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Private Ascension Sessions

coaching session
$300 USD
$300 USD

I can help you with these 3 main aspects:

  • Source alignment
    Raise your vibration, improve your alignment with Source, and receive higher guidance and clarity on your evolutionary journey.

  • 5D Consciousness Integration
    Master your polarity, heal and integrate the multidimensional aspects of your soul, accessing your 5D Consciousness and abilities.

  • New Earth Mission
    Activate your unique codes and soul blueprint, master your energetic signature and align with your New Earth and Starseed mission.

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Lembongan, Nusapenida, Kabupaten Klungkung, Bali, Indonesia

I am an ascension mentor, an intuitive guide, an embodiment coach and a 5D Visionary.

My mission is to assist and help you transition from the old to the new (5D consciousness integration) and remember your sovereignty, true potential and mission.

On Core Spirit since June 2021

Alex Buta

Hello beautiful souls, I channeled this in writing from the Arcturians and it will be in my book. Enjoy!

"For us, time doesn’t exist as it exists for you. We don’t have the concept of “past, present, future”.

Time for us represents a state of consciousness that is accessed through presence. When we access
this state of presence that you describe as “the now moment”, we are accessing every possibility that
is available in the universal creation from our consciousness perspective, in the 9th dimension.

From here we can explore and create anything that our current dimension of consciousness allows us
to. We, and you and all other beings in this universe, all have access to the same now moment.

You as humans there on Earth at this time, also have access to the same now moment, however,
your possibilities are limited to your current dimension of consciousness available, which is the 3rd,
4th, and the 5th.

There is no other now, and there is no separation between any event that was recorded in the
existence of our known universe.

This means that any memory, any experience that you had in the past or you might have in the future, is accessible and available to you through the now

You can access through the quantum field any memory of what you call “past” and change it, or any vision of what you call future, and integrate it as your reality, whenever you want. This is called timeline shifting/collapsing …"

The rest is longer and it goes more into depth, this is just an excerpt that I felt guided to share. Does it makes sense for you?

Alex Buta

To function more in the 5D unity consciousness, we have to purify and harmonize the main 5 multidimensional aspects of the body.

Remember, our soul is already ascended, our soul functions already in the 5D and above, so most of the journey here on Earth is about fine tuning the body to be able to embody more the frequency of the soul and the new ascension frequencies that are constantly being integrated into Earth's grid (4D, 5D).

As I mentioned, our body contains 5 layers. These layers are completely activated, integrated and harmonized, in the 5D. These layers (bodies) are:
- the physical body
- the magnetic body (feminine)
- the electric body (masculine)
- the light body (soul)
- the subconscious body (DNA programming)

Within these 5 bodies there are other layers as well. All of them are being upgraded in the 5D with new frequencies and codes of functioning that are new for us because we never walked the Earth in 5D on a grand scale.

We had glimpses throughout our long forgotten Lemuria, Atlantis, a little bit in the Oldest Kingdom of ancient Egypt, and in other incarnations on other constellations thoughout our galaxy. Now we remember more and more, as our planet ascends.

However, the process is real. The transition is real and without the proper guidance it can take way longer than it has too. It took me 8 years at least to purify all my bodies to a degree that I feel mostly integrated and stabilized in 5D.

Times are different now as we are processing even faster. My mission here is to help the advanced souls and Starseeds who are ready for this journey. Who are ready to integrate and embody more their 5D consciousness. On a practical level, not just in theory. Reach out to me directly if you feel this calling!

Alex Buta

Years ago, I could never imagine that co-creating with the universe can be so effortless. Call it galactic guides, higher self, Source, spirit guides, it doesn't matter.

What matters is to shift our perspective from struggle and victim mindset to wonder and excitement to be alive.

Even if sometimes feels challenging, even when we just want to give up or feel hopeless.

In fact, let's give ourselves some credit, for we truly are doing amazing work from the inside out.

We are the generations that are experiencing the greatest consciousness shift on this planet, ending the separation consciousness.

So basically, it takes three things to be able to effortlessly co-create with the universe. Trust, surrender and frequency alignment work.

Sounds to good to be true, right?

I know, because we've been so deeply conditioned to put the effort, to hustle, to do hard work and fight for our survival that we don't really know how to trust deeply, how to surrender fully and how to let our emotions guide us clearly.

Those who are on the leading edge of creating the new world, the new Earth, already know what I am talking about.

And those who are ready to discover what is possible are yet to experience so much magic, so much abundance, and so much beauty that this world never experienced yet. It is the next step evolutionary. It is the future of our civilization and you know what's even more exciting? It can already be experienced in this very moment. In the NOW. In fact, that's the only place we can truly create from.

Alex Buta

A lot for me has changed in the way I see and understand romantic relationships.

What I see is that most of humans are in co-dependent relationships. Probably more than 95%. I know this is a bold statement, but really, look at it from afar. You can see it. You can feel it and smell it.

Sovereign and interdependent relationships are still something that we are collectively exploring and learning, and yes, they are possible. I believe so blindly, I have too, because that's what I want for myself. That's what I envision and nothing less. I am ready for that!

To be in a sovereign relationship means to love one just for the sake of love. You love them because you love yourself enough.

You love them not because of how they love you, but really because you like who they are, and want to share your love, your energy, your time with them.

Pretty clear, and this happens with simple friendships as well. Of course, if they love you back in the way that resonates with you, then that's it. Both of your expectations of each other are met. You can dance, you can co-create.

It is not even based on growth, just pure love and respect towards one another. Growth happens in this dynamic by default, either we want it or not, for pure love pushes us to overcome our limitations and to expand into the purest versions of ourselves.

Most of the masculine-feminine dynamics and stereotypes come from the primal survival consciousness since we were in caves, so if you rely upon that to define your attraction towards your partner, then don't get surprised when you exhaust your experiences together and step out of that survival frequency, that you don't have much in common anymore.
Of course it can be resuscitated if the flame is still there, but it's a thin line.

What's your perspective on romantic relationships?

Alex Buta

I was writing this today in my book and I felt to share it with you because I personally felt so much with it:

"Your civilization has never been more ready for the next step in evolution.
You carry a unique blueprint in your DNA because of your Starseed-Earthlings mixing history, which makes you be one with all beings, not only on an awareness level but on a physical level as well.

For this reason Earth and your civilization teach us all in the Galaxy and beyond something extremely valuable that was never experienced before in this way. We hope you can see the vastness, beauty, and importance of this, and what it actually means to be human.

You are not just rising as a species in a way that no other civilization did before, but with your rising, you are closing separation timeliness not only on your planet, but in this Galaxy and beyond.

This will have a ripple effect throughout the entire universe.

This is monumental and now you can see even clearer why we are fascinated by you, why we are interested in your evolution so closely over the years and why we volunteered to add to your human journey and support your ascension whenever you are open to receive.

As you learn from us, we are learning from you as well!"

Alex Buta

The thing about contrast is that it will always be there, for we live in a dual universe. We cannot escape contrast. We will always experience some contrast.
We need it to expand, to grow, to plant new seeds and desires and to create.

However, there are different ways to experience contrast. It can be rough and painful, or it can be soft and manageable.
I observed that the higher my dominant vibration is, contrast becomes so much easier to navigate.

For example, if my dominant vibration is one of genuine happiness and satisfaction, the contrast shows up as an emotion of boredom or neutrality.
While if my dominant vibration is one of neutrality and boredom, then the contrast shows up as frustration or anger.

I learned to be mindful of my dominant vibration and maintain it as high as possible if I want to experience softer contrast, it's simply energy and frequency alchemy.

Of course, deep healing processes can often interfere and make things a little bit more painful and messy, but even those, can be manageable and less painful, if we learn how to be in charge of our energy and how to alchemize it.

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Yes, definitely Kris! I am an expert in laws of attraction and manifestation, as I live my life deliberately based on them for the last 4 years. 😊

Kris Osum3y

Will this session help me get closer to what I want?

Alex Buta
5D Consciousness explained in 5 minutes
Alex Buta
Apr 22, 2024, 00:00
Private Ascension Sessions

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Welcome to my Vegan Oasis 🪷
I'm a Holistic Health Coach, a Raw Food Nutritionist, a Vegan Nutrition Coach, and an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. I'm coaching people to go vegan or raw vegan. My holistic approach healed people even from serious diseases. I create meal plans for people from all over the world. I'm working with health professionals as well such as coaches, doctors nutritionists, detox retreats, and wellness hotels.
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This form of Reiki is based in Egypt and is considered the extension of healing and well-being from the **Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. **

The main principle of this form of Reiki is to promote positivity and build** a stronger sense of spirituality **through the opening of chakras and delivering a strong light or **healing power. **

The effects are powerful, and many people report the effects of just one session lasting for more than several days.

The treatment focuses on** healing, emotionally **and mentally, from situations that cause grieving or other stressful scenarios, including marital breakdown, loss of employment, and other difficult experiences in life.


  • Fast physical, spiritual, and emotional healing
  • Assists in the manifestation of goals
  • A stronger sense of inner peace and acceptance.
  • Increases your self-awareness and your relationships with your relationships, love, family, friends, or coworkers.
  • Increases your feeling of being alive
  • It helps accelerate your spiritual growth and communication with your Higher Self


The duration of the Reiki healing session is 30 minutes and an additional 15 minute Chakra alignment


Bring some music that you find relaxing to you.
Go to the bathroom before the session so that you can lie down
comfortably without the distraction of feeling the need to go to the toilet.
You can place gemstones and crystals on your body or around you. Trust that you will receive exactly what you need at that moment.
Use your favorite essential oil. Essential oils can raise our vibration and open the chakras for further healing.
You can clear your space with sage.

Other comments

About Sekhmet
Sekhem (or Sekhmet) is an ancient Egyptian word that means “Universal Energy or Power”, roughly translated as “Power of Powers”. Sekhem in Egyptian hieroglyphs is symbolized by the scepter, and it represents the connection between Heaven and Earth.

...There are no other known energy systems that can compare with the high vibrational energy of Sekhem, nor does any other energy work at a deeper soul level. It also allows you to heal, and it helps your personality and spirituality, so you can find your soul’s purpose and unlock your full potential.

SEKHMET” was regarded as the Goddess of Healing, Protection, and Destruction of Illness.
For the Egyptians, magic was a normal part of everyday life. It was used in very formal religious rituals and was considered an integral part of medicine at all levels.

The traditional number of sessions is four. This tends to give you enough time to evaluate the benefits, if any, you are receiving.
When you are facing a serious illness, most people would suggest a series of four sessions completed in less than one week.

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Hand Analysis - Startup Session

In 30 minutes, I answer any questions that you might have about yourself and tell you your core personality archetype. I'll analyze your hands, share your life pattern to you in 1-1 session

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Emotional Freedom Technique
Patricia Vasconcelos
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30 Minute Free Info Session - Online via ZOOM

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Book a free info session and I can answer all of the questions.

By registered users: 54
Life Coaching
Arevik Hayrapetyan
Apr 21, 2024, 04:00
Breakthrough Coaching Session (Relationships, Self-love, Self-Confidence)

Coaching with me is a transformational experience, which brings forth tangible results and significant changes in every single area of your life.

The areas I can help you with include, but are not limited to

✔️ gaining clarity in your values, priorities and life purpose

✔️ cultivating self-awareness, self-confidence and self-love

✔️ creating fulfilling and meaningful relationships (whether you are single, married or in a relationship)

✔️ performing to your highest potential, whether in Sports or in Business

✔️ taking your career/business to the next level or transitioning into another career

✔️ identifying the patterns and beliefs, that are holding you back

✔️ work-life balance and setting healthy boundaries

✔️ conscious parenting

✔️ emotional, mental health and well-being

✔️ creating more joy, meaning and fulfillment in your life

The N of coaching sessions required depends on your specific situation.

During each session I create a safe container for you to EXPLORE, HEAL & TRANSFORM your patterns and bring positive changes into your life!

I am the Coach, who makes sure that You are being, living and creating to your fullest potential.

You deserve to heal! You deserve to thrive!


P.S. I coach in English, Russian, Armenian and improving my French to be able to work with French speaking clients.

By registered users: 32
Shamanic Healing
Joanna Rose Tierney
Apr 21, 2024, 08:00
Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is done distantly or face to face.

In a shamanic healing I do a list of healings in one session. For me it is like looking at each piece of the puzzle to make sure all the piece are in line and ready to go back into place to make the person whole again.

In a shamanic healing I do:

  • Ancestral Healing
  • Crystal Healing,
  • Curse, Hicks and Spells Removal,
  • Life Contracts,
  • Possession and Entity Removal,
  • Inner Child Healing,
  • Past Life Healing,
  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing,
  • Karma Clearing
  • Soul Retrieval,

Love and Light

Joanna Rose Tierney

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Matthew Anthony DeRubertis
Apr 22, 2024, 13:00
Private Meditation Session

It is my aim to help you build a meditation practice that works for you.

At first, meditation can feel intimidating to approach. I'm here to make it simple by giving you a clear path to incorporating meditation into your daily life, and experiencing the numerous benefits.

In a guided meditation session, we will:

  • Spend a little time getting to know eachother
  • Talk about how to approach meditation
  • Actually do a guided meditation together!

You will come away from the session with a practice created specifically for you to help create more harmony in YOUR life.

I look forward to working together!

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This service is perfectly suited for those who are looking for individual single sessions to reduce their immediate levels of anxiety that causes lack of concentration, focus, sleep disorders, incapacity to take proper personal or professional decisions, as well as hyper activity originated by their excess of work related stress.

At the same time, this online session is indicated to those with depressive symptoms, lack of self-steam, as well as mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion, helping to align their body, mind, emotions and soul, as well as to increase self confidence.

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