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1 min.
Sep 18 2022
Afterlife connection journey

Afterlife is an interesting word. The meaning is reflective of the thoughts of the person using it. First of all, in this journey there is no right or wrong way. Just self development thru understanding, which is the intuitive trigger thru the awaren…

Allayah Frisch
1 min.
Aug 14 2022
5 Signs in Your Palm that You will be Cheated by Your Lover

Heart Line Likes Ladder
If you have the heart line that likes the ladder, it means that as you lack your own opinion in your love affairs and do not know how to choose your own partner, you will easily meet the one who cheats you. In addition, you are no…

Janet Li
10 min.
Jun 15 2022
"Difficult People" as Egoic Reflections can Bring Us to Freedom

This physical human experience within its dimension of duality is both phenomenal and weird.
The spiritual Awakening process is not easy and the perceptual shifts ego-mind goes through is nothing short
of amazing. It’s wild, it’s wondrous, it’s confusing…

9 min.
Jan 28 2022
Hope While Grieving Estrangement

Awakening is a multi-faceted process that includes spiritual revelation and euphoria yet also includes confusion, uncertainty, times of “no-available-answers” and the absence of “light”. Is there hope, here, even during these moments - which seem …

Emotional Trauma Therapy
Jan 2 2022
Broken Glass

Broken Glass

Broken glass shattered into millions of tiny pieces.
Something no one would think of put back together.
You look at it and think sweep it up and throw it way.
So many people sweep up broken glass and discard it like its nothing.
Broken glass…

Anjy Dunlap
4 min.
Intimacy Coaching
Sep 9 2021
The Six Most Popular Types of Consensual Non-monogamy

In contemporary U.S. culture, monogamy means two people agreeing to have sex only with each other and no one else. Classical monogamy—a single relationship between people who marry as virgins, remain sexually exclusive their entire lives, and become celib…

Elisabeth Sheff
2 min.
Sep 9 2021
Sex and Aging/ Inability to Orgasm

“Rosalynn”, a 68-year old hairdresser, hadn’t been sexually active for many years. She explained to me, her body was feeling numb. She was no longer able to orgasm, even during masturbation, which had never been a problem for her before. She was feelin…

Michael J Berkowitz
4 min.
Inner Child Healing
Aug 26 2021
Heal the Most Painful Childhood Wounds with These Techniques

Childhood is one of the most pivotal times in life because almost all beliefs about you and the world begin to take root. These beliefs then start creating a foundation of thoughts and identity that form the rest of your life. Unfortunately, because we ar…

Mareka Macias
3 min.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy
Aug 16 2021
Intimate Marriage is Filled with Grace

It is a concern that the most vital institution of mankind has such little respect, support, and knowledge regarding marriage. People view it as something akin to living together as they discount the importance of the holy bonds, the commitment, and sacri…

Heal and Hope Counseling Services, LLC
2 min.
Ancestral Healing
Aug 5 2021
Burning Ancestral Blockages

How relaxed would you feel if I told you that your behavioural patterns are not your fault? When I soaked that realisation in, I literally felt this deep tension within my physical body melt. I was carrying heavy judgement for my actions. Thinking they we…

Keeva Dagg
3 min.
Mar 11 2021

We had just celebrated and embraced the glory of every woman in this International women’s day on March 8. Input of women in political, social, economical, cultural, educational, domestic, financial, spiritual fields are globally recognized and celebrated…

Welcome Cure Pvt. Ltd
1 min.
Feb 22 2021
6 Signs in the Palms that You attract the Opposite Sex

Taking about the love relationships, many will wish they are charming and welcomed by the opposite sex. And the palms can really show your charm. You should make a comparison of both hands and make a good reflection. Then you will be the winner in your lo…

Janet Li
12 min.
Artificial Insemination
Feb 11 2021
The Story of Artificial Insemination


Manual semen injection with homologous (AIH) or benefactor semen (AID) is these days an extremely well known treatment system utilized for some subfertile ladies around the world. The reasoning behind managed impregnation is to expand gamete thic…

Charly Morres
Jan 30 2021
What does the mole on the hand represent?

The mole has a very special mark in palmistry. For females or males and the left hand or right hand, it has a different symbolic meaning.

For a male, if he has the mole on the index finger of the left hand, it states that the owner set a target that is t…

Janet Li

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