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$50 USD
healing session
Mediumship Reading

You will be connected to a loved one in Spirit. i will provide evidence for you to recognize the disincarnate person, then provide a message if they have one.

Luna Rose
$20 USD
healing session
Spiritual Mediumship readings

Spiritual mediums link to loved ones in the spirit world, we make those links through you, these can be carried out on distance readings written or recorded.
I have Guides I work with regularly who help your loved ones send you messages.

Angels and Ancestors
Guided Meditation
$10 USD
Meditation For Grief

Navigating grief is hard, even without a global pandemic, and it’s certainly that much harder with it. Grief is a normal response to loss during or after a disaster or other traumatic event. It can happen in response to loss of life, as well as to drastic changes to daily routines and ways of life that usually bring us comfort and a feeling of stability.

Grieving the loss of a loved one while coping with the fear and anxiety related to the COVID-19 pandemic can be especially overwhelming. The pandemic is forcing many of us to change the way we go about our daily lives. With those changes, some of us are experiencing a wave of losses: economic, social, physical and emotional. For some, these losses may build up and lead to feelings of grief.

During the pandemic, the family and close friends of a person who died of COVID-19 may experience stigma, such as social avoidance or rejection. Stigma hurts everyone by creating fear or anger towards other people. Some people may avoid contacting you, your family members, and friends when they would normally reach out to you.

Dina will explain the stages of grief and share a nourishing meditation practice to tap into your healing wisdom, find courage in the face of suffering, and uncover inner resources to deal with grief.

Dina Omar
Shamanic Healing
$20 USD

Describe what is bothering you, I’ll tell you what I see.

Andrew Rice
$30 USD
30 Minute Reiki Session

Reiki healing, a realignment of your energy body and chakras. Any messages that come from spirit guides/family members are passed on in a report via email after the session has concluded.

Reiki Vidya Healing
$40 USD
healing session
one on one acupuncture and shiatsu both private and community style

I offer a range of options of in person services. Please see my website booking link to book and for specific rates :)

my rates for in person services begin at $40 USD and range up to around $140 usd

Lamia Gibson
$50 USD
1 Hour Reiki Session

Reiki healing, a realignment of your energy body and chakras. Any messages that come from spirit guides/family members are passed on in a report via email after the session has concluded.

Reiki Vidya Healing
Near-Death Experiences (NDE)
$40 USD
coaching session
Grief Therapy

Grief Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that aims to help people cope with the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and cognitive responses to loss. These experiences are commonly thought to be brought on by a loved person’s death, but may more broadly be understood as shaped by any significant life-altering loss (e.g., divorce, home foreclosure, or job loss).

Tanaya Vaidya
Career Coaching
$35 USD
coaching session
Bereavement Coaching

Find balance In your life & work with a life coach to bring the balance back and learn to cope with grief.

SEA - Supportive, Empathetic & Affordable

Maxine K Brown
$100 USD
healing session
Hello from Heaven

Receive messages from loved ones on the other side. They may not be what you WANT to hear but they will always be what you NEED to hear.

Ramona Oliver
$60 USD
therapy session
Mediumship Readings

During my mediumship readings, I am able to connect to loved ones above and relay any messages told through channeling them.

Doreen O'Hara
Spiritual Healing
$125 USD
healing session
Grief work

What Grief is …
What Grief is not…

Grief and Grieving support for anyone wanting to integrate Grief into their lives.

Grief integration happens as we talk, press on points, listen and be with whatever you have.

Lamia Gibson
Registered individuals enjoy all the possibilities of Core Spirit.