Core Spirit is a movement aspiring to raise the collective consciousness and enhance the human race, a possibility to get better in every aspect of life for the humanity on all levels: Individual, Family, Society, Humanity, Earth, Universe & God. CS is the only online platform combining knowledge about wellness of the body, power of the mind, wholeness of spirituality, achieving life balance and in addition, rich with uncompromising supportive scientific research.

CS initially kickstarted as an aggregator with the intention to consolidate knowledge further on started generating more content to expand knowledge within its targeted subject matter.

Core Spirit’s knowledge and services help find balance, harmony and drive towards a more enlightened life with a clearer vision and less fearful thoughts by finding mentors, following outstanding people, joining different practices and meeting a like-minded audience. CS platform combines possibilities for both practitioners and those willing to open up and improve their lives — practitioners write articles in their field of expertise for the whole community to read. CS hosts a radio channel and CS Tube for videos where the deepest topics are discussed.

Educational events regularly take place on CS in the form of both online and offline conferences, workshops and courses. Every practitioner can organize their own event and every visitor can choose one to visit. A vast marketplace holds a store to buy and sell the needed tools for unique practices. Apart from that, practitioners organize, and seekers visit online or offline healing sessions and consultancy. For practitioners only, there is an Entrepreneurial Mentor, a valuable aid for promoting your services and making your name known.

We believe that with an open heart and mind one can step on the road to enlightenment and reach serenity.

Our Story to Date

The story of Core Spirit started in 2014 when a group of enthusiasts interested in full enhancement of human life, took up a hobby — writing and enlightening people as well as uniting like-minded individuals to share their unique knowledge. To CS founders own surprise, response was so vast and instant that it became clear — the platform had to grow to meet the needs of thousands of seekers. People were coming to CS from all over the world regardless of their gender, age, race, nationality, religious and cultural background.

This is how the idea was confirmed that the topic is fascinating and beneficial for many people and a platform like this can give a lot to the whole humanity. CS became not just a hobby but a profession when the founders started to think the platform through to the smallest details and came up with its integral parts — articles, events, market place and Entrepreneurial Mentor.

Today, CS is actively building up its audience from all over the world coming to learn about different practices and to start living to the fullest — with an open heart and mind. CS already has a very b base of practitioners that will only expand, and new categories will be added.

The founders regard ethics and moral norms as of paramount importance of CS that stays free from politics, discrimination and judgement.

Components of CS


Practitioners are those people who have reached enlightenment and who are ready to share their knowledge with the rest of us. On CS, practitioners write articles in the field of their expertise, organize events and private sessions and upgrade their skills by expanding their practice.


Users are those eager to learn and enhance their life on all levels by receiving invaluable knowledge from practitioners, visiting educational events and personal healing sessions. On CS, users can find an answer to any of their questions — whether it concerns their body of the Spirit.


Marketplace is where users can find additional tools for a complete experience as they start a particular practice and practitioners can sell their books or anything else they believe can be helpful for a better experience.

Entrepreneurial Mentor

Entrepreneurial Mentor is a valuable tool for practitioners to help their practice growand learn how to reach large audience. E-Mentor identifies practitioner’s level and sets the focus as well as specific business goals providing analytics along the way. It’s a helpful friend that allows practitioners focus on their practices and gives an opportunity to expand their business along the way.


Regardless of whether you are a practitioner or a user, already know a lot about different practices or just starting to learn — CS is a platform for you to keep on growing as you read articles, meet outstanding people and visit events organized by your colleagues or your role models.

When will this all happen?

Right now! CS is growing rapidly so subscribe to catch every opportunity.