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What is Enlightenment or Rather What Enlightenment Isn't

Mar 6, 2024
Luna Phoenix Camille
Core Spirit member since Oct 25, 2023
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What Is Enlightenment? Or Rather What Isn't Enlightenment?

I know first hand what it is like to be dazzled by the fake Guru, a person that is so self assured they have all the answers to your life's problems and to everyone else's problems. They study a little information, they study and observe what people know and don't know as they are reading people very well. They then use dark psychology in order to manipulate people or in my case it was me, an individual by myself, but more about my personal experience later. In a lot of cases people can learn NLP Neuro linguistic Programming and if this great tool is in the hands of someone very toxic, let's say a narcissist, sociopath, psychopath then it can be very dangerous.
These people understand psychology and use dark psychological tactics, such as gaslighting and right after them finding out your life story, and I assure you, you will tell them everything, because someone that has suffered childhood abuse, sexual, mental, emotional, rape will have tell tale signs, body language reveals everything about a person, as does, energy and if the new abuser, fake Guru uses psychology, NLP you can be sure they will use it to their advantage in gaining information, money, sex and much more, and narcissists strive in an environment which is sexually guided and victims strive in an environment of love, these two tools are very different but the line can be easily blurred when the victim is seeking intimacy and love, therefore the narcissist, fake Guru, sociopath, psychopath will use sex to show a form of intimacy, as they know people can accept sex as to be close to others especially when they are lonely, sad, lost in life and if you are a woman especially but it can happen to men also, if you are a vulnerable uncertain person, backpacking in another country or you are travelling for business you can become a potential target.

These people portray themselves to be so enlightened, and this is my point, what is enlightenment? or rather what it isn't? and who is the most enlightened if people became so enlightened, then there would be no need, or room to grow, develop and to be nurtured further, what do you think? Who has the right to say they are the most enlightened? no one, life is a series of challenges, purgatory perhaps, tests, trials and tribulations. We are supposed to fall and get back up, we are supposed to wonder into the darkness or how else could we ever find the light. Through the dark night of the soul, when the tower falls crashing everything down to the ground all around you, just like the tarot card the tower, and when after you have a few mini dark night of the soul, you then have the biggest M.F of them all a dark night of the soul that creates turmoil within your life, destruction, it is only then after the destruction, that wisdom, a light shines upon any of us, because we can all become a light, a beacon of knowledge the Hierophant just like in the tarot card. You can master your life and then share the subject in hand, the knowledge you gained from the experience you had and the knowledge you keep gaining from all your life's experiences.

It is only in our search for knowing, truth or what we think is the truth, because these people can convince us so easily that they have the truth, because we have doubts of it in the first place. I will share with you a few people who maybe the greatest of minds and ones who are the very problem with this society, and those of you reading my article may like some and not like the rest, because simply it depends on your own spiritual and life path, the knowledge that you are supposed to find. But before I continue, if a light worker, teachers, coaches, healers, energy workers/herbalists are so far away from the human condition, and what I mean by this is simply, if they feel themselves to be perfect and the rest of us are all perfectly imperfect, well then those are not the people you should be listening to, for they are the exact kinds of people who could be narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths. Now, I am not going to tell you who you should listen to, learn from or even let yourself be healed by, I don't have all the answers for I am only learning myself, but in my experience, my own research and observation from quite a young age I always went on my feeling, I knew I never liked the news, whether be TV or radio and I never liked or appreciated when adults around me told me what political stance I should take, and I was always told I am too sensitive, so since I am a sensitive a clairsentient, INFJ psychology I must always share truth and If I am to share truth then why would I listen to people in society, who wish to bend the truth, mislead others, brainwash our community and this is my point to enlightenment or rather what enlightenment is not.


Abraham Hicks, Esther and Jerry Hicks receive information from Abraham, an entity they channel since 1985, I have been listening to them for ten plus year and although my life has not changed in the way I have hoped, I do still believe in their teaching because it takes time. I love how they say we are all co-creators and it can also be irritating because when we create our life positively we can also create negatively and that is a hard pill to swallow but it's the truth and this is what they wish to share truth, I don't feel mislead by them I feel they have intention to free us from the matrix that is society, communistic teachings, anarchy, self sufficiency is the umbrella they fall under and of course this generation of witches and wizards I say this because they speak about freedom, self choices, magic as energy and hope of self-empowerment. Now I understand people must make a living and to those of you who choose to invest in these spiritual teachings, life coaching, it can cost a pretty penny but you also have to ask how much it costs to stay ignorant, ignorance is not bliss. Living in this society costs our very truth, knowledge, souls, heart it costs to by into the economy, capitalism, perhaps you wish to buy a new laptop, video game, fashion trend, jewellery, cigarettes, alcohol, makeup take a percentage out of the crap you buy to stay so sedentary, being a sheep and I say this, well! I try to say this respectfully, but the truth is direct so I can't say it any more polite, it is what it is, by sacrificing one object a material that won't even benefit your life, for an investment into your spiritual journey, which will give you a sense of growth and development for the future, now that pretty penny sounds like so much more gain than a lack.
Tony Robbins, for twenty plus years he has been motivating people in their life. And he motivates me everyday, it's in his words and his methods in the hardest times in my life to be even more helpful, he is real, because he has suffered himself, he doesn't claim to have all the answers, he's not perfect, he is relatable and this is why he is so successful. He shares his past burdens, struggles as this is what a coach, healer is supposed to be kind of like a cautionary tale and the say don't do like I do, but learn from my mistakes, he is preventative like most exceptional coaches and being a coach teacher healer/Therapist Practitioner myself using your own life's experiences, observations is a great tool to help your clients, students in their life.

A few more positive mentions:

Dr Dwayne Dwyer Change Your Thoughts Change Your Reality teachings of Toa Te Ching, a monk. Dr Dwayne Dwyer has many more teachings I have yet to read, but just like Abraham Hicks he has been teaching, coaching since the eighties perhaps earlier, but he is not alive anymore.
Teal Swan Spiritual Teacher Coach, really phenomenal work.

I will only mention a few more now, but ones who are more on a negative note,

Keith Raniere , Nancy Salzman, Alison Mack NXIVM perfect example of using NLP what I explained earlier, how this group used dark psychology to manipulate people, men and women into a sex cult, disguised as a wellness community.
Scientology which is still at large today and using celebrities such as Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Lea Remini has actually been speaking about the abuse that she went through in her childhood, and the abuse families went through, child labour, sexual abuse, mental and emotional abuse. Narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths are all in this cult, religion set out to disillusion us, blind us.

The Children of God also a sex cult.

The Christian and Catholic Church even though most people don't wish to admit to this, but cases arising in the past fifty plus years on child sexual abuse with priests and nuns, should enlighten you more, since this is an article about enlightenment, the true enlightenment is to cast out lies and anyone of us can be in truth if we really want to be.

I could go on and mention hundreds and thousands more and I probably will return to this topic in an article or perhaps a book, I hope my insights, research, scripting will eventually be mind body and spirit books, only time will tell but it is in my greatest intention to teach, coach and heal others and I hope my writing is received well as I only wish to share the truth. From my own experience coming from childhood trauma it is hard to research these topics but when you teach, coach and heal others, you are forced to bring all the pain from your subconscious in to the light, the surface so that you can help others, so I hope the truth I share helps.

I didn't go through these cult experiences so intensely, but rather I was at the beginning of a potential cult following, I met a Jesus wannabe a cult commune leader type, and I was manipulated he told me I was evil, called me a narcissist he did use sex against me, NLP against me but you see those that call peoples narcissists are in fact narcissists. He love bombed me made me want him as he knew how to read the abuse from my childhood, that was imbedded in my body language he read the tell tale signs as he understood psychology and this is why it is so dangerous, if we don't heal a 100% but we can never truly heal either, sensitives, true healers coaches teachers can be the victim again and again because the fake guru latches on to the sensitive because it is how they truly learn to be sensitive, in their observation of sensitive people they learn to emulate characteristics so then they can create their fake image in order to trick and mislead others. He told me he will show me real books I can learn from as I didn't know the real truth and also taught me how to starve myself as this was part of his manipulation in ecological farms especially if you volunteer to stay they do look at how much food you eat, they monitor you, he wasn't a farm yet at that time but I was on many and they were all bad, taking advantage of people and he was just beginning his, so my relationship to food because it was negative he was able to use to his advantage, this is what they do, they observe the lack in you the seeker in you, and when you trust these people enough you are easier mislead, manipulated you are manipulated worse if you are attracted to the fake Guru, they will love bomb you, you may fall in love with them or believe it is love until you are so desperate to want and need them. And then you will be discarded, thrown away.

In Conclusion, I would say the path to your enlightenment or rather what your enlightenment is not, don't be disillusioned by others and society be the seeker of your own truth and be authentic.

Luna Phoenix Camille
Growing Through Nature Association
Coach, Teacher, Reiki Therapist Practitioner, Writer, Painter/Illustrator

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