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Parent - Child Relationship

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Florencia Mena
EFT to Heal Dad - Father's Day Special Healing Event

Dads bring with themselves what is known as Divine Masculine Energy. We all have a Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy and faaar from being male or female in gender is about the concept of the divine masculine refers to the archetypes seen throughout many spiritual traditions, from Hinduism to Greek mythology to Christianity (think Shiva, Zeus, and even the idea of a masculine God or "Father" in Christianity) and the qualities that it embodies.

> The divine masculine is very action-based, focused on doing rather than being, structure, logic, and taking charge.

Divine masculine energy is at play with things like assertiveness, confidence, speaking up for yourself, and sometimes, fighting the good fight. Divine masculine energy is deeply connected to the warrior within each of us.

Where divine feminine energy can be very internal and reflective, divine masculine energy relishes in doing things out in the real world, like having adventures, making change, saying what's on your mind, and taking risks, she adds. It's also an energy that's often associated with things like logic and critical thinking.

✅ Action-oriented
✅ Discipline
✅ Boundaries
✅ Confidence
✅ Objectivity
✅ Logic and analysis

As it happens with all your energy sources in ourselves, an unbalance or conflict in this particular energy will make it harder even impossible to tap into all these traits.

And this invitation is for You if:

👉🏻Conflict with you father is present in your life or was present in your early years of your life
👉🏻You struggle and wonder why is so difficult to take any action related to fighting for You and your needs
👉🏻If you have consistent issues with your romantic partners and you have abusive relationships over and over again
👉🏻If your confidence and self-esteem is missing in action every time you are making any decision towards change
👉🏻You struggle to set a goal and show up for yourself and succeed

Join me this special healing event where you will go from stuck and hidden from your opportunities to decluttered, clear, oriented energy towards a new life of action and success.


This event is in ENGLISH but if there are people who speak SPANISH it can be held in both languages at the same time.

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