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Core Spirit is a social platform focusing on human and planetary enhancement through diverse mediums of content, experts and organisations, online and offline events, complementary products & services.

Bridging the knowledge gap between ancient esoteric wisdom and modern scientific discovery.
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We are you. Our platform is a collective of people seeking science, alternative knowledge and esoterica not only as a way of thought about life, but as a comprehensive wisdom in various languages and modalities. The community aims to facilitate the dialogue between the modern scientific approach and ancient systems of thought and tradition.
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Is the largest library of ancient esoteric wisdom and modern scientific discovery created to help us to deal with different aspects of our lives.
Testimonials From Our Happy Friends
As a leader of our organization, I strive to do all I can for our members so that their practices flourish. Another challenge for me is how to attract more members and build a stronger community of professionals. Being part ofCore Spirit now, I can reach these goals more easily and quickly. We have integrated our members’ services onto the CS platform, and they are achieving growing and repeated bookings. By joining the CS network, both we and our members have grown considerably. What a platform!
Head of professional psychological society in Washington D.C.
For us, being a part of Core Spirit means being a trusted organization of verified practitioners. Even though we don’t have that many members yet, we already receive lots of attention from CS users who choose our services. It also gives us an opportunity to sell our books on the marketplace. We are proud and grateful to be a part of this community and hope for a fruitful future together.
Representative of homeopathy organization in Huston
I always wanted to share the knowledge I had but never had the right mechanism to do so. After joining the Core Spirit practitioner network, I easily help a lot more people than I ever had through the expanded reach. I have also self-improved greatly by learning from colleagues on the network. Growth has been amazing and on all fronts! My calendar is booked solid and I have a clear path to getting better and bigger.
Danny Hendricks
Nutritionist from Boston, MA.
I registered as a Core Spirit practitioner in April 2019 and even though it’s been just a couple of months, I already met a lot of amazing people and learned so much about my own practice. I realized that being a certified chiropractor, you can still expand your knowledge by listening to more experienced professionals and attending their events. I definitely recommend everyone to join, especially if you are a chiropractor, we have a great community over here!
Stella Artemis
Chiropractor from Munich, Germany.
For as long as I can remember myself, I always had this urge to help people. The challenge was to find a place where that help would be accepted and valued. I would occasionally help my friends and sometimes get clients by recommendations but it was never enough. Core Spirit gives me a platform to speak my truth, share my knowledge and be heard. There are so many seeking people here and I am happy to know that helping them makes me valued and appreciated.
Marco Mendez
Healer from Barcelona, Spain.
I definitely recommend Core Spirit platform to all psychologists out there. When everything moved online due to the pandemic, I had to close my therapy office and started practicing online. I found CS and registered to see what it would be like. Now I have my returning clients here and this work pays my bills. It’s nice to do therapy right on the platform and you don’t need any special software.
Nina Chavez
Psychologist from Lisbon, Portugal
The system is easy so I was able to set everything up in minutes. I have several services listed like personal fitness coaching and online fitness classes and I also write articles from time to time to share what I know about healthy living. Core Spirit is for sure worth trying for every coach who is looking for new clients.
Christoph Sheffield
Fitness Trainer from LA, California
My experience with Core Spirit a few months ago when I was just about to transform my life completely. I didn’t know what to do in life and was miserable at every job that I did. One day I decided to change that so I went online to look for a professional coach to help me find my purpose and finally become successful. I chose Margaret by filtering practitioners based on their field of expertise and location on Core Spirit and booked appointments for a couple of sessions. I ended up booking more sessions, visiting her events and reading books. Do I think it was worth it? I have my own successful business now and am about to expand to foreign markets. It was definitely a turning point.
Core Spirit is how I met some of my really close friends who share the same values as me. Now, we regularly go to seminars organized by CS practitioners and have the best time there. It’s not only about wellness but about people who come to Core Spirit. I am sure everyone can find friends here. It’s also nice to be able to get what you need from CS marketplace — I love my vitamins and the yoga mat that I got there.
Top Rated Practitioners
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Nichole Edmond
Norfolk, VA, USA
Horoscopic Astrology
Other Divinations
Oracle Cards Reading
Spiritual Healing
Tarot Reading

Hi! I'm Nichole, Divination & Mindset GuideSS - while I may not be not your average tarot reader, I will be your favorite!

During your time of uncertainty I apply my advanced studies in Psychology, Biology, & Metaphysics with my favorite divination tool - tarot. Providing you with the most guidance, clarity, and advice you need to move forward.

Lavanya Kumar Shrivastava
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Mindfulness meditation
Erickson Hypnosis
Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)
Cognitive-behavioral therapy

I wish to build awareness amongst people about SELF IMAGE.I suffered a lot.!!!! Through initial stages of my life due to hurt SELF IMAGE. I rebuild it by reprogramming my subconcious mind.

I went through an amazing unfolding and transformation. I practice mind reprogramming through combining various techniques that I have learned over the years. NLP, CBT, REBT, SILVA ESP MIND CONTROL, HYPNOSIS.

Gemma Sheppard
Hanoi, Vietnam
Life Coaching
Social Psychology
Career Coaching

Gemma BSc (Hons) is an empowerment coach who is fully committed to her clients. Using her extensive psychology knowledge and direct approach, Gemma helps clients re-evaluate their goals and motivations. Having Gemma alongside you on your journey, will give you the support and motivation you need to make positive change and stick to it.

Holly Cole
273 NW 182nd Ave, Beaverton, OR 97006, USA

Hello! I am a professional Tarot card reader of 13+ years and LOVE getting to connect with people through Tarot. My style of Tarot is somewhat like a spiritual counseling session & is filled with understanding, love, & validation. Although I am new to Corespirit, I have all five-star reviews on other sites I practice on. Tarot can be a wonderful way to see the path your on, shift energy, & heal.

Registered individuals enjoy all the possibilities of Core Spirit.