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Life Uncertainty

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River Blue
River Blues A Year And A Day orientation Days

Join us for Two days of Orientation for A Year And A Day esoteric School for Witchcraft and Eaoteric practices. Start Your Training for free with this one of a kind all inclusive program and recover a fill year and a day training for FREE!

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. It doesn't matter if your a beginner or an experienced practitioner, all are welcome!

Upon completion of the program you will receive your certificate of completion as well as being officially initiated in the practice. Remember ALL classes are FREE!

During our orientation you will learn what to expect from the year and a day training. Engage with us and be entered into a drawing for FREE goodies.

Be sure to sign up for classes so that you don't miss out on any of the lessons. You can do that on our website or through any of our social media platforms!
We look forward to seeing you at Orientation!

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Spiritual Healing
Cosmic Mysteries School
Healing and Elevating Your Consciousness Immersed in Ascended Masters Love!


Healing and Elevating Your Consciousness Immersed in Ascended Masters Love is an ongoing class. In this bi-weekly class group member’s experience healing and elevate their consciousness and receive healing and Love!

Target audience

Anyone seeking healing and higher consciousness.


Healing of body, mind and spirit!
Elevation of consciousness.
Support for who you are and your life!
Contact with Ascended Masters and receiving their Love and energy transmission.


Participate in with a group that is focused on healing and Love and receive large amounts of energy and healing and Love!

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Spiritual Healing
Mateusz Bajerski
Find Freedom and Relief through Self-Hypnosis: Learn How to Let Go and Feel Free

> Remember who you are.

~ Mateusz Bajerski, Spiritual Consultant


Join us for a guided hypnosis session, where we will use self-hypnosis techniques to connect with your Higher Self and uncover the blocks that are holding you back.

Target audience

Are you looking to let go of repressed (unconscious blocking) and suppressed (voluntary blocking) emotions that are holding you back?


This session will bring you closer in alignment with your authentic self: this alignment releases tension points and resistance.

This session is guided and based upon the teachings of Hypnosis. Our subconscious is moulded by our external environment which turns into our inner beliefs. Guided hypnosis, upon which meditation and visualisation are built, opens the possibility for us to create a safe space within our own Self to explore our inner reality without judgement or self-critique. It connects us with our Higher Self: a compassionate, calm, confident and curious being within each and all of us.


During this guided hypnosis session, we will use the power of guided self-hypnosis to connect with your Higher Self to bring to the surface specific tension points/resistance in order to feel lighter and free-er.


Breathe in deeply and out slowly five times before this event. Set your intentions. Please ensure you are sober.

Disclaimer: Please note that the effective letting go of suppressed and repressed emotions requires a hypnotherapy practice that is sustained in order for our brain to create new neural pathways. A single one-time sitting will have positive effects for a temporary period of time only. It is possible to nurture long-lasting and permanent positive outcomes with targeted guided hypnotherapy over a sustained period of time.

About the host

With a BA in Philosophy and an MA in Cognitive Science, Mateusz Bajerski, Dip. Hyp. HWHP, is part of the Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association (PHPA). He trained at UK’s Hypnotic World International Academy of Hypnotherapy–GHSC Assessed and Accredited. He was also a student of Dr Aleksander Daniłow, a psychotherapist in clinical hypnosis working with politicians, business people and actors. He trained at the practice of the renowned Dr Andrzej Kaczorowski, the author of “Conscious and Unconscious Self-Hypnosis: The Effective Therapy To Release Your Limitations,” “The Power of Hypnosis,” “Reincarnation And Hypnosis In Therapy,” “Hypnosis and Dreams,” “Reincarnation In Hypnotherapy” and “Reincarnation in Hypnosis.”

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Kayla Stan
Tap Into the Patterns of the Universe: Introduction to Numerology Charts

Interested in going deeper and learning how to do numerology readings yourself? This is the seminar from you! Learn how to break down the numbers in someone's name, and birthday so you can interpret their soul's blueprint. Learn the major numbers that dictate our soul's desire, personality, life path, and destiny number and understand strategies for building a profile and blueprint for others. Join me on Saturday mornings to go deeper into this practice.

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Past Life Regression
Marije Terluin
Past Life Regression Workshop

A fun and easy way to experience hypnosis, and find out information about yourself that will help you in your current life.

The workshop consists of 3 different exercises:
In the first exercise we’ll visit a past life. Most people have lived many lives; however, the one you will experience in the workshop is the one your Higher Self picks for you to see. It will be a past lifetime that offers information that will benefit you in your present-day life.
In the second part we will connect to one of your spirit guides, and you will get a message from them.
And in the last exercise we will visit a future life. There will be lots of interaction in between the exercises.

Doing a past life regression feels much like a guided meditation. During hypnosis you are always in your own control, and you will feel relaxed and refreshed, when the workshop is done.

- Notebook and pen
- Glass of water
- Eye mask (optional)

- Create a comfortable spot where you can lean back
- Make it extra cosy by lighting some candles and/or your favourite incense
- Wear comfortable clothing
- Set your intention prior to our session
- Have your phone/doorbell/other devices on mute
- Make sure all notifications on your computer are off so you won’t be distracted during our session.
- Make sure you won’t be disturbed by anyone

- Don’t drink any coffee or alcohol before the workshop
- Drink plenty of water
- Make sure you eat beforehand
- Make sure you have privacy, and won’t be disturbed during the workshop
- Have no expectations and come with an open mind!

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