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Brain Hacking
Dr Sannjay
Nurturing Mental Health: The Bread Crumbing Technique
In the vast landscape of mental health strategies, there exists a subtle yet profound technique known as “bread crumbing.” Like Hansel and Gretel in the fairytale, individuals navigating their mental health journey leave behind tiny breadcrumbs to guide t…
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Cognitive Psychology
Soul Academy, PLLC
Grief and Loss
Did you know… There are over 40 types of losses and include obvious losses such as death, pet loss, divorce, job loss, or a natural disaster. Other less thought about include moving, health-related issues or a disability, starting or ending school, n…
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Emotional Stress Release
Maxine K Brown
Navigating the Complex Emotions of Grief- Understanding its Many Triggers
Understanding the Complexity of Grief Grief is a complex and deeply personal emotion that can be triggered by a variety of experiences and circumstances. Whether you have recently lost a loved one, experienced a significant life change, or are navigating…
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Bantu Chk
Reflections of a Sinner
Through my time under God’s stewardship, I have come face to face with unsettling patterns of thought, attitude, and conduct. The realization dawns upon me—I am a sinner, and my every duty falls short, weak and imperfect. In God’s presence, my acts strugg…
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Astral Travel
Aztec Apocalypse Part 1: Montezuma awaits the psychopomp on the pinnacle of The Sun Pyramid.
The Aztec Apocalypse Part 1: Montezuma awaits Quetzalcotl Montezuma’s Dream, 7:33am, 29 August 1486 -1519, and then back again. The AZTEC date for 1486 is Tonalli Trecena Xihuitl. The 20 year old heir apparent, soon to be Emperor Montezuma II, was carrie…
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Emotional Freedom Technique
Ian Hosein
Grief 2022
The concept and belief of accepting is like a dream stage of your life. An ending to the what you perceived as a continous relationship with a person. The breaking of these expectations brings fear, loss, sadness, and an aura of an incomplete void. The i…
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How Can We Lessen Suffering When our Pets Die? (photo: Alec Favale,Unsplash)
It’s true that each of us deals with grief in different ways. It’s also true that grief has stages of shock, denial, bargaining, anger and acceptance. This article is written in support and encouragement for the unspoken question of wondering how to gri…
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Andrew Clare
Mother Gaia
Mother Gaia Since the beginning of time there have been many chords that join us to spirit, our ancestors and the great mystery. The avenues of light, pathways of knowledge and the thread of understanding that teach to grow in consciousness. When we dive…
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Emotional Stress Release
Do You Believe in Guardian Angels
Do You Believe in Guardian Angels A story of my daughter ’s fight for life “I’m sorry we can’t help your daughter,” the doctor said from an emergency room. “We are transporting her to a specialist ICU for liver and kidney failure.” In the interim, her …
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Climate Change Coaching
Isabella Dawson
Everything that you have to know about the climate change
The problem of climate change is the main issue of our time, and its solution will be a turning point in history. We still have time to stop the negative effects of climate change, but this will require unprecedented efforts on the part of all sectors of …
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Karma Cleansing
Isabella Dawson
6 ways to clean your Karma
Are you struggling with low self-esteem lately? Lack of productivity, overthink, or crippled by fears? Maybe it’s time for you to cleanse your karma. But what is “karma” anyway? Karma quite literally means ‘action’. Not only a physical one, your words a…
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Spiritual Healing
Judith Anderson
Forgiveness in Grieving
The loss of a loved one is felt across the community. It’s a loss primarily to the family but it is felt my friends nieghbors, work colleages, church family, distance relatives, business relations, all struggle to some degree with grief. With good inten…
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Emotional Stress Release
Judith Anderson
When Someone You Loves Dies
When we lose someone we love we are surrounded by loved ones, neighbors and friend. Decisions to be made about services what to do what not to do. There are fears tears hugs, food love and support. Then things calm down relatives and friends return to the…
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Emotional Stress Release
Elgin Lee Quan
Finding Joy in Midst of Pain
Finding Joy in the Midst of Pain By Elgin Quan Getty images. Vulnerability, a Divine Condition. In our current age of fear, ambiguity and despair, a facade of grief lingers on the surface of everyone’s faces. If roses thrive on thorns, …
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Spiritual Healing
Judith Anderson
The Emotional Journey of Healing
With the passing of a loved one, youe emotions can feel scattered and out of control. You can feel over powered, confused, and very alone. Your response can leave you with the desire to be with people and then anther day you may want to be alone wrapped…
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Personality Psychology
Grace Armstrong
Coping with Grief and Loss: The Five Stages
The stages of mourning and grief are universal and are experienced by people from all walks of life. Mourning occurs in response to an individual’s own terminal illness, the loss of a close relationship, or to the death of a valued being, human or animal.…
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Life Coaching
Gemma Sheppard
Can you run from grief?
Can you run from grief? The short answer is, no. There is one thing for certain: We all inevitably die one day. And some of us are faced with the reality of death earlier than others. Each person experience numerous losses throughout their lives. The em…
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