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Healing and Elevating Your Consciousness Immersed in Ascended Masters Love!

$62 USD
$62 USD


Healing and Elevating Your Consciousness Immersed in Ascended Masters Love is an ongoing class. In this bi-weekly class group member’s experience healing and elevate their consciousness and receive healing and Love!

Target audience

Anyone seeking healing and higher consciousness.


Healing of body, mind and spirit!
Elevation of consciousness.
Support for who you are and your life!
Contact with Ascended Masters and receiving their Love and energy transmission.


Participate in with a group that is focused on healing and Love and receive large amounts of energy and healing and Love!

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Provided By

Patricia Morris Cardona, MS, APRN, BC, co-founder of the 501 (c) (3) charitable foundation, The Cosmic Mysteries School.
Patricia performs healings in-person and remotely for 36 years. Patricia helps others learn to use energy medicine, ceremony, meditation for healing and rejuvenating the body, and accelerating the frequency of spirit into Cosmic Consciousness.

On Core Spirit since August 2021

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