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EFT Tapping Session: Trauma focused (Get permanent results)

therapy session
$60 USD
$60 USD

Are you tired of feeling stuck? Release emotional baggage permanently
& finally create the life you want

in a few EFT Tapping sessions

Are you struggling in certain areas of your life?
Let me tell you, many challenges we face in our lives today lead back
to childhood trauma & past traumatic events.

Common challenges are:

  • struggling with relationships
  • lacking self-worth/self-confidence
  • having health issues
  • feeling stuck on creating financial freedom

Unfortunately, childhood trauma & past traumatic events are also a common source of:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • stress
  • chronic pain

My online EFT Tapping sessions will help you clear trauma and move you towards your goals in life: these** fulfilling relationships, feeling worthy and confident, being pain-free, having financial freedom and so much more.** My intention is to make that change with my intuitive, direct yet sensitive approach in as few sessions as possible.

Join me for 1x 60 minute sessions, and experience how my unique method of combining EFT Tapping, a visualization technique, and some coaching tools combined with my compassion can help you reach your goals fast.

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08026 Barcelona, Spain

Hi, I´m Nicole, certified EFT practitioner and Trauma Release Expert

to those who are struggling in their daily lives due to childhood trauma and past traumatic events and are looking for a way out to finally create the life they want!

I created my unique method to permanently release these blockages once and for all and help you to be happy, healthy and fulfilled.

On Core Spirit since September 2021

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