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Spiritual mediums link to loved ones in the spirit world, we make those links through you, these can be carried out on distance readings written or recorded.
I have Guides I work with regularly who help your loved ones send you messages.

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AaA offers Spiritual and Life Mentoring, this is a holistic approach for your unique and special experince, I am a qualified Social worker looking after the physical and mental needs of others for 33 years added acredited courses in spiritual, life and law of attraction coaching. I have qualified as a Hypnotherapist and am practicing Past life regression locally.

43 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2020


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No lovely you can contact who you like as long as you have a name and age at time of death

Alina Lee
Apr 26, 2021

If it is done through me, should it be only my relative who i can contact to?

$20 USD
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