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Life Crisis

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Spiritual Healing
Mateusz Bajerski
Meditation: Breaking Old Cycles & Patterns For Conscious Manifestation
&gt; Remember who you are. *~ Mateusz Bajerski, Spiritual Consultant* Overview Join us for a transformative guided meditation that will help you connect with your Higher Self and discover your inner potential. Target audience Are you looking to untan…
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Spiritual Healing
Living a Blessed Life: Addressing curses and ancestral incompletions in various
Day 1 - Blessing our homes and ancestral homes Day 2 - Blessing our health Day 3 - Blessing our relationships Day 4 - Blessing our finances Day 5 - Blessing our progress and success Day 6 - Blessing our spiritual connection Day 7 - Living a blessed life …
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Career Coaching
Janet Broughton
Toolbox for Managing Anxiety - Online UK
Personal Development 8 wek - 16 hr Evening Course Tuesday 19th January - 9th March 2021, 7 - 9pm each evening - UK time This course aims to give you the tools to help you overcome negative feelings, thoughts and beliefs giving you more control over your l…
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Selena joy Lovett
Halloween Clairvoyant Evening
Join me Selena Joy and Tina Colburn for a memorable evening of Clairvoyance. On the 31st October at 7pm (GMT) During this private party session, we will work both with our Mediumship and Psychic gifts, delivering validating messages from loved ones and i…
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