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Brain Hacking
Johann Strerath
Apr 27, 2024, 00:00
Online Brain Fitness Coaching

This service consists on helping you to find the equilibrium of your brain energetic stages, so you are able to achieve more meaningful results by improving your inner executive brain resources, such as focus, attention, creativity, planning, and decision making, both at work and in your personal life.

Such service consists of a series of guided coaching sessions that will lead you to an efficient brain fitness optimization that will improve the quality of your life.

The objective of the coaching sessions is to assist you on finding and working your very own best inner potential, from your inside to your outside, to enhance your brain capacities, be able to achieve more meaningful results, and improve your well being.

Proper Brain Fitness will help you on achieving the following:

1. Resignify old toxic conditioned paradigms that are currently limiting your potential.
2. Balance your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energetic stages present in the brain.
3. Optimize your quality of life habits, by enhancing proper brain nutrition and brain fitness based on physical activity.
4.Discover and design your own routines to consciously maintain your brain fitness.
5. Rewire and re-program your brain with new set of values, and beliefs to stick and practice based on their own desired experience and quality of life.

Price is set for individual session hours, however, discounts will apply according to previously agreed number of pre set sessions.

Service available also for Spanish and Portuguese speakers.

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Christine Foutch
Apr 23, 2024, 19:00
Home Fitness Routines - Holistic Health Consultations For Fitness

Holistic Health Integrates Conventional and Alternative Therapies To Treat Disease; Promoting Optimal Health. Together, through discussions directed towards spreading knowledge, I will help to educate the individual. Therefore, allowing the individual to gain some understanding of their fitness goals. Acquiring the knowledge and the understanding of how to workout smarter not harder can genuinely allow one to succeed in the areas in which the individual has set out to achieve.

Consultations For Fitness Concerns
Educational Fitness Interventions
Written Daily Fitness Guide

Discussion On Health Issues
One's Activity Levels
The Discussion Of Food Intake
One's Stress Levels

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Warren Oliver Stone
Apr 23, 2024, 09:00
Musculoskeletal Assessment and Program design

Full musculoskeletal, postural assessment and exercise program design. Total time =4 hours coaching.

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Wellness Coaching
Warren Oliver Stone
Apr 23, 2024, 09:00
Online Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Nutritional coaching, exercise coaching, lifestyle coaching, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual performance coaching.

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Iyengar yoga
Praggati Anand Oswaal
Apr 23, 2024, 08:00
5-Day Yoga Challenge

Are you looking to kickstart daily Iyengar Yoga practice that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and energized? Join me for this 5-Day Yoga Challenge. Each day for five days I will send a brand new Yoga practice(30 minutes duration) directly to your inbox.

This challenge is designed for all levels, from the Yoga newbies to the seasoned Yogis looking to re-inspire their practice. Get ready for long holds in classic Yoga postures that will help you reset and release tension from head to toe.

We all are getting a big serving of stress, anxiety and uncertainty every day. A regular practice of Yoga prepares you to handle the stresses of life with ease. You learn how to release stress so it does not accumulate and create dis-ease.

This is your golden opportunity to setup a consistent daily practice. Do not miss out! Best part of all, it is just $10.

Day 1: Tech Neck/Shoulders and Wrists stretching
Overview: Start things out nice and easy, get your blood flowing, play around with simple poses to relieve tension and tightness in the neck, shoulders and wrists.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 2: Hamstrings stretching
Overview: Work into some traditional poses and loosen up hamstrings to help prevent back pain, knee pain, and foot pain and rediscover freedom in movement.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 3: Core strengthening
Overview: Turn up the heat and build strength in the core which is really the center of all movements. A strong core provides better balance and better posture.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 4: Heart opening
Overview: Stretch and strengthen the spine to help keep the back strong and mobile. These backbending/chest opening poses affect not just the physical structure of the chest where the heart resides, but the energetic and emotional capacity (love, compassion, acceptance, gratitude).
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 5: Hip opening
Overview: Release tight hips for better posture and to reverse the effects of constant sitting and facilitate the movement of stagnant energy throughout the body.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Sign up and I will send you the details.

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Hatha yoga
Rebecca Neusinger
Apr 23, 2024, 08:00
121 Yoga Taster Session

A 30 minute assessment focussing on your anatomy to find the right alignment for you as an individual. The session will be structured, analysing key postures and breaking down any areas you want guidance with.

If you are interested in developing a meditation practice we can also work on this. We will work with the breath, encouraging energy flow through your body and encouraging mindfulness. This is your bespoke yoga 101 taster!

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Wellness Coaching
Victor cobb
Apr 23, 2024, 13:00
Personalized nutritional plan

Have you tried every diet, trying to live a healthy lifestyle? Only to get more confused about the methodology behind every diet rather than get healthy, causing you to give up on your diet? I felt the sameway, losing weight following meal plans I didnt find enjoyable to follow, leading me to quit and gain the weight back. After trying several diets and failing to maintain the lifestyle, I decided to look into nutritional science and weight loss informatonfor myself. After about a month of research, I found the precision nutrition program, which is the most advanced, science and client-based educational nutrition program in world, later becoming certified. Using what I learned from the precision nutrtion program, I aim to help others set realistic goals, to become aware of what they're eating instead of reducing your food consumption following a strict calorie count. Using managable and clear plan, tailored to your individual specific needs, You will get long term healthy results. I offer a 45 min discussion + a personalized nutritional plan standalone, or online coachin(1-12months) including weekly checkings.

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Spiritual Healing
Ted Kostek
Apr 23, 2024, 13:00
7500 Plantation Club Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32244, USA
Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is a powerful energy modality which works on the deep level of DNA. It can reconnect the broken, diffused strands which are responsible for the onset of sickness and disease because the twisted, broken DNA is no longer producing with proper input. Reconnective Healing works to return the DNA to its perfect, original blueprint so the cells can reproduce as they should.

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Wellness Coaching
April Walker
Apr 24, 2024, 19:00
Wellness Coaching

Lifestyle evaluation, balance of all dimensions of wellness. Each individual is different, we meet you where you are and assist you in meeting your goals.


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Apr 23, 2024, 08:00
35 Artillery Ln, Spitalfields, London E1 7LP, UK

Infertility, IVF support, Period pain, Premature ovarian failure, anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, Face-lifting

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Wellness Coaching
Gavin Horwitz
Apr 23, 2024, 06:00
5 Week Lifestyle Change Programme

5 Week Online Health & Fitness Coaching


- Free Wellness Consultation (Zoom)
- 2 Online Zoom Fitness Personal Training Sessions a Week (40 mins each)
- Bespoke Nutrition Plan
- Home Workout Exercise Programme
- Daily Communication and Accountability
- Weekly Measurements

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Wellness Coaching
RoseAda White
Apr 23, 2024, 12:00
Digital Fitness and Nutrition Guide

Are you back in the gym?

Still working out at home?

Still trying to figure out how to get started at all?

Need something fun and challenging to do in between your favorite Step/Spin/Zumba Class?

This is a Live Comprehensive Ebook with an exhaustive meal plan and video demos included. It’s a great addition to your current regimen, OR a great start to the routine you’re trying to create! Each update of the Handbook comes straight to you, FOREVER!

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Gemma Nice
Apr 24, 2024, 00:00
1:1 Coaching Sessions

It's been about TWO years since I've released single sessions, but this morning in my meditation I heard LOUD and clear that there are incredible humans in my field that are looking for Yoga coaching and or Relationship support in the form of a deeeeep dive into your processes, mindset, and 2021 plan living a better healthier life.

And if you know me, you know I can't deny my intuition :o)

I'll keep it short:

Not all of us need a coach for 3, 6, 12 months.

So this is for you.

If you're craving someone else to jump into helping you to reach that next level in your practice or releasing the doubt into your relationship, and take a fine tooth comb through your life right now…

Or, if you've felt a bit of a plateau and are ready for your next level…

AND, if you have a fire under your butt to make 2021 an epic year of impact in all areas of your life then I've got 10 1:1 Single Coaching Sessions available now for you to grab.

The calls are 75-90 minutes long tailored to you and what you are craving support with.

I'll give you recommendations and consulting throughout the call, plus send you home with recommended trainings that I've created to provide you with extra TLC.

The investment is £300 which includes the recording, the bonus trainings, and a deep dive with me for 75-90 minutes.

The last time I offered these single sessions, they sold out in a day! Which, OOF I'm so grateful for… and let's get you are your soul to this place too.

But this also means that if you want IN make sure you sign up right away.

If you want more than one session, send us an email and we can secure more than one call for you.

Questions? Let me know…otherwise, here's your link to grab a single 1:1 coaching session:


I CANNOT WAIT to support you and tap you into the magic of this field.

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Hatha yoga
Ayush Tiwari
Apr 24, 2024, 10:30
Hatha Yoga For Senior Citizens | Slow And Gentle Yoga

I am from Varanasi or Banaras – the spiritual capital of India.

At the early age of 8, I began practicing Yoga as a way of life under the guidance of my Guru.

Today, 18 years later, I have accumulated over 2000 hours of experiences in yoga.

For the past 5 years I have been teaching Yoga professionally.

I’m a hatha yoga teacher and in addition to asanas and mudras, I also focus on mantras and meditation.

In my classes, my goal is to inspire and help students to move forward in their inner journey through my passion. In addition to the physical practice, I also teach spiritual aspects of yoga so that there is an impact on the body as well as the mind.

My aim is for students to absorb my calm energy and leave the class with a peaceful feeling.

I have worked with both individuals and groups comprising of students of all ages in India & Sri Lanka.

I’m from Varanasi but my heart belongs to the whole world.


Trained over 2000 Beginner and Advanced Yoga Students

2018 Onwards – Independent Personal Trainer

2015-2018: Yoga instructor at Yoga Training Center in Varanasi

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Hair analysis (alternative medicine)
Mario Dawang
Apr 23, 2024, 01:00
Imus, Cavite, Philippines
Aesthetic, Hairstylist Adviser, Hair Treatment Specialist

Hi, My Name Is Mario,
I'm helping people around the world for 15 years to have a confident them self and fight depression by inhancing the looks and cure the following concern by DIY do it yourself , hair problem, hair style adviser, home hair treatment, skin problem, make up, and formulate natural organic treatment.

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Iyengar yoga
Jayasankar Sekar
Apr 23, 2024, 18:00
Online Group Iyengar Flow Yoga with Jayasankar

Iyengar yoga - well known as slow paced of yoga due to its focuses on four aspects: alignment, precision, sequencing and timing has been misunderstood by many that it can be boring to some of the yoga practitioners who like a intense practice.

In fact, Iyengar approach guide us to discover more when we practice deeper, as it involves a lot of experiment in self-practice to understand the purpose and focus of each asanas.

In this online group class, we will cooporate Iyengar approach with the flow sequence to gain the benefits of both approaches.

What you'll learn:

  • the proper alignment for your body conditions
  • the characteristics and purpose of asanas
  • how to use and arrange the props (if you have)
  • the purpose of using the props to gain the benefits of each pose (if necessary)
  • how to practice towards the goal of yoga with basic understanding of yoga practice

What you'll gain:

  • builds stamina and confidence
  • avoid practice injury while you build self-awareness in your body
  • creates breath awareness and control, mental focus, and improve stamina & flexibility
  • (for sport person) balance your training by creates positive training habits in a team.

What you need:

  1. Laptop
  2. Stable internet connection
  3. Yoga mat
  4. Towel
  5. Blocks & belts (if you have)

Let's continue our yoga practice online during this pandemic.
It may not be as easy as the physical class we're used to, but we can still find a way to learn things we enjoy regardless of any challenges.

Note: Leave your comment below if the available time doesn't match with your prefer time, we can discuss. I'm setting it based on Vietnam timezone and I'm not sure if the system is showing correctly. Thank you.

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Ashtanga yoga
Yoga Sadhna Kender®
Apr 23, 2024, 03:30
Lifestyle Disease Reversal Yoga Sessions

Yoga is Life's magnetic Compass.
It shows you the direction to reach right into your Heart

Only 5 Holidays are admissible excluding Saturdays & Sundays.
Complete 21 sessions within 5 weeks only.

Yoga is not just about shaping your Body, it is using your Mind & body at its best to RESHAPE OUR LIFE!

The Purpose of Yoga is not limited to Body but it has a vast and Profound motive to change our Complete Life.
Hence Yoga is not just doing, it is a way of BEING.

> By Record-Holder Dr. Rajinder Kaushal (Naturopath & Certified Yoga Instructor)

Yoga Activates the Healer, Counseller and Care taker, already present with in.
Thyroid, Heart Blockages, Hernia, Parkinson, Paralysis, Arthritis, Asthma, Hair Fall, Insomnia, Depression, Hypertension, Blood Pressure fluctuations, Under-Developed brain or Body and Others!

Book Online

Yoga for Lifestyle Disease Reversal

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Hatha yoga
Sharon Twidale
Apr 23, 2024, 08:00
10 x 30 minute Private Yoga Lessons

Get fit, tone & strengthen your body and lose weight with my private yoga lessons.

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Tailored for your own level of fitness
  • Get Fit
  • Tone & Strengthen your body
  • Lose Weight
  • Improve Flexibility and Balance
  • Relieve Anxiety

Classes are suitable for beginners and will be individually tailored for youir own level of fitness

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Career Coaching
Tommy Diependaal
Apr 23, 2024, 00:00
Lifestyle Fitness Coaching

Reverse your biological age on the inside and outside, erase the symptoms of aging and illness, and look and feel your absolute best.

I spent over forty years in the fitness industry.

Are you ready to change to a healthier lifestyle?

If making better choices was as easy as knowing what to do and then just doing it… we’d all be at our goals by now. But what keeps us stuck in the same old place over and over again? Why do we lose our motivation to eat healthily, work out, get up, or go out?

We have all heard that positive motivation always works better than threats, so therefore we need to get excited about something instead of scared.

We cannot motivate ourselves for a very long time to do something we really don’t want to do, so knowing what we truly long for is crucial for getting motivated over and over again.

Are you really passionate about the upcoming change or do you just think you should do it? In order to achieve your goals, it’s so important to really, really want it – not just because “it would be cool”. This doesn’t get you through the marathon of changing your diet, behavior, and perception

When you're ready to make a change, with my help I can be coaching you to the process and make it a success no more guessing to find out what will work to change your lifestyle to a healthier one.

And lose some pounds, sleep better, and no stress.

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Wellness Coaching
Rebecca Dalley
Apr 23, 2024, 15:00
30 minute Wellness Coaching Session

Re-imagine your health and wellness goals with a wellness coaching session. During our coaching session you will decide which wellness area you would like to focus on: physical, social and community, stress reduction, sleep habits or improvement of eating habits. The session is lead by the client and together we find solutions to barriers that are impacting your overall well being.

The primary goal of a health coach is to facilitate positive behavior change by empowering clients to self-discover resources, values and strategies that are individualized and meaningful. A coach is a thought partner not a content expert who diagnoses, advises or tells the client what to do. Coaches are able to connect clients to resources if needed and help hold the client accountable.

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Applied kinesiology
Ian Coburn
Apr 26, 2024, 15:00
Introduction Conversation

Consistency gets results! Apply that on the right foundation and you are capable of much more than you might think. Whether you are a youth athlete, weekend warrior or person looking to enjoy your retirement and live a high quality of life, I have over a decade of experience as a kinesiologist and personal trainer to help. In that time I’ve built a systematic and measurable approach to guide you to better health and optimize your performance!

Over the last decade I have gained experiences through positions with Volleyball Canada Center for Excellence, the Olympic Oval, Vergie Speed, University of Calgary Active Living, Canuck Stuff Volleyball Club and Eau Claire YMCA. Now running my own business, I provide online and in person, 1 on 1, small group and team training. I look forward to discussing how I will help you!

Ian Coburn
Founder of Coburn Coaching - BSc:Kin, CSEP-CPT

(People who proceed to training will receive a credit from the introduction conversation fee applied to their first session.)

“I have been training with Ian for only seven months but I have seen significant improvements in my strength and flexibility. Even in group training, he is able to customize the workout to fit my needs and abilities. I highly recommend Ian as a personal trainer.” - Neang, Para Triathlete

"I trained with Ian for over 3 years on a weekly basis at the YMCA. Unlike a lot of personal trainers he has an ability to assess structural imbalance in the body (weak core, right vs left imbalance etc) and design a program that addresses those issues, which overall led to an ability to continue exercising injury free and gain strength and functional mobility specific to my sports. Ian kept things interesting and varied and pushed me beyond where I could go on my own. I can highly recommend him for keeping you fit, well and strong!" - Alan Johnson

“I’ve been training with Ian for 6 years. The coaching system that we have in place is a good combination of group and one on one training. It allows for attention to individual needs and weaknesses, which is always good but so is the group setting. It spices up the experience and helps motivate one to stay in shape. Among the things training has helped me with is a measurable improvement on my shoulder limitations.” – Norm, Triathlete

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Functional medicine
Bethany Padgett
Apr 23, 2024, 13:00
Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

An analysis of blood chemistries from a functional or prognostic perspective that gives data on how the physiology of the body is functioning. By analyzing lab work, it increases the ability to detect dysfunctions long before a disease manifests. Blood chemistry is a profound network of checks and balances, biochemical regulation of function and compensatory mechanisms at work. This analysis shows key patterns and trends that exist so an impending health issue can be dealt with early on. One can begin the treatment of a metabolic or nutritional dysfunction at the root level; as well as identify potential organ dysfunction.

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Bhupinder Sandhu
Apr 23, 2024, 08:00
Mindfulness 1-1

In this one hour session we would take you through 20 minutes of formal Mindfulness meditation and then will discuss informal practice, as a take away to practice throughout your day whenever you feel weighed under the busyness of life.

This is your time and I would support you to be you, by listening to real you, just listening without any judgement. We will together go through the layers, recognise them and leave the unwanted behind. It’s all about providing you with tools to cope with your situations and grow out of them to better you, which had been your dream for a while.

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Health Psychology
Nathaniel Hatch-Johnson
Apr 23, 2024, 06:00
1 - 1 Consultation

These sessions are the backbone of my practice. In these sessions we can explore the areas you wish to improve in, discuss your goals and expectations and put effective actions in place so that you can make real progress in your performance and wellbeing.

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