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When Someone You Loves Dies

Jul 27, 2021
Judith Anderson
Core Spirit member since Jul 20, 2021
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When we lose someone we love we are surrounded by loved ones, neighbors and friend. Decisions to be made about services what to do what not to do. There are fears tears hugs, food love and support. Then things calm down relatives and friends return to their homes. All the activities fade away and you find yourself alone and aware that you need to create a new life without that special someone. You may ache as you come to terms of facing a new existance it hurts it's scary, it's lonely. Take Heart you don't have to be alone there is help understanding and support.

You can look to your Spirital family these are the people who share your faith and may attend the same place of worship. You can reach out to your priest, rabbi, paster or chaplin for spiritial support. Another great option for your healing journey can be speaking to a beverement counselor. Grief manifests in many unexpected ways.You may experience new and/or different thoughts and emotions. It can be stressful, uncomfortable, enraging, humilitaing, and confusing. Finding the right support can truly ease your healing experience.

My journey has brought me into the field of grief and I have made it my mission to connection and support those struggle and year for healing. My name is Judith and I would love to help guide you on your healing journey.

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