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Palm Pattern shows you how many children you will have

Dec 6, 2023
Janet Li
Core Spirit member since Jan 23, 2021
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The lifeline and the heart line do easily represent the genetic factors. The beginning of the heart line and the place between the base of the little finger and the heart line especially represent the status of reproduction function or physiological function.

If we open our hands and bring the little fingers of the palms together, and check the location of the heart line of both hands. If the location of two lines has a one-centimeter difference, it mainly represents the poor hormonal balance. It is even that among twenty people, one person is infertile.

If the beginning of the heart line is chain-like, it is a sign of easy abortion. If the little finger is apparently low-set, the owner is not easy to get pregnant. Their little finger is also very short. If the owner does not have low-set little fingers, they can be said to be robust.

The part of A represents the luck of the heir. Two fine lines represent two children. When there are three lines, the owner may have three children. If the line is thick, it will be the male. If the line is thin, it will be the female.

The size of the palm and the physical development of the body have keen relationships with sex development. When women have big hands, the development of their pelvis is good. They will smoothly give birth to the children.

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