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Jun 21, 2021
Alex Buta
Core Spirit member since Jun 21, 2021
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A lot for me has changed in the way I see and understand romantic relationships.

What I see is that most of humans are in co-dependent relationships. Probably more than 95%. I know this is a bold statement, but really, look at it from afar. You can see it. You can feel it and smell it.

Sovereign and interdependent relationships are still something that we are collectively exploring and learning, and yes, they are possible. I believe so blindly, I have too, because that's what I want for myself. That's what I envision and nothing less. I am ready for that!

To be in a sovereign relationship means to love one just for the sake of love. You love them because you love yourself enough.

You love them not because of how they love you, but really because you like who they are, and want to share your love, your energy, your time with them.

Pretty clear, and this happens with simple friendships as well. Of course, if they love you back in the way that resonates with you, then that's it. Both of your expectations of each other are met. You can dance, you can co-create.

It is not even based on growth, just pure love and respect towards one another. Growth happens in this dynamic by default, either we want it or not, for pure love pushes us to overcome our limitations and to expand into the purest versions of ourselves.

Most of the masculine-feminine dynamics and stereotypes come from the primal survival consciousness since we were in caves, so if you rely upon that to define your attraction towards your partner, then don't get surprised when you exhaust your experiences together and step out of that survival frequency, that you don't have much in common anymore.
Of course it can be resuscitated if the flame is still there, but it's a thin line.

What's your perspective on romantic relationships?

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