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Halloween Clairvoyant Evening

$26 USD

Join me Selena Joy and Tina Colburn for a memorable evening of Clairvoyance. On the 31st October at 7pm (GMT)

During this private party session, we will work both with our Mediumship and Psychic gifts, delivering validating messages from loved ones and insight and guidance from spirit.

We aim to bring a great experience to each individual bringing through insightful and empowering messages.

​We are available for small private group readings in the comfort of your home or chosen location, with friends or family via Zoom.

Contact us to personalize your evening.

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London, UK

My focus is to help people on their journey and to help heal and move any blocked energy that hinders their path.
If you feel like you’re in need of guidance, I am here to let you know you don’t have to face your difficulties alone.
Contact me today and begin healing. m

On Core Spirit since June 2020

Selena joy Lovett
Tarotscope for the month of March
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Selena joy Lovett
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Selena joy Lovett
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Selena joy Lovett
Tarotscope for October
General Welcome to October!! A month where there are opportunities around for growth and expansion but it doesn’t come without working at it and maybe being flexible with how you look at things, maybe even inventive…..looking at situations from a new ang…
Selena joy Lovett
TarotScope for the month of September
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Selena joy Lovett
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Compassion and love for others and yourself General This month calls for compassion – towards you and to others. We are living in times where there is a lot of judgement and criticism going on – everyone has an opinion and its fashionable and acceptable…
Selena joy Lovett
Tarotscope for the Month of July
General It feels like opportunity is right in front of you – awards maybe won, deals signed and dreams are within reach. It’s been quite a ride to get this far but all determination has paid off – it feels like you are on top of things and entering into …

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