant
Ancestral Healing
May 31 2023
We are Witnesses, We are Visitors

Once upon a time in a small village nestled among sprawling forests, there lived a man whose spirit burned bright with an insatiable thirst for life’s experiences. His name was Mhambi, a rugged soul with weathered hands and a heart that yearned for advent…

Bantu Chk
Career Coaching
Jan 27 2023
Is Fear of Failure Impeding you from Moving Ahead?

It was one of those bright winter mornings when out of the blue my friend pinged me “Hey, Are You Atychiphobic?”
Confused, I only replied then with.. “What? No!”

Later on while surfing the web I found out that, Atychiphobia is the abnormal, unwarranted, …

Karishma Gaur
Spiritual Healing
Jan 24 2023
A Divine Intervention

When the Intelligent Energy Known as “God” Made its Presence Known

Growing up, my family was highly spiritual, but not religious. Over the years, we would routinely attribute to “God” any event and occurrence that was inexplicable in ordinary terms. Like…

A.C. Byrd
Spiritual Healing
Jan 24 2023
Theories of the Order of the Universe

There is No Time

Everything everywhere is in constant motion at all times. Distance and time are both energy. From a cosmic perspective, all of human time (e.g., 13+ billion years) is the amount of energy it takes from a thought to go from your mind to y…

A.C. Byrd
Mindfulness meditation
Sep 1 2022
Why am I not happy?

Attitude of Happiness

You are all happy in the morning, holding a freshly brewed cup of coffee and checking the phone for unanswered messages and maybe some social network updates of undesirable and not-so-friendly people in another hand.

Morning is goi…

Vedic Sadhana
Spiritual Healing
Jan 13 2023
Looking at myself

The Preparation

Thank you for your time in reading… it brings me great joy and happiness, that you are giving this time to yourself.

The message I want to share is really simple and clear, but we are complicating life by adding to ourselves, through r…

nathan clarke
Life Coaching
May 24 2023
It may be the time to revamp your Self-concept

How empowered and free we feel in response to our view of the world determines how confidently we engage with it and express ourselves in life. Do you sense a shift in how you want to describe yourself, your relationship with the world and your life?

Amit Sood
Emotional Stress Release
Feb 5 2023
How 3 Self-Care Tips Helped Peter Back on His Feet After Losing His Wife to Cancer 6 Months Ago

Peter is a 52-year-old retired veteran who lives in a small town outside San Jose, California. He is otherwise a healthy, outgoing guy. His family and friend describe him as an easygoing and lovable person.

Peter received the purple heart award for servi…

Adam R. Tabriz, MD
Spiritual Healing
Feb 14 2023
A Hypnotherapist's Journey to Healing and Light

Connect with your Higher Self.
Remember who you are.

~ Mateusz Bajerski, Spiritual Consultant


This is the journey of Spiritual Consultant Mateusz Bajerski, incorporating hypnotherapy into his healing practice.

The Journey

From a pilgr…

Mateusz Bajerski
Emotional Stress Release
Feb 24 2023
“Feeling Defeated?” Yes. That’s Good

Sometimes, in our life, we feel defeated. You and me. All people. When we feel defeated, we think of abandoning all the things.

Why is that?

Actually are we defeated?

What do you think?
The answer SHOULD be “NO”.

We have dreams. We have aims. We work …

Madhawa Habarakada
Emotional Stress Release
Feb 26 2023
He Was Sent By The Holy Spirit Not Holy Cult

Like Christmas, weekends has their strangling appeal to different people of different age group. Mainly, when young, every day looks like Christmas to you and weekend is like double Christmas. That is if you are from Christmas observing nations.
I am not …

Philip Ebuluofor
Human Rights
Mar 2 2023
Women's History Month

I am a Transgender Woman and It’s Women’s History Month which means the world to all transgender women. It’s the time of the year when we should scream from the rooftops we belong in the feminine universe known as women. I know you regulars probably have …

Jessie J Hart
Mar 27 2023
The Science Behind Mindfulness: How it Promotes Mental and Physical Well-being

Exploring the Growing Body of Research on the Benefits of Mindfulness for Health and Happiness

Mindfulness has become a buzzword in recent years, with many people turning to this practice as a way to reduce stress, improve focus, and increase overall wel…

Ashleigh Nicole
Career Coaching
Apr 20 2023
Motivation Principle #120: Limitations Make Us Smarter

Oftentimes, we feel that limitations keep us from reaching our goals.

This may depress us and kill our motivation. We might even end up on the couch, self-medicating on Netflix and sugary food.
I believe it is important and helpful to reframe limitations…

Christiaan Eijzinga
Social Psychology
Apr 22 2023
Stupidity, The Way Of The Cowards

Peace of the mind is what we all crave and what almost all of us are sweating seriously each day to deny ourselves.
I tell you that I never go out seeking to see those blocking that particular quest from themselves at least consciously but yet it’s one…

Philip Ebuluofor
May 18 2023
Love Is What We Need

An article published in USA Today last July posed the question: Why are mass shooters getting younger and deadlier? The statistics and available research showed we have a serious problem in case we hadn’t noticed —

This article provided articulate proof …

Betsy Ern
Life Coaching
May 18 2023
Let Your Heart Lead (How to Follow Your Heart)

“Let Your Heart Lead” is a slight shift from “Follow Your Heart” in that it instructs “How to” do so. It is an action taken from within, an inquiry into the Heart while requesting that your thinking, analyzing, planning and controlling egoic parts take a …

Betsy Ern
Inner Child Healing
May 18 2023
Bringing Love Where It Has Never Been Before

Just as darkness cannot exist where there is light, Love overcomes the darkness of the Soul in all its manifestations. Love is the salve, the healer, the alchemist that can overcome and transmute all that is thirsty for its incomparable qualities of Mercy…

Betsy Ern
May 17 2023
How to Read the Destiny Matrix Chart: A Guide to Your Life's Blueprint

In the vast realm of metaphysical practices, the Destiny Matrix Chart stands out as a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. Derived from ancient wisdom and modern interpretations, this chart offers insights into the intricate…

Demi Powell
Social Psychology
May 16 2023
Optimist Realism: Taking Responsibility for Your Fate

For all my life I’ve been an optimist, I always believed that good things are not only possible but happen to be just around the corner. I don’t know how or why I’ve became an optimist, it felt like something that I always was and always will be, and I li…

Yotam Yehidi
Life Coaching
May 10 2023
I Received Some Very Unsettling News!

In my previous blog, I had written about being diagnosed with severe anemia resulting in the need for an immediate transfusion. I had also mentioned that I was scheduled for several medical procedures to figure out the cause of the anemia. A colonoscopy a…

Gary Merel
May 6 2023
Discover Your Life Purpose

Determining one’s purpose in life can be a challenging task for many people. Finding the things that bring you the most joy and satisfaction in life can be daunting. However, it is a vital pursuit, as it is at the heart of a purposeful and rewarding exist…

Gustavo Braule
May 6 2023
Life Purpose Meditation: Finding Clarity and Direction in Your Life

Meditation aimed at discovering one’s purpose in life can be a powerful tool for bringing clarity and direction to one’s life. Personally, I have experienced its effectiveness in connecting with my inner self, allowing me to gain a deeper understanding of…

Gustavo Braule
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